An Inspection of Lincoln Club Endorsements for Chula Vista City Council

South Bay Power Plant
  • South Bay Power Plant

In 2010, the Lincoln Club endorsed Larry Breitfelder, Republican and founder of the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association, for a council seat. Breitfelder is running again in November against Democrat Pamela Bensoussan, but it appears the Lincoln Club’s endorsement may go to the Democrat.

On March 9, Tony Manolatos, a spokesperson for the San Diego Lincoln Club, told the U-T that Bensoussan had recently addressed the Lincoln Club’s political action committee and, out of about 50 people, “a majority voted for her.” The board of directors will vote on the recommendation later this month.

This comes as no surprise to many. Chula Vista Issues, a new South Bay blog, states, “Bensoussan routinely votes against the three Democrat[ic] Council Members and routinely votes with the Republican Mayor.”

There could be another reason the Lincoln Club’s political action committee might support Bensoussan: mayor Cheryl Cox’s longtime friend is David Malcolm, a Lincoln Club political action committee co-chair. (He is also a “former port commissioner who pleaded guilty to a felony count of violating state conflict-of-interest laws,” according to a 2003 Los Angeles Times article.” The Times goes on to describe Malcolm as “a San Diego County political power broker.”)

Malcolm and Bensoussan were involved in clandestine negotiations regarding Chula Vista’s bayfront and a possible city contract to assume responsibility for clean up of the South Bay power plant. A March 2011 article titled “What Can Chula Vista Do with the South Bay Power Plant?” provided background information and emails regarding these negotiations.

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many in the south bay are beginning to open their eyes to the old politics as usual nonsense.

in the past few years i have stopped voting based on party and started doing my own homework regarding candidates and issues.

look at what politics as usual has gotten us in the south bay - take for instance the sweetwater school board. while many will point out the party that the two indicted candidates belong i choose instead to accept it has NOTHING to do with party and EVERYTHING to do with the individual candidates. others on the school board took far more monies, campaign donations and gifts - BUT they reported it so their names and faces are not going to be spoken or seen in court on march 23rd.

for ALL OF THOSE who continue to USE and for ALL OF THOSE planning to USE their political office for personal and political gain i offer this warning - the people are waking up, and they are not liking what they are seeing.

those who are leading the fight against corruption at the school district level are showing all of us what can be accomplished IF WE CHOOSE TO CARE ENOUGH TO PUT IN THE WORK to bring about change. NOW IS THE TIME, each journey begins with the first step.

Ms. Luzzaro Thank You for reporting real news - in order to bring about change we the taxpayers must be able to look at the hard facts then decide to put forth the effort to change what is not right

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