Trust Me, I’m A Jock

When I saw your front cover with the jock sitting in front of gym lockers with his eyes closed, it reminded me of all the dumb jocks of yesteryear (“Grappling with Success,” March 1). I’m a jock myself, except that I took some higher degrees.

We are told in Mr. Bauder’s column (“You Want This Again?” “City Lights”) that the voters of San Diego cannot be deceived by the Chargers’ request for more money. We are told that the voters cannot be snookered. Is that so? What about Obama, Dumanis, and a whole series of imbecile councilmen and mayors of San Diego City and environs?

Name Withheld
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It’s A Cult, People

I see the religious order known as the Hare Krishna back in the Reader dated March 1 (“Sheep and Goats”). It seems that nobody understands how bad these people really are and how they try to tell us that they have a connection with this evil god known as Lord Krishna. Jesus Christ is far above that so-called Lord Krishna that these zombied-out people chant out to. They are really a dangerous cult and should be avoided even on our streets in San Diego.

Name Withheld By Request
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Circular Reasoning

I, too, was plagued by the U-T advertisement circulars, but after emailing them, it took about a month to get off their list (“Bugged by U-T Litterbugs,” “City Lights,” February 16). However, I wonder if the U-T realizes that only one out of ten households may actually read this garbage? In my area, 92117, they are delivered on Saturday. On trash day, which is Wednesday, I spend morning and evening walking around and picking up and throwing away nine out of ten of these that have not yet been picked up by the homeowner. It also boggles my mind that homeowners can run over and/or completely ignore these circulars on their property. The delivery people are not careful about where they throw these papers, and many end up in the gutter. And they insist on delivering to homes that are obviously empty, with a sale sign in the yard. Why can’t the delivery people be a little bit more careful and discriminating? The U-T needs to know that their “experiment” is a complete failure, fosters no good will towards the U-T, and is making homeowners angry.

Marianne Regan
via email

Send In The Navy

Response to “Late to Change Lanes” (Feature Story, February 16).

Many thanks for all your enlightening articles that have given me great joy to read over the years.

Thanks to Sheila Pell for opening my eyes to this particular problem. Although I am not a Coronado resident, the article resonated with me so much that it made my blood boil. I had nothing but expletives for the folks who have been trying to resolve it. And this is why:

I assume that a high proportion of the traffic over the Coronado bridge is Navy personnel. Somebody must have the statistics, but I don’t. So, for argument’s sake, let’s assume that at rush hour it’s more than 50 percent, guess 70 percent. If that is so, why is SANDAG or the City of Coronado trying to solve a problem that is basically the Navy’s? I guess that the Navy is quite happy to leave infrastructure issues to the local authorities. But it is, after all, their responsibility to get their staff from and to the base on time.

The idea of a tunnel is a good one. But trying to make it a public-access tunnel is the wrong end of the stick. If it’s the Navy’s problem, then the Navy should build a tunnel. They have plenty of land on Point Loma and near Lindbergh Field. Access would then only be allowed to Navy personnel. Let’s assume that this would take 30 percent of the Navy’s portion (i.e., of 70 percent) away from the bridge traffic. Wouldn’t that be sufficient to make it bearable? And wouldn’t it also help Coronado residents? (Not to mention that it would be a strategic asset for the Navy! In other words, a win-win situation.)

After all, shouldn’t the Coronado residents be interested in reducing the traffic through their quaint town center rather than increasing it? If I lived in Coronado, I would push for making it more difficult to get in and out of Coronado, not easier. It would certainly give the Navy a kick in the butt to get going on this. There is no reason to wait another 40 years for a solution.

And, finally, the cost of a tunnel would be a drop in the bucket for the Navy compared to all that money wasted in the Middle East.

Name Withheld
via USPS

Brizz News

What has happened to John Brizzolara and when will he return to the Reader? I miss his “TGIF” column.

Susan Neumeyer
via email

Brizzolara has been in and out of the hospital since December; he promises to work on longer stories this spring. — Editor

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This is in response to the post, "It’s A Cult, People", posted by the courageous "Name Withheld by Request". This poster, hiding behind anonymity, states that Jesus is the only way, and that the Hare Krishnas worship an "evil god".

Back when theological debate was civil, many scholarly Christian theologians praised the theology of the Gaudiya-vaishnavas (now known as the "Hare Krishnas") for their insight into their perceptions of what we now refer to as "interpersonal theology": the relationship between the so-called "mundane" and the Divine.

So, who to choose? Someone who hides behind anonymity, or the superlative 15th century theology of Sri Caitanya? It is up to you.

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