Carlsbad SWAT Officers Train (Loudly) for School Shooting Incidents

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"Our idyllic life, the peace, the quiet and the serenity that we love about Carlsbad has all of a sudden turned into a shooting gallery," said resident Steven Johnson as he spoke during the public comment portion of the Carlsbad City Council meeting on February 28.

According to Johnson, he and his wife has been dealing with the echoing sounds of gunshots and men shouting from nearby Hope Elementary, near Calavera Park, where he claims the police SWAT team has been practicing for about two to three months.

"It's not just once, it's now every weekend," said Johnson. "It's physically stressful for my wife and probably other people that live in the neighborhood." He describes the noise as loud booming sounds from heavy weaponry — much louder than regular gunshots.

Johnson conceded that he understands the police need a place to practice but requested that the council consider moving the SWAT training to another location since he describes the noise as "unacceptable to our life."

Councilman Keith Blackburn responded to Johnson's comments by directing him to the police chief "I think he'd like to share with you what they were trying to do and that it's not ongoing week after week and just so his officers are trained in school shooting incidences," said Blackburn.

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This is great. The councilman, elected by voters to represent them and to set city policy, blows off this complaining citizen, and refers him to the police chief. Isn't it the job of the council to set policies and the city manager and staff (including the chief of police) to implement such policies? Blackburn needs to remember who he is, take some ownership of what is happening in city government, and not just wash his hands of complaints. Perhsps Blackburn needs to be replaced by a council member who speaks for the citizens and not the city government cabal.

If the dork said that to me I would march down to the county courthouse the very next day and file for an injunction to stop the noise.

EVERY homeowner has the RIGHT to what is know as "quiet enjoyment" of their property-and that includes peace and silence.

Then I would ask the cour to pay ALL of fees and costs to file the action.

I live right by Hope, I have one son who is a fifth grader there and another who attended Hope K-5. I hear the soccer games in the fall (don't mind them at all), but I have noticed the SWAT team training only once when I drove by. It didn't bother me at all, I hear a lot more noise from Camp Pendleton. I am happy to have the police training at Hope. I think some people just need to complain. I feel fortunate that the police are especially familiar with Hope Elementary.

Go Hope Hawks!

The key here is what is going on-if the SWAT playtime is every weekend, that is not "once", that is every weekend and needs to be stopped.

It is not a City Council's job to run the day-to-day operations of the police department or any other city agency.

But they are the ones in charge of the show having ultimate responsibility for making sure things run smoothly.

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