Beer Bottles Banished by Locals at Bermuda Beach

Bermuda Beach, at the foot of Bermuda Avenue in Ocean Beach, attracts a variety of  mellow souls who enjoy the area's natural beauty and relative privacy. But on Friday, June 22, in the late afternoon, two seemingly inebriated men came down the stairs and confronted a gaggle of pasty tourists who were drinking beer from glass bottles.

One man stumbled around the sand and called the tourists "non-locals" who needed to leave. He said that the tourists "were disrespecting [him] by endangering the beach by having glass there."

Beachgoer Pete Grim found the situation "full of ironies,” considering that unleashed dogs roamed around, beer (from cans) was being consumed, and some people smoked cigarettes, some marijuana — all no-no's on public tidelands.

The other seemingly soused accuser approached the visitor, began waving his hands wildly, and saying his name was "Magic Mike.” He claimed the turf at the beach for locals only.

People watched the situation closely, hoping that it would not escalate into a physical confrontation. Eventually, the tourists put the beer bottles in their cooler, and the two men who had been hassling them stumbled back up the stairs, satisfied their policing had achieved the desired results.

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Uh-Oh; the OB police dept is hassling tourists.

Saw the ghetto bird circling at the Santa Cruz cove today, followed up shortly by boots on the ground looking for cites...none issued, so far as I could tell.

I'm fat and white, does that qualify me as a "pasty local?"

There was smoking, there were unleashed dogs, and I'm sure there were some people imbibing,but as no one was out of control or doing anything inappropriate near my daughter and her friend all was cool...butts (or any other kind of trash) in the sand, or glass anywhere, however, would have gotten me riled up.

The ghetto bird was circling due to the OB Chili Cook-Off taking place that day. I have nothing against acting unrestrained or anyone fat or pasty, for that matter. But I do find it somewhat hypocritical that drunks in public are taking people drinking out of glass bottles to task for "dissing their beach." Being publicly intoxicated, drinking on the beach, smoking on the beach and not picking up after your loose dogs on the beach all affect the quality of life along the seashore. It would behoove EVERYONE to act more responsibly, especially when there are kids around. None

More dogs than people today. Some smooching; no smoking. One frisbee. Some tourists from Florida without beer bottles. A female tourist in high heels that we sent to Sunset Cliffs Park trail. All is well. Just reporting in.

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