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There for Affair
  • There for Affair

The Blurt stories regarding Breakthru Entertainment (“They Aren’t Promoters,” “Rock and Roll Is About Money”) have been pulled from our website due to perceived conflict of interest, as the author of the articles owns and/or is affiliated with a San Diego bar that provides a venue for bands to play.

Interviewees provided the language and information contained in the articles. The Reader has no opinion regarding the business practices of Breakthru Entertainment.

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Tough lessons to learn. Never pay to play. And watch what you say to ken leighton! Maybe he can give you a nice headlining show at the royal dive.

Being a middle-aged musician, having once been an over-eager young musician, I can understand how these vultures can prey on kids.. But come on Dad!!! Paying $1000 to play 30 minutes at the HOB on a weeknight??? Here's a suggestion: Maybe along with playing "old school" rock, they should try the "old school" method of playing clubs (not pay to play), writing quality songs, and building a following? Like most things in life, there are no shortcuts, and there are vultures willing to take advantage of anyone who thinks otherwise.

Well hopefully you guys learned a good lesson because there's treachery all up in this business.

Next time you guys get the idea to do a larger venue then maybe you should "earn your way" there rather than have someone buy your ticket for you. That's right, submit your demo tape to a club, if they dig you and if you make the necessary calls and keep in contact with the people then you maybe get picked to open for a national act. It's much more rewarding that way and you'll learn so many positive lessons rather than one about getting ripped off.

When your talent gets you "in the door" rather than someone footing the bill for your pleasure, there's so much that you will never learn and understand and that's the sad part. You take the good with the bad in this business.

At least it wasn't the kids' cash that was absconded with. Maybe dad learned a lesson as well. Good luck with all that.

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