Newport Avenue Coffee Shop Reopens

Two brown leather chairs were added near the front door.
  • Two brown leather chairs were added near the front door.

The Starbucks located at 4994 Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach reopened last week after being closed for nearly two weeks for remodeling. Caffeine junkies chose other java options as the popular coffee purveyor slapped a new coat a paint on the walls and added windows that open for fresh air onto Bacon Street.

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are now onsite, but all restrooms are "accessible" only with a store purchase. According to an employee, this requirement is necessary because "non-customers abused the previous restrooms.”

Gone are the comfy couches shelter-challenged OBecians flopped  on for hours. Many times, urban voyagers would fall asleep or nod off at the coffee shop as yuppies used the WiFi nearby. In place of the old furniture are wooden tables and stiff-backed chairs. Two brown leather chairs were added near the front door.

A new coffee-refill policy means you have an hour to get a second cup for free. They’ll mark the time on your cup.

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Good Lord! Can Starbucks do anything else to make people feel more unwelcome? I don't understand why they don't just deal with the homeless who doze on the couches instead of doing away with the couches and having the rest of us sit on hard wood chairs. Typical punk corporate behavior.

OB has a Starbucks? That town has really let its guard down since fighting corp. America for decades. In the 60s a heavily protested, almost ready to open Winchells, was firebombed. Winchells got the message and never opened.

It'll be easier to spot the tourists now with their Starbucks cups. :D

Tourists? Why would tourists go to OB? You can see tokers, crackheads and methheads anywhere.

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