Highly Confused

RE: “Afro Puffs,” July 12 cover story.

I may not understand your confusion growing up as a biracial woman. As a black woman, I found myself offended and confused. If the statement was “Who is left for me?” then what will you tell your daughter as she grows up? She will be just as confused as you are! I know this as a black woman in San Diego. Yes, we see black men with white, Asian, and Hispanic women, but guess what? There’s still plenty of men — black, biracial, Hispanic — that love, adore, and respect black women.

I’m highly confused and disappointed in the Reader at the lack of judgement on this article. I was a fan of the Reader, using it to get out and explore San Diego. But, needless to say, this publication will not be in my home again — free or not!

Mrs. Lanitra Chatman-Oydukon
via email

Utterly Offended

As I internalized the statement on the cover of the current publication (July 12), I felt so utterly offended and angry with whoever thought that this was appropriate to publish. Not only was the statement presented as fact, but it was a gross generalization, in more ways than one.

In addition, the complete redundancy of the article is outrageous. This “quote” has nothing to do with the poorly written article by Elizabeth Salaam. Media like this perpetuates a second-class type of attitude towards African-American women. As a member of the San Diego community, and a black girl myself, I am extremely disappointed with the San Diego Reader, and believe a pubic apology should be made.

Brittany Paul
via email

Not Right

I’m calling regarding the front of the Reader from July 12, 2012 (“Afro Puffs”). It says “But no one likes the black girls.” I feel that’s prejudiced and discrimination, because you would never put “But no one likes the white girls” on the front of the Reader. I don’t know why you put that there. After having a long day of hard work, people don’t want to pick up a Reader and see that it says, “But no one likes black girls.”

Whoever’s responsible for that is very ignorant to the fact that black girls are the most beautiful women in the whole wide world. I don’t see why any guy wouldn’t want to be with a black woman. If you put any race of a woman up against a black woman, she would have the best shape, the best features, everything. Everyone likes black girls and I don’t see why you would put that on the front of the Reader. That’s prejudiced, and that’s discrimination. And I just want to let you know how I feel about that. It’s not right.

I don’t know who’s in charge. I don’t know if there’s any article in there about that or whatever, but that’s not right. That’s prejudiced. Whoever’s responsible for that needs to be seriously checked from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. You really don’t know what effect that has on people, you putting that on the front of the Reader.

I’m very proud to be a black woman. I want you to know that. I feel very blessed to be born a black woman. We’re very smart, and we don’t take no shit either. I feel like that’s why people don’t like black women — because we don’t take no shit. But you need to get it together and get that off the front of the Reader. Don’t ever put anything like that on there again.

I’ll tell you that right now — everyone likes black girls. Whoever wrote that prejudiced statement and put that there needs to lose their job. You need to change that around. I just have to let you know, as a black woman. I’m very lucky to be a black woman. You need to recheck yourself and don’t ever put that back on there.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Very Upset

Thirty-one years of living in San Diego, being an African-American woman who has my own business, and is always telling people to pick up the Reader, I am so heartbroken with the article that you guys have on the cover this week (July 12). It doesn’t matter what the story is about; it’s that little kids who aren’t going to read the article are going to see that no ones likes black girls. Some things should not be in the Reader. Really.

I’m a grown-up; I can read it. I didn’t like the article. But young kids are already going through low self-esteem, and they go to 7-Eleven and they see that. They’re not going to read the article like grown-ups are. They just see that face, and they’re black. Kids go through enough already. To have a cover a like this, I really think it sucks. Grown-ups can read it; little kids can’t. They’re gonna see it at the 7-Eleven. I picked it up at McDonald’s in Pacific Beach!

White people really gotta think about black people’s feelings too. Even though an African-American wrote this article, hell-oooo! Think about the little kids that are going to see it at 7-Eleven and aren’t going to read the article.

There’s so much suicide, there’s so much stuff going on in the world right now and for you guys to have this.... I don’t care if a black woman wrote this or not; this should not be on the front cover. I’m very upset about it.

via voicemail

Racist Article

RE: “Afro Puffs,” July 12.

Wow...what a racist article. Did the author speak only to the constituents? Should Beyonce take off her heels?

via email

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How does that happen? Are you really that racist, or just that stupid? I'm guessing both. For the record, I'm a white guy and I like black girls.

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