The Brooklyn Invasion

Brooklyn big band Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds land at Soda Bar on Wednesday.
  • Brooklyn big band Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds land at Soda Bar on Wednesday.

Thursday 19
Georgia-born acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke comes to town for two nights at Little Italy supper club Anthology. The 6- and 12-string picker plays folksy jazz and blues and weaves a fine yarn onstage between numbers. Kottke’s a deep-throated dude who rarely sings along, but when he does, he says it “sounds like geese farts on a muggy day.” Another deep-throated dude, Douglas Benson, will follow Kottke’s set on Friday night with his convincing Johnny Cash tribute, Cash’d Out.... “Kickball” Katy Goodman, bassist for the Vivian Girls, has got a solo project called La Sera. It’s immediately apparent from this year’s Sees the Light who the Vivians’ pop auteur is, as Goodman’s girl-group style — the original stuff, from the ’50s and ’60s — tames the buzzsaw fuzz with a clean alto croon and honest songs. She’ll be at Soda Bar with Magic Trick, Foxygen, and DJ Mario Orduno....

Whistle Stop will screen the original 1966 Batman in anticipation of Friday's summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

Whistle Stop will screen the original 1966 Batman in anticipation of Friday's summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

Whistle Stop will host a Batman Party, screening the original 1966 cheese reel. Remember that scene when Bruceman is hanging from the Batcopter’s rope ladder — with a shark?! And then he pulls some shark repellent out of his utility belt?! Comedy gold. They’ll also preview Chris Nolan’s summer shlockbuster (opening on Friday), and there’ll be art and music and all kinds of fun stuff at the South Park hangout: A little ways up 30th, Requiemme indie-rockers Hills Like Elephants take the stage at Bar Pink behind this year’s retro-bluesy Endless Charade, which features some of the catchiest cuts I’ve heard from locals this year. Check the vid for “Invisible Ink” yet? Best of the rest: Casbah stages a face-melter with loud-ass locals Lord Howler, Ghetto Blaster, Marsupials, and Kodiak...Colourist, Jamuel Saxon, and Mister Loveless fill an indie-pop bill at Bay Park bar the Griffin...and that punk’d up five-piece the Wastrels stumbles into the Shakedown. “The guitars spit like grilled pork and the vocalist sounds as if he got his music training at skateboard camp,” according to our own Dave Good. (Dave often compares music to food.)

Friday 20
King of the Beach. San Diego’s noise-pop nudnik Nathan Williams and this year’s version of Wavves crash at old Del Mar, y’know, where the surf meets the turf, breaking the seal on this season’s post-race Friday freebies. Young Nathan’s got a new one in the works, but in the mean, sate yourself with last year’s Life Sux, a six-song EP that also features Best Coast and Damian Abraham of Fucked Up. It’s the first from Williams’s Ghost Ramp label and a tasty little platter....

Wavves crash at Del Mar track after the races on Friday.

Wavves crash at Del Mar track after the races on Friday.

Classic-punk billing, as Battalion of Saints march into Brick by Brick after Oddball and Dead Vengeance. I probably told you once or five times how the Saints’ Second Coming’s one of my all-time favorite records. From Mad Marc Rude’s sick cover art to killer closer “Ace of Spades,” my miiinds diseeeased!!! My miiinds diseeeased!!!.... Tower Bar books a five-car-garage show with Shark Blood, Marshmallow Men, Rock Bottom, Real Things Are Good, the Loudmouths, and DJ Mickey Ratt spinnin’ ’round sets. Rock Bottom’s a beery Bay Area band in town for a trio of shows this weekend with their debut Delusions of Grandeur. Try to catch the hard-rocking three-piece while they’re here.... Santa Cruz punks the $wingin’ Utter$ swing into Casbah behind last year’s Here, Under Protest, their seventh studio set in a storied 25-year career. Phenomenauts, Sculpins, and Impaler are also on the bill.... Else: Soda Bar sets up Boston band Quilt (sounds like: “when kids from the ’80s dreamed about people from the ’60s thinking about life in the future”) with Brooklyn exotic-pop trio Young Magic...Rock ’n’ soul throwbacks the Styletones dance into Bar Pink...and Tin Can Ale House fills a garage-punk bill with Shiva Trash, Electric Healing Sound, Northern Tigers, and Gorgeous George & the Drags.

Saturday 21
The L.A.-based Celtic rock band Young Dubliners will deliver a jig of a gig at Belly Up. Stewed in trad Irish folk, the five-piece is known to get jammy onstage, like Phish with a gift for gab. San Diego folk-rock outfit Family Wagon rolls in first.... The Boston Phoenix called wizard-rock siblings Joe and Paul DeGeorge “the Pink Floyd of Potterdom.” Their Harry & the Potters will cast its spell on Ché Café after War of the Roses (formerly Endless Bummer). Guarantee you drive home humming “We’ve got to save Ginny Weasley from the basilisk”....

The Baddest Brain of 'em all, H.R., plays Til-Two on Sunday.

The Baddest Brain of 'em all, H.R., plays Til-Two on Sunday.

Ex-SD band Writer join Beaters, Little Deadman, and DJ Keith Sweaty to entertain yer brain at Soda Bar Saturday night. Mr. Good got the goods on Writer’s recent move to Brooklyn in this week’s Blurt.... Here are the andthensomes: Anthology hosts KGB’s Street Beat party, featuring classic rockers John Kay & Steppenwölf, Blue Öyster Cult, and the Löwrider Band...“the band with ‘the street creds’ you couldn’t buy [Hollywood, ca. 1981],” the Mau Maus cash ’em in at Shakedown with New Orleans–based garage punks M.O.T.O. and the aboveforementioned SanFran band Rock Bottom...the Griffin puts on Chula Vista alt-rockers Lyon Crowns after a “honky-tonk surf rock” set by Boom Chick...while right ’round the bend at Brick by Brick, ya get a Rhino Bucket full of heaviosity, with Mark Knight & the Unsung Heroes, Vascene, and Los Loaded Saints.

Sunday 22

Ray Davies of the Kinks hits House of Blues Sunday night.

Ray Davies of the Kinks hits House of Blues Sunday night.

Come dancing. English pop-rock singer/songwriter and Kinks main man Ray Davies visits House of Blues. His latest, See My Friends, is a covers collection of Kinks and Davies sides performed with pop-rock notables such as Spoon, Springsteen, Frank Black, and the night’s opening act, the L.A.-based 88. Look for the indie-rockers to hit the stage on Davies faves “David Watts” and “Till the End of the Day”.... The Baddest Brain of ’em all, H.R., plays Til-Two Sunday night. The rapid-fire reggae punk’s band features members of Suicidal Tendencies and the Meatmen. Schitzophonics and Homeless Sexuals open the show.

Monday 23
“The prince of Brooklyn,” Talib Kweli, will grace the stage at Porter’s Pub with his new joint, Prisoner of Conscious. Cribbin’ from the Porter’s showbill: “Both Jay-Z and 50 Cent named Talib Kweli as one of their favorite rappers.” Isn’t that nice.... A little farther up the 5, rocksteady big band Toots & the Maytals plays Belly Up.... While downtown, Seattle act Origami Ghosts appear at Tin Can Ale House. They’ve got a record called It Don’t Exist, which is par for the course for John Paul Scesniak’s playful folk-pop band. Behind Scesniak’s jangling guitar, the three-piece manages a mélange of ghostly instruments, including violin, cello, accordion, and synths.

Tuesday 24
Soda Bar serves up the Intelligence with Mad Kiwi (feat. members of Plateaus and Christmas Island). Will Crain Of Noted the of-notables on this show, so flip or click there for the intelligence.... Hoodrats, Sculpins, Last Years, and Ramp Locals fill an old-school punk bill at the Tin Can in Bankers Hill.

Wednesday 25
Hey, look, another band from Brooklyn. That very musical burrough’s Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds land at Soda Bar Wednesday night. The soul-funk nonet (that means nine things) is out to tout this year’s Pound of Dirt, which sounds full of garage grit and gut-busting brass. Like-minded locals Tori Roze & the Hot Mess open the show.... Rooftop-pop from where? Brooklyn? No shit? The synth-poppy St. Lucia will play Casbah behind his well received self-titled debut. Maren Parusel up first.
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