Firefighters’ Tour de Tijuana Raises Funds for Equipment 

At the Tijuana firefighters' "bike-a-thon," July 8, 2012
  • At the Tijuana firefighters' "bike-a-thon," July 8, 2012

A family-oriented “bike-a-thon” began in sun-drenched downtown Tijuana on the morning of Sunday, July 8. The Tijuana fire department organized the ride to raise about $100,000 for the purchase of new fire-fighting equipment.

Tijuanenses of all ages, shapes, and sizes showed up en masse, some 800 strong, to roll out from the inflated columns at the starting gate on Avenida Revolución, wheeling around a course that passed many a TJ historical site.

Cycling aficionados brought bikes of all types, from balloon-tired clunkers to expensive mountain bikes and Italian racing models. Youngsters in the 3–5-year-old set were riding in safety seats behind or some were towed along in tented, wagons. Groups of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were in attendance, along with TJ police youth clubs. Antique fire engines from the Bomberos de Tijuana were present to remind folks of the cause.

Frontera published quotes from event organizer Alberto Bravo, wherein he stated that this was the third year of the event ,and so far over  $170,000 had been donated to the firefighters’ cause. Part of the gratification of the event is that the people are willing to come out and participate, said Bravo, indicating that it appears the worst of public insecurity the border city has suffered for the last several years has passed.

Police had blocked off principal routes in the city to accommodate the two-hour ride.

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Excellent and interesting news coverage from south of the border. Thanks TB.

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