Errant Drivers Worry Residents in Encinitas

On June 30, at around 11:00 a.m., a mom and grandmother rounded up several young children playing in the street on the 200 block of Cornflower Street in Encinitas. A neighbor, two doors down, was backing out of her driveway.

Neighbors on Cornflower Street have been concerned about the occupants of a particular house in their neighborhood of twin home duplexes and mostly cul-de-sac streets, where kids play in front of shared driveways.

A few seconds later, the woman backing out, in a black Hyundai SUV, rear-ended a parked truck, which pushed it into another parked truck, damaging all three vehicles. Five sheriff's deputies arrived soon after. After a brief investigation, the woman was arrested for being under the influence. A deputy said she would be taken in for further testing.

Neighbors and the lead deputy on the scene said that two weeks earlier, a male from the same house missed the turn at the end of the street, crashing into a front yard on Sunflower Street, totaling his new Corvette. The resident of the home said her son was playing in that exact area an hour before the accident. The driver was reputedly arrested for DUI.

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We like to think that our neighbors, at least, will take care in driving on their own street and within a few feet of their own homes. WRONG! Bad drivers, drunk drivers, overly aggressive drivers, and just downright nasty people can and do smash up their cars along with those of their neighbors, run down pedestrians, and cause all sorts of grief to the area where they live.

Try living in the beach's not so bad in the few weeks between college ending and summer starting, but otherwise it's not uncommon for people to pass me completely blind on the wrong side of the road in the morning for the despicable act of doing 23 in a 25 while trying to yield to bicycles and joggers...

So little happens in Encinitas that five sheriff Deupties arrive for a couple of bent cars. Buh?

1.) "What do you think Mike?"
2.) "Well John, it looks like a some bent cars. Steve, can you confirm?" 3.) "Yep, Stev-O deems these three cars uh-bah-ROken. Gotta love these white people drunk before noon!" 4.) Cliff turns his Oakley festooned head, after staring down an illegal immigrant minding his own business, "What? Three automobiles hit in Encinitas and not one of them is from Germany? Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a kraut car in the ol' 024." 5.) [on the radio] "Yo, it's the other Mike, did some white kid get hit by a car? Cripes, that means Larry Himmel is going to show up. Hold him off bro, I'm at Rico's."

Maybe the community should find out where these scofflaws work and picket their employers until they are fired. If they find new jobs, repeat the process and and deprive them of the ability to earn a living in the area. Send them back to Pudville. San Diego County is lousy with scum and something needs to be done to drive the riff raff out.

Maybe so, but much of the riff-raff is home born and bred right here in good ol SD.

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