Foie Gras Protesters Target Bankers Hill Restaurant

Demonstrators outside Mr. A's buidling
  • Demonstrators outside Mr. A's buidling

On the evening of January 26, animal-rights activists associated with protested in front of Bertrand at Mister A’s because the restaurant serves foie gras, the fattened liver of force-fed duck or geese.

In July, a California statewide ban on foie gras goes into effect. For the 30 or so people in front of both entrances to the iconic San Diego restaurant, the prohibition can’t come soon enough. The protesters were making their point by asking patrons to not order foie gras; they had graphic protest signs depicting force-fed fowl.

As of Friday, January 23, the “Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine” is still listed on Bertrand's online menu for $20.50. In a phone call to the restaurant, I was told the dish was no longer being served.

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