Sempra Hosts Affirmative Dining

A radioactive steam leak at San Onofre is one of a few problems plaguing Sempra Energy.
  • A radioactive steam leak at San Onofre is one of a few problems plaguing Sempra Energy.

Sempra Energy, beset by a leaking reactor at San Onofre and illegal bird-space penetrations in East County, among other troubles, has been currying favor among state officials in the firm’s traditional way, by providing them with free food and drink. According to its most recent lobbyist filing, the corporation hosted assemblymembers Steven C. Bradford and Bonnie Lowenthal, along with her assistant Niki Tennant, at Donovan’s steak house in San Diego on October 26; total tab for the trio came to $184.18.

But the giant utility’s biggest political blowout of the last quarter was what Sempra called its “Pre En Banc Hearing Dinner and Reception” for the California Public Utilities Commission at the City Club on Bunker Hill in Los Angeles on October 10, which set the company back $6460. (En banc is lawyer speak for all members of the commission being present.)

According to a September news release from the commission, which regulates Sempra’s utility businesses, including SDG&E, the topic of the body’s October 11 hearing was “its ongoing efforts to promote diversity in utility company practices,” with the theme being “From Sprout to Stalk: How to Grow Diverse Businesses.” The release added that the agency “encourages investor-owned utilities to purchase 21.5 percent of its goods and services from diverse firms (15 percent minority owned firms, 5 percent women owned firms, and 1.5 percent disabled veteran owned firms).” Commission president Michael R. Peevey was quoted as saying, “Supplier diversity is untapped markets, innovation, and richness of human capital; this En Banc is an opportunity to hear from some of our Fortune 500 companies about how they’ve integrated supplier diversity in their overall supply chain to benefit California consumers by increasing competition and lowering overall costs.”

Attendees at Sempra’s big banquet the night before the hearing included a bevy of state staffers and officials, such as outreach diversity officers Douglas Phason and Drisha Melton; business and community outreach advisor Marzia Zafar; general counsel Frank Lindh; and energy advisor Rahmon Momoh. Commissioners Timothy Simon and Catherine Sandoval attended, as did Assemblyman Steven Bradford, the utility reported…The Barona gambling tribe also played host to a variety of politicians during the last three months of 2011, including Republican Brian Maienschein, a former San Diego city councilman now running for state assembly. He got a meal worth $6.76. Incumbent Democratic assemblywoman Toni Atkins did a little better than that, with a meal worth $33.23 at Harbor Island’s C Level waterfront restaurant.

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I've always admired Brian Maienschein and if his tab really was just $6.76 he deserves election to our State Legislature.

How many new elected Officials would it take to make SEMPRA reward rate payers instead of shareholders?

All these folks will support Sempra for "supporting" them... We have our work cut out for US, because the Nuclear FIX is in....

+ From CaptD on Huffington Post: We are now are being ruled by those in Nuclear Denial*; instead of by Leaders that demand an end to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­er RISK that Nuclear poses to mankind! The nuclear industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain it's market share; yet NOW Solar (of all flavors) is far less costly to construct, faster to construct and carries with it N☢ Nuclear radioactiv­e baggage that can kill a Countries economy and or those living nearby! Ask The Japanese!

*Nuclear Denial http://is.­gd/XPjMd0 The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365! Remember Nature does not follow design basis calculations or even engineering RISK formulas…

From CaptD on Huffington Post: The industry is pushing "New Nuclear" but it is like the ice men telling folks to buy new ice boxes instead of the new fangled refrigerators that put the ice men out of business! If people have a real choice and are not made to swallow Nuclear Baloney (NB) by the Industry and or their powerful lobbyists then America and the world will be a much safer place by starting to Shift to Solar (of all flavors) ASAP!

Remember America cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster...

Also from CaptD on Huffington Post: Radiation levels increase in San Onofre cooling system

3/11/2012 Peaceful Rally and Protest – San Onofre 1 year anniversary of the Fukushima TRIPLE MELT DOWN which is still ongoing

Shutdown has no impact on wholesale energy prices

The NRC gave the Nuclear Industry a "PASS" on the tube wear issue before on San Onofre and other reactors around the Country http://wp.­me/p21p6a-­77L BUT NOW They are realizing that they have a much bigger problem than they first "imagined"­; metal erosion cannot be tolerated when the radioactiv­e leakage is not only high in temperatur­e but also high in amount of radiation!

Would you use a dangerous leaking pressure pot day after day, ... or would you be smart and replace it with something safer? + Why nuclear is on the way out: 1. Radiation is dangerous to man 2. Expensive to build compared to Competitive Power Sources. 3. Creates long lasting radioactiv­e waste 4. Risky because Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, … Any place anytime 24/7/365! 5. No meaningful insurance for MAJOR radioactive damages to property or people!

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