Two Votes for Ron Paul

Squidlings offer brain surgery — by a man with no arms.
  • Squidlings offer brain surgery — by a man with no arms.

Traveling daredevils the Squidling Brothers are currently touring Europe before making their way to the Shakedown on Midway to court death with their entourage of rock-and-roll sideshow freaks.

In anticipation of the preternatural pageant, Matterz the Impenetrable Music Man and Jelly Boy the Clown spoke with the Reader about Ron Paul, pickles, and Jelly Boy’s scrotum’s Dutch TV debut.

Have you toured through San Diego before?

“We have family in San Diego. However, this will be our first time performing there.”

Any anecdotes from the current European tour?

“Jelly Boy’s ball sack was broadcast live on national TV in Amsterdam from our performance at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. This only happens if we collect 100 euros/dollars, so it was a special occasion! We also appeared on national television in Croatia and were the first sideshow ever to perform in Serbia!”

Would you rather have for the next president Mitt Romney or this dill pickle that’s been sitting out in the sun for a week?

“If Barack Obama is the dill pickle you speak of, I would say Obama over Romney. But it doesn’t matter who the president is because obviously they aren’t really in charge. We don’t like to talk about politics, that’s boring. But, if we really had a choice, we would vote for Ron Paul.”

Have any of your stunts gone awry during shows?

“A few years back, Jelly Boy stuck a running power-drill up his nose and his long hair got caught in the drill. This ripped the bit out of the drill, and Jelly squirted blood all over the place. But we continued with the show, burying Matterz in broken glass, and Betty stuffed some cotton in Jelly’s nose. There are pictures out there, somewhere...”

What do you have in store for your San Diego?

“Acts include sword-swallowing with a flame-thrower sword, playing a trombone while walking up a ladder of machetes, live brain surgery performed by a man with no arms, and the human volcano Betty Bloomerz with her amazing fire manipulation. Our shows are unforgettable!”

The Squidling Brothers appear March 1 at the Shakedown.

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