Starbucks coffee machine swiped at Fashion Valley mall

Busy store, busy hands

A  Starbucks Verismo machine
  • A Starbucks Verismo machine

During the days leading up to Christmas, employees at the Fashion Valley mall's undersized Starbucks pulled out their new Verismo coffee machine and demonstrated its coffee- and espresso-making abilities for passing patrons and customers.

On one of those days, a Starbucks employee who was offering samples from the single-serve coffeemaker ran out of cups and dashed into the stockroom to get more. When the employee returned, the machine had disappeared.

At first, the employee thought one of their coworkers had taken the machine back into the tightly packed store, but that was not the case. Someone had walked off with the coffee machine, which is priced at around $200.

The Verismo is the Starbucks version of the Keurig single-serve coffeemaker. Starbucks reportedly entered the market in September, after Keurig's patent on the single-serve "pods" expired.

I phoned the store today, December 31, and asked an employee whether or not they had found the missing Verismo. The busy barista sighed heavily and replied, “No."

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There are security cameras ALL OVER That mall, they can track everyone from the time they enter the parking garage until the leave.......

For a lousy $200 coffeemaker? There are far bigger fish to fry every day, especially at that mall.

About that lede: The proper term is ESPRESSO, not EXPRESSO. Just sayin' ...

Did you know that Google suggests, and automatically searches for, "lederhosen" when you try to Google "lede?"

Actually, "lede" is the proper term here. In the journalism industry, particularly in the United States, the word is spelled and pronounced to rhyme with "need." The alternate spelling was invented to differentiate it from references to the metal lead, which was used to cast type.

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