Bus Rider Breaks Window, Flees

Broken window on the 35 bus
  • Broken window on the 35 bus

Early morning on August 8, passengers onboard the 35 bus from Old Town to Ocean Beach had an unexpected delay. A woman on the bus decided to smash one of the vehicle’s windows with her elbow for no apparent reason.

The driver pulled the bus to a halt and asked the woman to explain her actions. No answer was given; instead, she began to shriek, “Don’t touch me!” at the bus driver and then fled the scene. The driver had not attempted to touch or make a citizen’s arrest.

The police were called and two patrol cars arrived shortly thereafter. One of the units went in pursuit of the woman but was unable to find her.

After a wait of nearly 30 minutes, the passengers were able to continue their journeys via another bus.

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That was some strong elbow she had. Probably going to 24-hour Fitness.

Yea, except tweakers go to 72-hour Fitness.

I think she was just plain old nuts, with a deranged right elbow.

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