Probation Sweep Leads to Bonsall Pot Farm

San Diego Sheriff’s deputies on a probation search at a Bonsall residence yesterday busted a large-scale marijuana growing operation.

Forty-three year-old John Paul, who had forfeit his fourth amendment right of protection from unreasonable search and seizure as part of his probation agreement, was visited as part of the Sheriff’s Intelligence-led Policing/Tracking Known Offenders program.

When deputies arrived at Paul’s house, they found two separate crops of marijuana, collectively valued by law enforcement officials at over $200,000. The plants were seized as evidence, and Paul was booked into county jail on charges of cultivation of marijuana and being under the influence of narcotics.

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Put John Paul in prison just as long as the bankers and hedge fund brokers remain free. John Paul is a criminal of the most heinous sort but the bankers and hedge fund guys only caused a world wide economic meltdown. They're so cool. That's what I want to be when I grow up. Oh, that's right, I'm already 72 years old. Guess it's too late.

The banktsers put tens of millions of people in the poor house, they can go to prison.

Some people just don't learn. Either that, or this dude has absolutely no other way to survive. Once on probation, he was on notice that he'd watched, so he got mixed up in this deal with his eyes wide-open. Now he's busted again, and the willingness of certain powerful folks to allow him another chance is nil. He could end up behind bars for life.

How many jobs are out there for COLLEGE GRADS??? Zero, what are the chances of a felon with no job skills at 43 years of age???? Zero. He is doing what he has to to survive, I would do the same if it meant living or dying on the street.

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