Sweetwater Boardmember John McCann Calls Cops on Recall Activist

John McCann and Maty Adato (far right) converse after April 16 Sweetwater Union High School District board meeting.
  • John McCann and Maty Adato (far right) converse after April 16 Sweetwater Union High School District board meeting.

Tensions within the Sweetwater Union High School District continue to escalate.

The April 16 board meeting had an overflow audience of unhappy people, but an odd conflict between boardmember John McCann and recall activist Stewart Payne took place in the parking lot after the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, outside, the committee to recall Sweetwater boardmembers McCann, Jim Cartmill, and Arlie Ricasa began their signature drive. In the wake of the countless Sweetwater stories of disrepute, the group is seeking to recall the three boardmembers who are not up for reelection November.

After the meeting, McCann went out to the parking lot and gave an interview to KUSI. During the interview, McCann called his detractors disgruntled employees and specifically referred to Payne as someone who was just seeking work in the district. (Besides being one of the organizers of the recall petition, Payne is one of the people who went to the district attorney to begin the investigation of malfeasance in the district.)

After the KUSI interview, McCann turned and advanced toward the group he had criticized, and with an outstretched hand, said, “I just want to shake your hand.” Many in the group retreated, and Payne said, “I don’t want to shake your hand. What are you going to do? Have them shoot me?” Payne gestured to the armed security guards who had followed McCann to the parking lot. (Security has been hired to police the board meetings.)

On April 17, the U-T reported, “Police responded at 10:26 p.m. to a call of threats being made in the parking lot of the district’s administration center, said Chula Vista police Capt. Gary Wedge. No arrests were made, he said.

“Sweetwater Trustee John McCann said he called police after he was threatened by a member of the community activist group Occupy Sweetwater, which is organizing the recall. McCann said he had just finished a TV news interview and was trying to shake hands with some Occupy members standing nearby, including Stewart Payne. McCann said Payne stepped toward him with clenched fists.

“ ‘I said, “I’m just trying to shake your hand,” and he basically said he was going to knock me out,’ McCann said. ‘He was raising his arm and then a security guard stepped in between me and Mr. Payne and he was unable to hit me.’ ”

In an April 17 interview, private security officer Sanchez, from JDS Exclusive Security Services, stated that he did not call the police because “at no time did I feel it was necessary.”

Sanchez said his intervention between Payne and McCann consisted of “coming between their conversation.”

McCann allegedly advanced toward other critics, creating an emotional exchange with Maty Adato, who challenged McCann about planting harmful stories about her in the U-T.

This is not the first parking-lot incident for McCann. Chula Vista councilmember Rudy Ramirez, also in an April 17 interview, said he had spoken to a U-T reporter last year on Veterans Day about an incident in the Chula Vista library parking lot. Ramirez said he felt threatened when McCann drove his car straight at him before swerving away abruptly.

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I read in the U-T that John McCann was going to explore the possibility of getting a restraining order against Stewart Payne. Go for it John. Just don't get lost in the woods when you go exploring.

Just remember this John, the two women you were intimidating in the parking lot have told me they felt threatened by you. It's just not a good idea to harass women, especially in front of a camera.

Look at the face of Ms. Adato. Does that not look like a woman in distress? What did you do to her to make her cry like that?

Thank goodness someone bothered to talk to someone other than Mc Cann. The security person should have been a logical choice. Thanks for your usual research. I read Mc Cann's fiction novel on the UT. The title should be How to loose Face and Influence Enemies. Why on God's earth would anyone want to shake hands with someone that just trashed you on T.V. When Mc Cann tried to shake my hand the first time I declined. The second time I felt threatened and got rude verbally. I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode, Mc Cann kept pursuing Stewart and saying shake my hand over and over.It was almost like Mc Cann was trying to provoke a confrontation. Someone told me Mc Cann had a history of this kind of behavior.Thanks for finding out part of that history.

as i sit i here i find myself asking the question 'WHAT POLITICIAN IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CONTINUES TO ACT IN A MANNER THAT IS LESS THAN RATIONAL'? and i answer myself john mccann.

let us review the history as documented by various entities:

1- allegedly he attempts to run over a well respected political figure of chula vista.

2- in front of an entire board audience, he stands up turns off bertha lopez's mic, stomps off of the stage, when she continues speaking without a mic he stomps back on stage and turns off all mics then proceeds to stomp off stage in a melt down state.

3- at southwest high school he totally looses it and spouts off about 'you people' - there is utube documentation of the incident.

4- when advised, by a young much loved (by his students) educator that he (mccann) needed to stop USING his military service for personal and political gain - he accuses the young man of being un American.

5- the night the board was to vote on whether the taxpayers would pay for arlie ricasa, pearl quinones, 'the gandara's', or sandoval's legal expenses due to their indictment, john mccann - who took exception to some of the communities remarks pulls out a camera and begins videotaping them - intent to intimidate? who knows, but when have you EVER heard of a board member of anything acting in such a manner.

and now this, does mccann have no friends? people who care about him? persons who are close enough to say 'hey bud you are coming off looking like a total nut'!

and what of the Republican Party, surely there is an advisor who can give him the 411, "look we want to win these up coming elections johnny boy, we need to win these elections, and you are doing about as much harm to the party as that iceberg did to the titanic".

I agree with almost everything, except it's a stretch to imply Ramirez is well respected. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and it is well known that Payne & Ramirez are buddies.

@Pancho I am friends with Mr. Payne as well. I also shared one of John McCann poorly thought out actions with Mr. Payne, Am I to imply that you are insinuating that I am a liar as well?

Perhaps you might want to consider your words in the future before you press "Post." This article wasn't about Mr. Ramirez, it was about John McCann's actions last Monday night. Simply because you don't like Ramirez doesn't make Mr. Payne or myself liars.

Not sure how to best respond. I did not call anybody a liar, so I don't know where you got that. I would be curious if Ms. Luzarro would do a freedom of information act on Ramirez and see how many times those two met within the last year. I would also guess that Payne called Ramirez right away and told him about the incident. It is also well known that Ramirez and McCann seriously dislike one another.

Pancho: not sure what the relationship of ramirez and payne has to do with the 'off the wall' action of mccann that evening; unless mccann is bothered by it some how.

with mccann who knows?

I was only bringing it up because the author of the article brought it up. I'm no fan of McCann or Ramirez, but it's not a coincidence that Ramirez was placed into here.

No, it's not a coincidence. I was brought into the article because John McCann likes to bully people in parking lots.

sorry... sticky key

"It was brought..."

This clearly demonstrates that McCann is in a state of arrested development. Perhaps he should tone it down before he is simply arrested!

Eastlaker: the question i continue to ask myself is this - why, why is the man still in the political arena?

he is talked about at every water cooler in town, and NONE of it is positive. perhaps now is the time for him to sit down and reflect on his actions. not everyone is suited for public office.

one calculated mistake he made was presuming the 'antagonizers' were just a bunch of dummies. anyone who has attended those board meetings or listened to them on line understands one thing - dummies, oh no this group does their research, lots of it - they come prepared with facts and figures to support their position.

in the best interest of the District those named in the RECALL should step down. in the best interest of the District Dr. Brand should give notice. In the best interest of the District a jury of their peers will view the evidence and find QUINONES, RICASA, 'THE GANDARA' and SANDOVAL guilty.

when all of this has been accomplished - then and only then will the taxpaying community be able to begin to build a new foundation.

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this.

My opinion is that McCann still has the support of the local Republican Party organization, because his ticket is punched in the right places. However, if they bother to get to know him better, or follow what is taking place in the part of the county they perhaps have never even set foot in, they might realize it is time to reassess. That is, if they can be bothered.

If I were to advise John McCann on this, I'd say, find a great attorney, tell him or her everything you know that would shed light on this whole mess, and then give a press conference that has some gravity. Commit to dealing with all the corruption in a way that will clear it away, not cover it up! As the old saying is, "Be part of the solution, not the problem!" And then work like he has never worked before to really make things right.

No more figurehead, 'lite' positions, treading water until something better comes along. Nothing better will come along unless people think he can and will face up to the job.

But 'business as usual' will not work.

This is all very hypothetical. And very much up to John McCann.

Only if he is interested in remaining in politics, based in this region.


with all due respect to you, "very much up to mccann", nothing is up to him - he is, based on his choices caught up in the mess of what the da has referred to as 'one of worst cases she has ever seen'.

there will be testimony at the upcoming trials, no doubt the antagonists will be there - based on Mr. Flores's press release yesterday i am surmising that there will be testimony relative to those campaign donations - let us reflect and remember for a moment - john mccann himself (and others) received monies from Flores's company and Bunton's company - while not illegal, something tells me there is more to these 'legal' campaign donations than meets the eye. and we will be there in court when flores and bunton do all they can to set the record straight (remember those negotiated misdemeanor charges were reached at a price - the cost = the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

in closing do any of you share my curiosity as to why brand let Mr. Flores's company go? much more to come on this issue i am sure. what is that old saying 'never bite the hand that feeds you' - in this case ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH A BIG OLD WEALTHLY TIGER.

in my opinion

when it is over the bunch of them will go away - no longer able to prey on the public.

i look forward to the day when board member lopez will be joined with others who choose to operate on the side of what is in the best interest of the students. for far too long she has stood alone in her votes , attempting to fight for the taxpayers and students - perhaps now with a new board and new superintendent civility will return and honor will be restored.

the legacy brand spoke of leaving, wonder how he is going to deal with the end result - the fact that he does not live in the community will remove him from the constant reminders of all that he failed to do. mccann, cartmill, ricasa and quinones - they will have to walk amongst us all - living with the choices they made - all benefitting self.


mccann is who he is, and there is NOTHING he can do to improve the situation.

you speak of becoming part of the solution, he had his opportunity to do just that. all of those promises he made as he stood there in those living rooms - all broken. those thousands of dollars from those contractors and others did not simply miraculously appear in his campaign coffer - someone, made those requests wouldn't you think? and what would make them believe that he would be sympathetic to their cause?

press conference, that is the last thing he should do, he is seen as a pretender, a media hog as it is. no doubt, some how some way he would circle the conversation around to where it came back to his service. well i have recently viewed his 'performances' in front of the city council - how they kept a straight face is beyond me - but the dead pan facial expressions 'spoke in volumes'. he never uses 'we' or 'they' NO, it is all about 'me' and 'i' in his curious little world.

this fiasco, calling the police with trumped up allegations of raising of arms with clenched fists - ah, that would be an out in out UNTRUTH. too many were there, too many saw, all willing to speak before a judge if his 'restraining order threat' comes to pass. yes, words were said as a result of boundaries that were blatantly crossed in an attempt to provoke - in my opinion -

we are tired of these minions, we have grown weary of tales of alleged corruption - we are however strengthened by THE FACTS OF THE CASE AND ALL THOSE WHO ARE NOW COMING OUT WITH THE TRUTH about business with sweetwater.

just my opinion

I don't disagree with you. I was just trying to figure out what a logical strategy might be if McCann wants any sort of public career in this area. And I guess I was hoping that it could become a radical cleansing and moment of enlightenment, but then I always do hope for the best.

Sweetwater does need cleansing and enlightenment--and most of all, leadership.

Eastlaker: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with hoping for the best. while some would find this hard to believe i too have, all my life, been accused of believing where there is no hope.

perhaps i have been at this sweetwater thing toooo long and it has begun to jade me. or perhaps i am reacting to the lead story of mccann calling the police. just when i think it can get no worse the majority of those in power at sweetwater prove me wrong. it has now boiled down to intimidation of those labeled 'the antagonists'. silly people don't they realize all that they are accomplishing is building the tenacity of those fighting to return sweetwater's name. nothing will stop 'the antagonists' - other than change of the majority of the board members and a new superintendent.

mccann's days in politics is over - far too much publicity that has reflected the true man - yet in truth he himself did more harm to john mccann than any other. he had baggage as a city council member, some including the very well respected woman he is bullying in the picture above backed his run for the sweetwater board seat. if this is how he treats those who once supported him i would hate to think what he would do to anniej.

hopefully when this all over we can all meet some where and toast 'new beginnings' - come out of the closet and thank each other for each others support during a very difficult time.

It was mentioned in a comment from a UT article that maybe the board members, once they are recalled or do not win re-election might then find an opportunity with Mr. Malcolm. In which case I would say, Chula Vista needs to keep a sharp eye out on all public projects.

You know, the people who go to all of these board meetings, who study the agenda, who prepare comments, who sit for hours in uncomfortable chairs until they get their two or three minutes to speak, don't deserve the type of vindictiveness displayed by Mr. McCann. At a time when most people are home at the dinner table or relaxing in one way or another, these "antagonists", as some like to call them, are working for change. They really deserve an award for the good service they do on behalf of the community.

So, did the police actual arrive at the scene of this incident?

Yes they did Joe. The police even interviewed the two security guards, who told a completely different version of events. The security guards version supports ours, and hence, Mr. Payne's version of events.

John McCann deliberately tried to provoke his perceived enemies. He only forced his "handshake" on me, Fran Brinkman, Stewart Payne, and Maty Adato. He was forcing his "handshake" on us after he had personally insulted each of us, individually and by name, in his interview with KUSI. This was a "set up" confrontation by John McCann.

The police even told McCann that the security guards did not support his claim. So, John McCann did what John McCann does, call a news paper and fabricate a story.

So you now have to decide which of the the two news source have it right. The Reader, written by Susan Luzzaro, who was witness to the event, or the U-T article written by someone who was told of the incident by John McCann.

wow, i hope that this does not mean that the security firm will be fired because they SPOKE the truth vs. BENT it in favor of mccann.

we need to keep an eye on that situation................

OH WAIT!!!!! I just had a thought.....MAYBE Mr. Payne didn't want to shake McCann's hand because he didn't have any $$$$$ to put in it!

Wait a minute!! Didn't we hear at last years graduations that McCann is a Iraq/Afghan War Veteran??? Doesn't the government train the military to defend themselves? Now he is scared of Stewart Payne in a parking lot with security hired to protect him with our tax dollar?

COMBAT TRAINING COURSE ONE 1. Force yourself into someone's personal space, and continue to back them up When they tell you they will not shake your hand. 2. Cry "wolf" that a mean guy (Payne) had a difference of opinion. 3. Lie about the incident and become the victim. To all the military folks out there, this guy is not one of you.

Wonder what this years commencement speech from him will be??? I have a good idea...just have someone there to serve him recall papers, we won't have to listen, he'll be doing his rendition of "feet don't fail me now".

yes, SydneyJean, it is indeed a shame that mccann decided to act out in such a manner.

what has not been discussed is this:

mccann pointed out several members of the community (those that just happen to be some of the 5 that went to the fbi and district attorney) as being the RECALL group - not true - while the others do support the RECALL they are not the founders of this much needed movement.

the RECALL is supported by the community and i believe that is why mccann is acting out so - as when he is RECALLED it will have a devastating effect on his ability to successfully run for another political office.

surely the photographer would have snapped those clenched fists, IF, it ever happened, but alas we all know it did not.

what this appears to be is a devious plot to try and ban certain members of 'the antagonists' group - mccann crying victim. as dr. phil says the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior - well mccann's past documented (video and audio) melt downs ARE ON TAPE. how many more will we have to witness????????

again i ask, "what was mccann doing out there in the parking lot, after the meeting anyway? he had already given his speech as he stood along side dr. brand earlier in the day TO THE SAME REPORTER, and yes, the first one was on camera too." that is a question he seems to be failing to answer - so was this a set up? was there a pre planned plot? was mccann overheard saying "where is the reporter and camera man" after the meeting?

in closing i will ask one other question "why is it that only ONE member of the RECALL is consistently acting unprofessional"?, i guess the water cooler comments around the city are accurate, "he is scared as hell that once he is RECALLED that he will be forced to just go away"? (not that they are not hoping that will happen anyway).

time for mccann to grow up - as the GOOD BOOK says (paraphrase) 'When I was a child I walked like a child and talked like a child, but when I became a man I put aside my childish ways". it is time Mr. McCann for you to do just that.

I love your posting. It made this situation feel a whole lot better for me personally. I was the person who tried to serve him and at the parking lot fiasco. Thanks for the uplifting feeling.

OT: As a parent who normally doesn't follow school politics, I have started to pay closer attention due to the recent events. My main concern is that the political system as a whole needs reform. Could someone let me know if this is correct?

There are no campaign donation limits; There are no term limits; Gifts are only regulated in the sense that they must be reported; There are no districts and you need to run at-large for every seat.

These are my main concerns and if someone could let me know if the above is wrong I would appreciate it.

you are correct ChulaVistaIssues - the campaign donations, i believe they are at the foundation of MUCH OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH SWEETWATER. a community member submitted the paper work in an effort to limit the amounts board members may receive from contractors and vendors. the board DID NOTHING, they sat there, not even taking a breath - the agenda item died due to lack of discussion. if that does not about wrap it up, well i do not know what does.

for those like you who are new to the sweetwater pay to play issue i would HIGHLY recommend that you go to the san diego registrar of voters and click on campaign donations - there is the proof of what i say. john mccann, in the later 3 months of 2011 accepted a donation from one of bca aka paul bunton's employees. and i will ask again why? why would bunton donate money to a board members campaign the year after mccann won the seat?

it is imperative that persons like you pass the message along, the message that defines what is going on at sweetwater, the RECALL campaign is building strength each and every day, with its success we will be able to bring about real change which will include a new board and a new superintendent.

ChulaVistaIssues: I believe your assessment is correct about three of these: no limits to campaign donations, no term limits and no districts. It is my understanding that the FPPC limits gifts to $420 from a single source in one year.

I have heard a number of people share your concerns on many of these issues.

I know you know this Ms. Luzzaro, but I want to share this with your readers and your post just provided the opportunity.

Campaign donations to candidates have very few limitations on them, and are not legally considered to be gifts. For Sweetwater to limit the campaign contributions, they must pass a Board By-Law. Same for term limits, open seating of Board seats, and some other items the "disgruntled ex-employees" support.

Gifts can be anything of value that benefits anyone who is in a job description or position that requires them to file a Form 700. At Sweetwater, some of the people required to file a Form 700 are the Board members, senior Admin and so forth. Many of the Form 700 violations are felonies, so that is why the DA's office is taking this so seriously.

Many things can fall into the gift category, not just things like dinners, theater tickets, trips, and so on. Many venders have creative minds when it comes to seeing to it that prospective "clients" get these gifts and go to great lengths to hide them from the public. At Southwestern, two people bought cheap seats to the Padres game, and just happened to run into a contractor who had rented a skybox. The contractor invites them up for food and drinks and to watch the game with him. The two people write it off like it was no big thing, they were already at the game. However, the difference in the price of their cheap seat tickets and the skybox price, and the cost of their lavish food and drinks is considered a gift and needs to be on their Form 700. Unfortunately for the two people, the contractor had spoken of the "prearranged meeting" in an email. Busted!!!

The SD County District Attorney's Office is investigating both Sweetwater and Southwestern for just this sort of "pay to play" behavior by some members of both school's Boards and top administrators.

Stay tuned, the Court date is approaching. Get there early to get a good seat.

Nice article Ms. Luzzaro. Well done!

One has to wonder what McCann actually DOES for a living to support Mrs. MC and the four little ones. The stipend board members receive has a legal maximum and is minimal. Even with the benefits package (most board members of public agencies receive the same package afforded employees) it must be difficult to make ends meet in the McCann household. He may also be eligible for some pay as a member of the reserves?

That is probably why John is reported to want the CV mayors job, because it pays pretty well I think-- maybe around $100K, plus benefits, of course. Certainly an improvement over the SUHSD board stipend, whatever it is.

Any day now, all California public agencies must report to the public how much each and every person on their payroll earns, including all pension contributions made by the agency, and benefits. His name should show up on the SUHSD list along with the other board members.

Sometimes the board members take 'cash in lieu' of the benefits if they are already covered, but I believe that data must also be included in these new required reports.

(One must also wonder about Cartmill's source(s) of income from other sources. We know that Ricassa has --albeit is now on admin. leave-- a full-time well-paying job at Southwestern. She may be taking 'cash in lieu from Sweetwater as well. )

I believe the reporting form 700 must list sources of income -- except public agency employment -- as well as the 'gifts'.

McCann seems quite angry, acting as if someone is taking something away from him. He seems not to understand that elected public officials do not 'own' their positions; rather they serve at the public's will. The recall process is in place precisely as a mechanism for the public to remove elected officials who do not measure up.

Oskidoll: "McCann seems quite angry, acting as if someone is taking something away from him". that would be a YES, the taxpaying community of the south bay, want to take him away from, out of politics. they have about had it with his "i, i, i, i," nonsense. to hear him talk, (and that is all he does is talk, ESPECIALLY IF THERE IS A CAMERA OR A REPORTER AROUND) he claims to be the savior of the district, yet no one on the board, at city hall, or in the community seems to agree.

when the RECALL succeeds it will, most definitely end his political career.

he recently received campaign donation monies from paul bunton's, aka bca, company to help him pay off his campaign debt, yes, that is the same bunton who just plead guilty regarding the pay to play case. hmmmm, why would bunton do that? perhaps someone should ask mccann to explain that.

thanks for the shared info.

could the fiasco described in this article be a ploy, an intent to silence the antagonists???????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It is sad and rather disgraceful when someone who is a veteran or claims to be a veteran wants to turn military service into an excuse for all kinds of bizarre behavior. McCann is out of control. Calling the cops after he's gone out of his way to provoke a confrontation with his opponents? This is something out of the wild west of yore with a modern twist. Where did this guy come from? I thank him for his military service in this past decade of war on Islamist terrorists and others, but now it is time for him to cool it, settle down, and stop trying to profit from his service.

Visduh: all Americans truly THANK all servicemen/women for their service. but let me ask you Visduh how many do you know take each and every opportunity to bring it up? his facebook page was showing him in full military gear, standing in front of a jeep - may still be up there only an opportunist would USE THEIR SERVICE. there was a COMMANDER at the hilltop high school board meeting that really took him to task - oh what a moment it was. this was one person that mccann could not call un American for calling him out.

what other politician do you know of who has a spot on UTUBE referring to 'those people' acting in a most bizarre manner? what other politician do you know of who 'had a moment' while he served the city? then of course there is the still much talked about melt down where he turned over board member lopez's mic, and when she continued to talk stomped back up on stage and turned them all off. - yes folks 'it was a twilight zone moment'. you had to be there and see it to believe it. oh my,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, does it not concern you that none of his peers on the board have taken him aside and offered him a 'card' - you know with the name and number of a professional that might be able to help him with his self esteem/emotional outburst issues. but hey look at if from their perspective, this guy is a one man minstrel show all by himself, taking all of the focus OFF OF THEM. dr. brand i am sure is working the guy, "yep johnny boy, i know, i know, they are so very mean to you - its ok - i will make it better - you make me superintendent and i will make them go far far away",

we have a real crisis down here in the south bay, a real crisis.

anniej, you don't have to convince me that something is very, very wrong with him and the district. The real mystery is why Bahnee D went after three board members with subpoenas and search warrants, but not after him. With the bizarre events unfolding in that district, all of them should have been similarly investigated. That hasn't happened yet, and methinks that as long as she is in office, that's where it will stay. Unless, that is, he has a full-on meltdown, which is a distinct possibility.

Visduh, Fran Brinkman and I went down to the County Admin office well over a year ago to pull copies of the Form 700's for the current Board members at the time. Jim Cartmill's Form 700 was absolutely full of entries of gifts. We knew right away that Jim was making an effort to report his gifts, so it came as no surprise to us that his house was not raided. John McCann was so new to his position as a member that we did not choose to get a copy of his, so I have no comment on him in this matter.

the investigation is not over yet, from what i understand john mccann and jim cartmill had their 700 forms in order, or soooooooooo it appears. it takes a great deal of investigative work to find those gifts. additionally the time it takes to align certain gifts, donations etc to dates items (contracts) that were voted on while proving to be a real task is most enlightening. and then there is the fact that we have certain folks who are now singing like a chorus of canaries.

it is not over, much work is ongoing dissecting the alleged corruptive mess of it all.

point worth mentioning, the board voted to give more power to superintendent when it comes to selection of certain contracts, hmmmmmm could this be an attempt to take the focus on the board members RECEIVING the donations? i can hear it now "ah, i had no role in the selection of that contractor, you need to talk to the superintendent " - you mean the same one that reports to you?????????????? only at sweetwater folks, only at sweetwater.

least we not forget, we have all of this L street planning, construction, redevelopment coming up - check it out on board docs, research for yourselves how many hundreds of thousands of dollars ricasa and cartmill voted on - now they want to start all over again - pay all of that money out all over again on land we are upside down on. we paid 33 million for it and now it is worth about 17 - property that we have ONLY PAID INTEREST ON.

again folks i say only at sweetwater - do these politicians care that they are being exposed? that would be a NO, all, that is except for mccann. the rest (with exception of lopez) careers are shot. ricasa and quinones will be found guilty - their own words will be used against them - in my opinion. cartmill really could not care less, but mccann, he wants to be king, i mean mayor - but since he CHOSE to betray the voting taxpayers - both Republican and Democrat - he will never feel that mayors chair beneath his booty. maybe that is why mccann is growing increasingly more desperate to be viewed as a victim - but alas he has played this card before and it is well known.

going after 'the antagonists' - do you know who they are? do they really look that threatening to you? have they done anything wrong in attempting to protect our tax dollars and the children of the south bay? according to mccann and brand - YES, - and i believe that about sums it up. we have mccann and brand who have formed an alliance trying to outwit the others - power and money folks, it all boils down to power and money.

just my opinion

I'm thinking that the power(s) behind the various thrones in SD County still feel that McCann's good points outweigh his bad points, but we really don't know if they have been paying attention to all that is going on here. So I think he hasn't used up ALL of his brownie points with that group yet. He might, however, want to begin thinking about acting like a reasonable adult for a change. If he plans on staying in his chosen field. Again, this all hypothetical.

There is more to the picture than you think. As you can see, Ms. Adato is extremely upset at the things John McCann just said to her. She is even using her hand to emphasize her statement that she has had enough of John. But, I want you to look at John's pose for this incident. Hands behind the back so he won't touch her accidentially, but has his face leaning into her. At the time the photo was taken, Ms. Adato was speaking to John in a loud voice. We teachers call this "our classroom voice." Ms. Adato is either crying or about to due to John's aggressive behavior towards her. If Ms. Adato is speaking so loud, why is John leaning in towards her? It isn't because he can't her her well enough. My bet is he's hoping she will accidentially touch him with her hand, so he can claim assult. This was exactly the same pose he took when he accosted me, Ms. Brinkman, and Stewart Payne. He came so close to me, I could smell his breath.

One last thing. The confrontation with Ms. Adato happened within seconds of of his run-in with Mr. Payne. As the four of us (myself, Brinkman, Cheers, and Adato) were shielding Mr. Payne from John McCann and were walking back to our cars, why did John McCann follow us and then proceed to get into Ms. Adato's face and accost her with his "Shake my hand Maty" routine? McCann has reported he felt threatened by Payne, so much he needed to call the police. If McCann was so threatened, why did he follow us? Why did he immediately launch into accosting Ms. Adato? Why did he use the same tactic on her that he had just used on Payne?

Yes, there is much more to this photo than meets the eye.

thank you Mr. Brickley, for the insight. it is enlightening to read another first hand account.

i think it goes without saying that Ms. Adato is not a supporter of john mccann's, nor are any of the other 'antagonists' - so why would mccann pursue them and attempt to force himself on them. can you imagine any other politician doing this? what was his point? he had just issued them a tongue lashing on camera and then attempts to force them into shaking his hand. - BIZARRE is the only word that comes to mind.

has the board, has the superintendent, has the districts legal counsel (all i might add that WE PAY FOR) sat this man down and 'counseled' him? we can only surmise that they have - but to no avail. no mccann is on a mission and that political mission is being brought down by he himself.

a real temper tantrum thrower this guy - bet if you were to ask those he went to school with they would have some stories to tell. i remember reading a teachers account of him as a high school student, seems he has not matured much over the years - still the whiner.

hey board, look at it this way, the more he continues to attract negative attention the more your names are left out of the press. hmmmmmm, perhaps the other board members are encouraging the 'little man who wants to be king' - think i am onto something here.

just concerned what he will do when reality steps in, anyone who will allegedly attempt to scare someone with a motor vehicle - that folks is scary.

just my opinion

There's a lot to catch up on. Maybe the people who went to the DA need to be put in a witness protection program.

now isn't that a darn shame?

you know at the end of the day those board members and superintendent look at themselves in the mirror - oh, they can tell us their actions are above board, they can tell us everything they do is in the best interests of the students, they can tell us there was nothing to those campaign donations by all of those contractors - BUT WHAT DO THEY SAY TO THE TRUE SELF when they look back at that reflection?

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