The Mutual Admiration Society of Tilbrook and Poltz

Poltz finds a friend, collaborator in Squeeze founder Tillbrook
  • Poltz finds a friend, collaborator in Squeeze founder Tillbrook

While some artists choosing to open a tour in San Diego might do so for the scenery or weather, Squeeze cofounder Glenn Tilbrook’s reasoning for his band coming to town on April 10 at the House of Blues was perhaps a little less obvious. “We opted to start there chiefly because it’s the home of the wonderful Steve Poltz,” Tilbrook said.

Poltz will open this single show on Squeeze’s U.S. tour before heading to Australia for a month-long road trip.

A mutual admiration society has developed between the two songwriters since Poltz opened a solo U.S. Tilbrook tour in 2001. The pair cowrote a song, “Hot Shaved Asian Teen,” which appeared on Tilbrook’s 2004 album Transatlantic Ping Pong, but lost touch for several years. They reconnected in Chicago in early 2011 and quickly made up for lost time.

Poltz spent the last quarter of the year opening for Tilbrook and his band on a seven-week tour of England, Scotland, and Wales. Furthering the connection, Poltz took local sound engineer Chris Modl with him to work sound for both performers.

Squeeze have been no strangers to San Diego since their debut album was released in 1978, even visiting the zoo, though not necessarily to see the animals. “I’m a big Beach Boys fan, and the fact that the Pet Sounds album cover photo was taken there meant I had to go,” Tilbrook remarked.

Plans are under way for Tilbrook and Poltz to make a pair of albums together next year — one collaboration and then a Poltz solo disc. “We’ve had such a great time playing together that we have to make a record at some point,” Tilbrook said.

“We’ve become good friends,” said Poltz. “The fact that we’re talking about doing an album together is just icing on the cake.”

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Awesome Concerts Both! Steve is so talented and fun to watch and listen to. He even played Hitchhiker Joe which always brings the mosh pit moments. Squeeze sounded brand new and perfect. We danced the entire time and sang so much we are all hoarse today. What a blast from the present day and past. Thank you Gods of music.

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