Oversight Board Meets to Disband Chula Vista’s Redevelopment Agency

The dissolution of Chula Vista’s Redevelopment Agency began in earnest April 9 when the newly appointed oversight board met for the first time. The board is charged with, among other things, paying off the defunct agency’s debts and disposing of assets and property.

The difficulty of the tasks facing the oversight board was captured in the early remarks of the new chair, David Watson: “Why would any sane person apply to be on the board? Welcome to the loony bin.”

Four of the seven members on the board were appointed by county supervisor Greg Cox and mayor Cheryl Cox. Supervisor Cox appointed Paul Desrochers and David Watson.

Desrochers and Watson served on Chula Vista’s recently disbanded redevelopment corporation. Desrochers has a long working relationship with Chula Vista redevelopment, serving under former mayor Greg Cox as redevelopment director in the 1980s.

Watson, an attorney, is listed as partner in the Duane Morris firm. Watson’s biographical material states that he was vice president of Yokohl Ranch Company, a subsidiary of J.G. Boswell Company, from 2006 to 2008. Bill Ostrem, CEO of Eastlake Development in Chula Vista, was also a principal in the Boswell Company.

In 2007, the U-T wrote about Ostrem, “Now that eastern Chula Vista is almost built out, Ostrem has set his sights on the Visalia area in Central California, where Eastlake parent company J.G. Boswell is planning a community, called Yokohl Ranch, with 12 times as much acreage as Eastlake.”

Mayor Cox’s appointees, Eric Crockett and Janice Kluth, both served in the city’s former redevelopment agency.

Also serving on the committee are Oscar Esquivel for the County Board of Education, David Gonzalez for Otay Water District, and Wayne Yanda for California Community Colleges.

A particularly difficult position for the board is they have the obligation “to determine whether any contract, payments or agreements between the former RDA and private parties should be dissolved or renegotiated based on taxing entities best interests.”

Following that dictum, the oversight board spent considerable time looking at the possible financial obligations of the redevelopment agency.

The board was also challenged by attorney Christopher W. Garrett, who has been retained by Chula Vista resident Earl Jentz. A question looming for the board is whether they are capable of or willing to suspend development impact fees on pending projects in the former redevelopment area.

Detailed information on contracts and obligations was requested by the board for the April 20 meeting.

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correctionnext oversight board meeting April 30

Mr. and Mrs. Cox were allowed to handpick the majority of this supposedly public-serving board. While it's probably legal, it certainly should raise the public's eyebrow. It sure does mine. Such a concentration of power in one household is not exactly my idea of democracy.

PLEASE write to your state senators immediately and oppose AB 1585 that they will vote on this week. It gives another 1.4 BILLION dollars to build affordable housing and we all know by affordable they mean market rate housing at huge profits. This while our state parks are closed. The developers claim its too harsh to cut off the funds cold turkey and they need to be eased into it so another 1.4 BILLION will help w/ the transition.

affordable housing - L Street, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

http://senate.ca.gov/senators Here are your state senators. please contact them IMMEDIATELY and oppose this massive giveaway.

BTW if anyone has any doubt about what a scam and waste of tax money affordable housing is look at this example. 1 CA affordable housing developer stoled a quarter of a BILLION dollars from tax payers and was only discovered because of a bitter ex wife. http://www.bestdefender.com/news/April11/28.html

there are alot of Bills in the state right now that seek to save redevelopment in various ways. 1 adds a tax to new homebuyers to pay for low/mod income housing. its time to kill this corp welfare once and for all!! We need something on the ballot that forbids state tax dollars from being spent to build any new housing. That is what the 50 billion a yr in HUD $ is for. And we have a HUGE glut of housing now. This must stop . we are turning CA into 1 gigantic ghetto w/ these poorly planned toxic tenement slums. Just drive down el cajon blvd and see the fresh slums brought to us in the name of "fixing" blight.

When is an oversight committee most like a redevelopment agency? When the majority of the committee was appointed by people (Coxes) who favor (certain) redevelopment projects.

And when the majority of the committee only recently served the redevelopment agency in some capacity.

People have been dying to get rid of pension funds. Well how about we let these free market businesses propped up by redevelopment $$$ stand or fall on their own.

dr. brand of sweetwater high school district made an interesting comment last evening when the L STREET AGENDA item came before the Board "We now have a good working relationship with the City of Chula Vista" (paraphrasing the relayed comment).

wondering if 'land' (money making opportunity) is the reason for this new relationship?????

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