Here's the Thing...

Thursday 8
Here’s the Thing... The San Diego Music Thing (née North Park Music Thing)(née North by North Park)(née Southern California Regional Confab for the Continued Commodification of Rock and Roll) launches tonight with a kickoff at Casbah featuring Seattle indie act Telekinesis with our own surf-pop sons Dirty Gold. For the rest of the fat on that, click this: sandiegomusicthing.com.... “Trucker tans and gig butt comin’ at ya!” Ever wonder what happened to Tad? The mammoth Seattle grunger now fronts Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, a sludge-metal trio that cares little for product placement, just balls-out rock. The Brothers will bring it to Soda Bar behind like-minded locals Archons and Otro. If you like your eardrums, plug ’em up.... Another big wave of sound hits Shakedown in the form of kabuki surf punks Daikaiju — “Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact!” — Zombie Surf Camp, and RevHawks.... from Berlin, krautronica trio Atari Teenage Riot invades Porter’s Pub at UCSD.... And Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, aka Thievery Corporation, wrap up this week’s House of Blues heist tonight. The DC DJ duo’s out to tout this year’s coolly received Culture of Fear. (That lyrical Mr. Lif title track rips, though.)

Friday 9
Abe Vigoda hooks up with Colleen Green at Casbah. Tropical punx Abe Vigoda broke from the L.A. Smell scene with ’08 offering Skeleton, a chiming slab of noise pop that showed little trace of the dark-wave sounds coming down on their latest, Crush, a claustrophobic goth-pop set that can be comforting (“Repeating Angel”) and smothering (“Pure Violence”). It’s Skeleton fleshed with synthesizers.

Abe Vigoda at Casbah

Abe Vigoda at Casbah

Oakland fuzz-punk Colleen Green has signed to Hardly Art on her mission to “inspire bands to get way more creative (or violent) with their re-appropriation of 1960s girls-in-the-garage tropes.” Crappin’ you negative, she’s a gem. With Plateaus, Bleached, Cold Showers, and Cathedral X, this Art Fag showcase is the gig to get to Fridee night.... Best of the rest has cow-punk queen Exene at Queen Bee’s...U.K. punk perennials the Vibrators plugging in at Til-Two with ’77 slayers the Last Years...piano-pounding power-poppers Grand Tarantula join SD’s alt-rock supergroup Midnight Rivals (Lucy’s, Louis) at Bar Pink...Portland thrash-metal trio Toxic Holocaust will take down the Shakedown with Nihilist...Gonzalo Bergara and his quartet do a Django thang at Dizzy’s...while Belly Up skanks Solana Beach with Aggrolites and Buck-O-Nine.

Saturday 10
Jazz 88 takes to the streets of O.B. for its annual muzic fest, filling 8 stages with 23 acts, including Dr. John, Charlie Musselwhite, Charlie freaking Hunter, Robert Walter, Hot Club of Cowtown, and on. Click this obmusicfest.org for the deets, and we’ll see you by the sea.... Sticking on the jazz tip, Gilbert Castellanos and In Motion Trio will play the Office as part of the SDMT. DJ Kanye Asada (love it) will spin ’round sets....

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at Sunset Temple

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at Sunset Temple

A block away, on Kansas behind Claire de Lune, one of the Thing’s featured artists, Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., skids into Sunset Temple with its new disc, It’s a Corporate World. This sweet set of shimmering indie pop subverts the pair’s NASCAR name and hot-rod trappings. Check out the Heads/Tom Tom-y “Vocal Chords”: myspace.com/daleearnhardtjrjr.... Udder mentionables: Long Beach psych-pop quintet Crystal Antlers ducks into Bar Pink...it’ll be SD faves Donkeys, Mr. Tube, and the Nervous Wreckords at Casbah...local lo-pop bands Dudes, Little Deadman, and Writer roll into Whistle Stop...Mexico City alt-pop acts Zoé and Hello Seahorse! play 4th&B...L.A. dubstep DJ Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, will be at the Rimac at UCSD...while Ché Café has DJ “Craig Biggio,” who will spin sunset to sunset, 7p Saturday to 7p Sunday, from “the greatest Canadian record collection in San Diego.” It’s ginormous, cool. Like the tundra.

Sunday 11
The Kills’ new Domino disc Blood Pressures finds the U.K. duo dealing with Mosshart’s new-found vox and seasoned mean since her time in Dead Weather. There’re hints of the Jack White touch here (“Satellite”) and there (“DNA”) but nothing to detract from the duo’s punk ’n’ roll dynamic.

The Kills hit House of Blues Sunday night.

The Kills hit House of Blues Sunday night.

Kills hit House of Blues with Fiery Furnace Eleanor Friedberger and L.A.’s electropop Mini Mansions for one trick triple bill.... Else: nardcore punks Ten Foot Pole (Epitaph) turn up at Eleven...down the street, Soda Bar sets up a fine freebie, featuring lo-fi Los Angelinos Devon Williams and Terry Malts with our own Mrs. Magician...and lookathis, old-school punk club the Shakedown celebrates their first year in the bars-with-bands biz with a funyun, featuring SanFran hardcore band Fang and Rikk Agnew (Social D, Adolescents). You roll by it every time you go to Home Depot or Targét. Stop in and say hey to Ted and Barnesy, have a brew and yack old chops, rodz, skateboarding, and, of course, Cali punk rock. These guys know everybody.

Monday 12
British new-wave duo Tears for Fears (“Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Shout”) will take their short U.S. tour through Humphreys Monday night on their way to South America. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal have had a busy decade so far, riding the ’80s resurgence through Australia, New Zealand, and Asia (several dates with contemporaries Spandau Ballet). Have to admit that The Hurting’s one of my guilty pleasures.... As is Hanson’s MMMBop. Not really. The brothers Hanson will bring their Musical Ride tour to House of Blues. Absolutepunk.com called the Hansons’ post-pubescent musical pursuit, Shout It Out, “a breezy, sun-kissed collection of 12 hook-heavy, brass-indebted rock songs not unlike Chicago 17.” Really, dude!?! Chicago 17!?!

Tuesday 13
Ontario noise-pop pair P.S. I Love You is on hot-shit indie label Paper Bag Records (Born Ruffians, Tokyo Police Club, Deadly Snakes). Last year’s full-length debut Meet Me at the Muster Station was/is an interweb crit hit. We like its nervous-punk parlance, too: myspace.com/psiloveyouband. Paul and Ben will play Casbah Tuesday night with Balkans and Shiva Trash. We should go, ay?... After the dot dot dots, I got Tim Reynolds (lead guitarist for Dave Matthews Band) and TR3 funkin’ up at Anthology...and soul-pop icon Miss Diana Ross gracing the stage at Humphreys by the Bay.... Apropos of absolutely nothing but increasing my web hits in a super strange way, did you know the name of the lead singer of Deadly Snakes is Andre Ethier? Yes, just like the Dodger outfielder. They have him sing the Canadian national anthem when the Dodgers come to Toronto.

Wednesday 14
Brooklyn indie band Robbers on High Street will be at Bar Pink with L.A. psych-pop throwbacks and loverly named Allah Las.

Robbers on High Street play Bar Pink

Robbers on High Street play Bar Pink

Everyone sick of reading right now, because I’m kind of sick of typing. I’ll put in a picture of the Robbers. Let’s make our decision whether to go see them or not based on how they look. They look fun. And pretty well groomed. I’m going.
Barnaby Monk

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