Barnett Avenue Safer Going Southbound

At Barnett Avenue’s southern end, where it meets Pacific Highway, the two-lane road was recently narrowed to a single lane. Though it is now a traffic bottleneck, before the conversion, I witnessed a bicyclist ride on the shoulder in a moderate amount of traffic. Drivers honked at the two-wheeler, as there wasn’t enough space for two car lanes and bicyclists on the blind curve.

The turn is now safer due to the reconfiguration that incorporated a clearly marked bike lane. However, commuting north on Pacific Highway and trying to merge onto Barnett Avenue toward Point Loma is still risky because of the sharp curve and the absence of a bike lane.

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They should have left the lanes alone and prohibited bicyclist from using that part of the road. That sections of road was not designed for cars and bicyclist, I never see bicyclist on that section of road anyway, it is ridiculous. Why would someone make the decision to inconvenience hundreds of people everyday for one or two jokers on a bike that could easily use a different route? Must have been someone with political clout. This is a case where bicyclist are hurting the environment because Barnett is always backed up now and so are the feeder streets, increasing air pollutions from idling cars.

Under CVC 21200(a), bicyclists have as much right to the road as motorists. Bicyclists cannot be banned from riding there because it is not a controlled access highway (freeway).

I ride through there every day. Apparently you don't see me. I know others who do too.

This is not backing up traffic on Barnett. You're not being truthful.

Sorry but I gotta question your statement about "always backing up". This part of town for only a short period of time sees heavy traffic that may slow down, around 4pm-6pm (mon-fri)and it's not like it is gridlock.

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