Alleged Killer Michael David Robles Arraigned

A 43-year-old Fallbrook man was brought before a judge on November 30 and charged with strangling to death his ex-girlfriend on the eve of her birthday, November 23.

Michael David Robles pleaded not guilty and denied the special allegation of lying-in-wait, which would make him eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Prosecutor Kelly Mok told the judge that Robles was seen by a neighbor lurking around his ex-girlfriend’s Carlsbad home that evening, and hiding in the bushes there. Although he was confronted by the neighbor and he ran away once, Robles came back and hid again, according to the prosecutor.

Robles slipped inside the home of Kathleen Cary Scharbarth, 34, when she walked her boyfriend out to his car that night, and when the woman came back into her home, that’s when he confronted and killed her, the prosecutor said.

Scharbarth’s 13-year-old daughter was reportedly asleep upstairs at the time. Michael David Robles buried Scharbarth’s body in a shallow grave in Fallbrook, the prosecutor alleges, and then he went to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s home on November 24.

Robles had allegedly purchased tickets to fly to Mexico on November 25, the day he was arrested.

Pictured: Michael David Robles

Photograph by Nick Morris

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At least thirteen states use GPS to track accused abusers. The technology is proven, inexpensive and saves lives. It’s time for San Diego to track all of the restrained (those with DV restraining orders) as well as sexual predators (everyone on Megan’s List) with GPS units.

You could not put a GPS on someone just because they have a RO on them. #1) it would violate due process of law because they have NOT been convicted of a crime.

Although the standard for issueing a RO is SUPPOSED to be high, the fact of the matter is the judges issue them like they are candy and do NOT follow the legal standard requried for issuing them- they are issued many times without meeting any legal standard, and #2) it would be impossible to work because there are 50 RO's given out at 220 W Broadway every single day. They last for up to 3 years. You simply could not track so many of these people.

Good points Surf Pup. I had no idea they issued that many restraining orders. At that pace, there really would be no cost effective way to keep track of the offenders.

This case is just sickening. It sounds like he was enraged after the restraining order being issued and that set him off. I hope the jury keeps in mind his callous behavior of murder and within hours sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner.

There are a lot of RO's given out. IMO RO's mean nothing. They are pieces of paper with no way to enforce them. Sure, if there are blatant violations you could try to get a contempt of court charge, or even misdemeanor charges, but there must be solid evidence for that and to be honest a few days in the can are not deterents to a person bent on murder.

There is really no defense to someone that is willing risk everything to kill with you premeditation. Nothing.

No one can defend themselves against a person bent on killing you with premeditation and udner stealth, a sneak attack-like what happened here.

Best advice is to buy a firearm and learn how to handle it.

The part that kills me is this woman had a daughter who will never see her mother again, will never have that bond for life with her natural parent. Reminds me of the guy that killed 8 people in Seal Beach last month-including his wife-over custody of his 8 year old son. Now the son has no mother - and a father that will be in prison for life if he is not executed.

Sad when the heart drives people to do such unrational injustices.

Cute white chick>>??

I have no idea what you're speaking of, there is no pic of the victim here, how do you know she is whhite????? Or cute????

I don't think he race or gender have as much to do with this act as much as her mentally unstable BF who killed her with premeditation.

So sad that cordedpoodel plays the race issue here. Did race have anything to do with the brutal killing of the young mother on the City College campus a year or so ago? Nope. The accused perp and the vic were both Hispanic. But that one brought plenty of rage against our DA, Bahnee D, for her failure to prosecute the guy for his prior attacks upon his wife/GF (I forget which.)

If there's any lesson to be learned here it is that young women must be careful, very careful, about whom they date. A few dates often lead to cohabitation, pregnancy, single parenthood, and a host of other ills. The case of the City College killing had to do with a young girl taking up with a man twice her age, bearing his child, and losing her life at his hands. Why?

To get a feel for how such a murder affects the family and the community, please download the following . . . and PLEASE write a letter to the Parole Board.

In this case the killer was a law enforcement officer and a CREEP. We need to teach women in particular and everyone in general how to defend themselves. Not much one can do when a cop has the drop on you though . . .




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