The information for cost of the SENTRI border-crossing pass is not only $25, as was said (“The Only Way to Walk Across the Border in Five Minutes,” Cover Story, November 23). Many other fees must be paid up front before they will even consider an interview. The pass is a good idea but not something the average tourist will be able to use upon a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip.

Christine Darrough
via email

Color Coded

I’m calling regarding the article “The Only Way to Walk Across the Border in Five Minutes” (Cover Story, November 23). The writer noted the Customs officers and agents. I just wanted to clarify that the agents are the ones who are green — they’re the Border Patrol agents — and the ones in blue are Customs and Border Protection officers.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

TJ Perks Worth The Crap?

I just read the cover story in the November 23 Reader, “The Only Way to Walk Across the Border in Five Minutes,” by T.B. Beaudeau. And I just have one question after reading about all the crap that people have to go through to get across the border from Mexico and into the United States. People who live in Tijuana and work in America have to get up in the middle of the night and stand in line four or five hours to get across the border to get to work on time, and then even to get the SENTRI card that lets you avoid a lot of that, you have to put up with more crap and pay all sorts of money and go through all sorts of rigamarole. I just have one question for Beaudeau. Why in the hell are you living in Tijuana? You’re an American citizen. You work in America. Is the rent that cheap in Tijuana that you’d put up with all that crap to get to work every day? You must be crazy or you must have free run of a Mexican whorehouse or something.

University City

Middle-Classhood, Vanished

Regarding your November 23 issue, in the letters to the editor, the letter entitled “The Grand Gay Plan,” here’s the message. Search ask.com on gays versus heteros and pedophilia. And what about Catholic priests and similar? You’ve been brainwashed and distracted by the 1 percent — the very wealthy — while they steal your middle-classhood.

Ted Rodosovich
University City

Heading For A Book

Re Siobhan Braun. Who is this writer? She is insightful and expresses herself in a most hilarious style (“For My Birthday, My Husband Bought Me a House,” Cover Story, November 17). Keep writing, Siobhan, there is a book in you! (And I’d like to be advised of the publication date ASAP!!)

Caren Jaeger
via email

Love Ya, Larry

Liked the story on Larry Groupe doing the orchestrations for Magnification, the latter-day masterpiece by Yes, one of the great prog-rock bands (“Lather, Rinse, Repeat,” “Blurt,” November 17). He’s a true local talent.

Gareth Davies-Morris
via email

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Hey, Bob, all of us 'mericans here have free run of Mexican whore-houses. Why else would we live here? We come into Mexico, and after the appropriate Mexican authorities ascertain that we are, in fact, gringos, we get cards that give us a pass to any and all whore houses in Mexico. It's really quite awesome. Certainly well worth the hassle of working in the U.S.

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