Floyd Unmasked

I want to commend the journalism of Jay Allen Sanford on page 122 (“Famous Former Neighbors,” November 3). I always liked Floyd the Barber immensely and never knew the man’s name who plays his character, and I never knew that Howard McNear was an actor here in San Diego. I was delighted to read that. I’ll make sure that I read Mr. Sanford’s columns more often in the future.

Paul Lang
San Carlos

Holy Crowns!

I’d like to comment on the November 3 “Unforgettable,” about the explorations of Sebastián Vizcaíno. It says that the Coronado Islands were probably named because these explorers reached them on November 8, the day of the Cuatro Coronados, and since there were four islands and it was November 8, they became known as the Coronado Islands.

There’s a little bit more explanation to that. November 8 in the Roman liturgical calendar is the Feast Day of the Four Crowned Martyrs. In Latin, it’s called Santi Quatuor Coronati — the Four Holy Crowned Ones — and they were Castorius, Claudius, Nicostratus, and Symphorian. They were tortured and slain in Pannonia, modern southern Black Sea region, having been carvers from Sirmium, former Yugoslavia. They refused to carve a pagan statue and were martyred by Emperor Diocletian. The four crowned martyrs died c. 305.

There is a second group of Four Holy Crowned Ones, who died at Albano, Italy. A basilica was erected in their honor in Rome. So, there are two different groups of Four Holy Crowned Martyrs that are honored on November 8.

University City

Lesson From The Past

Smith continues to write compelling, meticulously researched narratives. His “Water Everywhere” (“Unforgettable: Long-Ago San Diego,” October 27), reminds us of the dangers encountered and fortitude shown by the early explorers of California.

James Culhane
via email

Do-Gooders Beware

Such a heartbreaking story about a well-intentioned lady who tried to rescue a dog and did all the wrong things (“I Didn’t Steal the Dog,” Cover Story, October 27). Now she is in jail. What I don’t understand is the vigorous prosecution by the district attorney. When there are so many other much more serious crimes committed, why bother with this? Perhaps the point is to send two messages — dogs are property and subject to the whim of the owner, and to scare off potential “rescuers.”

I speak from experience, as my daughter was vigorously prosecuted in another county for entering a yard and giving a dog water! The owner was home and wanted her punished, perhaps to save face. She was also threatened with jail time but pled down to a misdemeanor.

The owners must sincerely believe that they treat their animals humanely and are outraged that anyone would accuse them of mistreatment. There are many reputable animal groups in San Diego County, in California, and in the U.S., and these should be contacted before any rescue is attempted.

C.F. Sherman
via email

They Love You Too

Too often in your paper my two most favorite columns are left out — “Straight From the Hip” by Matthew Alice and “News of the Weird.” I enjoy both of those, as do so many people that I talk to. As much as I love your paper, I’m disappointed that lately more and more they are not in there. I would appreciate it if you would please just try a little harder to include those two columns because they’re very much appreciated. They provide a lot of diversity from every other newspaper and magazine out there.

Dean Vessell
via voice mail

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