Is SWRV the MTV of Old?

You book the videos on SWRV TV, y’know, as long as it’s Ryan Seacrest–approved.
  • You book the videos on SWRV TV, y’know, as long as it’s Ryan Seacrest–approved.

In October, Music Choice announced the launch of SWRV (“swerve”) TV with Cox Communications in San Diego. Promoted as the first 24/7 interactive music video network, SWRV is available on Cox cable channel 900 as well as Cox Internet. Alongside a serpent that spells out SWRV in golden coils, the corporate banner says “Take Control. Run the Show. You’re the Star.”

SWRV is something like the MTV of old, explains Music Choice PR director Josefa Paganuzzi. “We just give programming options. The people who watch the network decide for themselves what airs next.” The platform allows a viewer to program content either online or on TV via mobile devices in a variety of ways. For example, viewers can create and upload their own video dedications (called “vidications” in SWRV parlance), vote for their favorite videos, or create their own three-video segments.

Ceanne Guerra is the Cox media and public relations manager in San Diego. “There are a lot of decisions that go into adding a channel,” she says by phone from her Clairemont office, “but this just seemed, you know, with the interactivity, that it was something our customers would really enjoy.” All SWRV content, she says, comes down the pipeline from Music Choice headquarters in New York. “Basically, we’re just delivering the channel to our customers. All of the interactivity is coming from Music Choice, too.”

A quick perusal of the SWRV top-ten list includes pop stars Adele, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Miguel, and Kelly Clarkson — teeny-bopper fare. But SWRV is not aimed especially at kids, says Guerra. “I’m sure adults will also want to see their photos up on the [television] screen,” she laughs. “It just sounds like a lot of fun.” But, is SWRV TV all Gaga all the time, or can a local pop band score some air time? For the answer to that question, I am directed back to Music Choice.

Launched last year, Music Choice provides music programming via television, the web, and mobile applications. A spokesperson from the New York office (in the CEO’s absence, she was willing to answer questions for deadline but asked that we not use her name) says that yes, SWRV is open to submissions from San Diego musicians as long as they fit within Top 40 or hip-hop formats. “Anything, for example, that would be getting airplay from Ryan Seacrest,” she says, Seacrest being a deejay on Los Angeles Top 40 powerhouse KIIS FM. All programming content must first meet with Music Power programming approval. Interested parties, she says, may submit their videos or promo packs via the internet at swrv.tv or on Facebook.

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Since San Diego is one of the first cities to have the SWRV interactive programming network, local bands should check out this report of Dave's and then submit their videos to Music Choice as suggested.

Some great local-centric video production goes on around town - Laura Roppe's anthem about cancer survival "I'm Still Here" has earned over a million YouTube views. The Wrong Trousers racked up over 630,000 views of their cover of the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star."

If enough locals submit vids, and if viewers choose programming by locals, what a great opportunity to bring the San Diego music scene into countless homes and mobile devices....

Want the opportunity to be seen and heard by ALL of your friends? Think you could be the next Video Jacker on SWRV Takeover or share why your video pick should play on Fan Faves?

Simply choose the show you’d like to be seen on & follow the directions to upload your video! All you have to do is:

• Before you can get started uploading videos, you’ll need to register with us • (If you don’t have an account yet, click here.) • Once you're signed in, go to the show page you want to interact with • Click the browse button to search your computer for the video you want to upload • Once you have the image selected click ok on the browser window • The location for your image will be listed in text next to the browse button • Now just click Upload and you’re done!

…and remember…

• Your video must be under 20 MB in size (except for Fan Faves, which has a max size of 80 MB) • Each show has different video length requirements so be sure to follow the directions on the individual show pages! • Keep it clean and decent – you never know who might be watching!


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