Imitation Diamond

This week, Jutta Verworrn will travel over 5800 miles from Frankfurt for a fake Diamond. 
She met the real Neil in New York last year.
  • This week, Jutta Verworrn will travel over 5800 miles from Frankfurt for a fake Diamond. She met the real Neil in New York last year.

When Diamond Is Forever! hits the AVO Playhouse stage in Vista on Saturday, November 5, two fans in the audience will have traversed over 5800 miles to catch the local Neil Diamond tribute act.

“Jutta Verworrn, accompanied by her 24-year-old stepdaughter Lena, says she’s traveling from Frankfurt, Germany, just to see our show,” says Escondido frontman David Sherry. “She’s an avid Neil Diamond fan and has seen him five times just this past year, in Capetown, Berlin, Mannheim, Hamburg, and London. Overall, she’s seen Diamond more than 15 times.... Now she wants to come to America to see the best [Diamond] tribute she could find on YouTube.”

Founded in 2005, Diamond Is Forever! (whose members live in Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Encinitas, El Cajon, Escondido, and La Jolla) specializes in re-creating the Neil Diamond concert experience circa his live albums Hot August Night and Love at the Greek.

According to Verworrn, “Most tribute bands lack the passion Neil brings to his performances, and that is what his music is all about. [David Sherry] has his own style and charisma, and his voice is fantastic. He is not a copy of Neil Diamond...in pictures and on [online], he looks remarkably sympathetic.”

The German woman met the real Neil Diamond last year in New York City, thanks to a face-to-face introduction arranged by a mutual friend shared between her and Sherry. Randy Cierley-Sterling, who served as Neil Diamond’s bass player from 1969 to 1971, also arranged for Sherry to meet the superstar songsmith backstage in Ontario, California, in January 2009. “When Randy came to pick me up and I found out where we were going, I was blown away. Neil was so warm and gracious and spent a lot of time talking and laughing with us. Here I was meeting the man himself, something I had dreamed of for almost four decades.

“I told Neil that the first time I saw him [perform] was in Detroit, in November 1970. He looked up, locked eyes with me, and asked sincerely, ‘Were we any good?’”

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Diamond Is Forever is playing the Avo Playhouse on November 5th at 7:30 pm! They were remakable at Coronado when I saw them the audience was over 8000 people! Now two hardcore Neil Diamond fans are flying all the way from Frankfurt Germany to see them! AWESOME! I am definetly going to be there! I hope I can still get tickets!

I was there at the Coronado Diamond show when the audience was asked by David J. Sherry "How many of you have been to a Neil Diamond Show". A large percentage of the 8,ooo fans present put up their hands. Then he asked "How many of you have been to a see us before".. and the response was surprising. More than half the crowd responded with very loud audible cheers. They loved the show and were back for more. David is no "fake diamond". He gives a warm and intimate performance re-creating the musical and emotional experience of a Neil Diamond show. This is going to be a great show. Better get tickets early cause there's only so many and a whole lot of fans.

So excited to see and hear Diamond Is Forever! at The Avo Playhouse on Saturday night! I understand why Jutta is traveling so far to see David Sherry and his band ; she knows Neil's music and live performance and recognizes that Sherry is the closest anyone will come to accurately paying homage to Neil Diamond's music, charisma and voice. HE IS NO FAKE! Sherry never pretends he is Neil Diamond...but puts his heart and soul and into paying respect to his musical hero and gives the audience what many fans and critics consider to be the BEST Neil Diamond concert experience in the World! ( besides Neil!) I have seen David Sherry & Diamond Is Forever! a dozen times in the last year and can't wait for Saturdays show in this great theater! I've even heard fellow fans say they like his show better than Neils recent shows. So...pay over $100 to see Grandpa Neil Diamond with 10,000 fans...or $22 to see David ( who looks so much like young sexy 1970's Daimond ) and his GREAT 8 piece band, in an intimate theater setting. It's a no-brainer! Don't miss out on this show! Tickets are available at www.vistixonline.com ... SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD!

David J Sherry is no "Imitation Diamond!" He just happens to be an amazingly talented performer who loves Neil Diamond's music! Having seen Neil many times in concert, I can honestly say that though David is singing Neil's beautiful music, he is interpreting the lyrics and presenting them in his own. unique way. David is performing this Saturday the 5th at the Avo Playhouse, 7.30 PM, in Vista, CA. Don't walk, RUN to Avo, you are in for a fabulous evening of music and merriment!

PS I bet Neil wished he had David's hair when the two met curtsy of Randy Cierley-Sterling, Neil's former band member. LOL

I saw David and Diamond Is Forever at the Moonlight in Vista. It was a great show! Time stood still and I forgot about all the daily challenges in life and just enjoyed the show. I look forward to flying out to California to see another peformance by David and Diamond Is Forever one of these days!

Having followed David and his band for several years, I can honestly say that I am incredibly AMAZED EVERY time I see him perform.

His wonderful voice, enthusiasm, connection with the crowd, and joyful manner makes for an incredible evening for anyone who appreciates great music.

And, his "Streisand duet" with vocalist CeCe is nothing short of a masterpiece!

David's self-effacing personality makes him all the more likeable, and you know that he receives audience applause and appreciation with genuine gratitude.

David Sherry is a TREASURE.

See his show and you'll be hooked, too!


I also saw Diamond is Forever at Coronado and I felt like I was at a Neil Diamond concert back in the 70's when no matter where you sat, you were able to come up to the stage and really enjoy the concert! My girlfriends found out how much of a Neil Diamond fan I really was - they kept asking me if I'm coming back to our seats and I said ya in a minute - well that minute never came - I was up front the entire concert! AAANNNDDD the BBIIGGG plus is I met Randy Sterger - we talked and talked and talked - it was sooo awesome just chatting with him over old Neil Diamond "memories"!! I have been seeing Neil himself for 4 decades and dreaming I would be able to meet him back stage or at a bar just to sit and talk! Neil Diamond doesn't know this but his music got me through 2 years of home sickness when I was in the U.S. Army stationed in Hanau, Germany from 1974 to 1976. "I am I said" is my all time favorite because it means a lot to me - he was born in NY and famous in LA - torn between 2 places as I was when I returned home from Germany, my folks moved from CO to AZ! Sorry getting off track - I am a big fan of both Neil and David Sherry who sings a lot of Neil's songs for all to enjoy!!! Marie a fan for 4 decades of Neil Diamond and his music!

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