Senior Students Paint Parking Spaces at Patrick Henry High

Throughout San Diego, a coveted perk for high school seniors is the right to claim their own parking spot in the seniors-only section of their school's parking lot. But many schools have added a twist to this, holding a lottery so students can buy the right to decorate and personalize their desired parking spaces while generating money for senior class activities.

For the past ten or so years, seniors at Patrick Henry High School in San Carlos have held a parking space painting lottery. This year, 20 seniors bought a $50 lottery ticket in late September to secure a parking space and then submitted a rough-draft design for approval by school administrators.

Early on Saturday morning, October 29, students and a few parents gathered in the parking lot to execute their designs. Significant piles of paint, brushes, and masking tape hinted at how elaborate some designs would be. The first order of business was to paint over the art left from last year’s graduating class.

The new, personalized artwork ranged from the simple (a first name accompanied by “2012” on a one-color background) to the sophisticated. Several students executed designs with multi-colors and details.

Although the seniors’ coffers are $1000 richer, according to student body president Donner Goode, it is probably a sign of the poor economy that the remaining 60 or so senior parking spaces went undecorated. He’s hopeful that early next semester another lottery will be held so seniors will have another opportunity to participate.

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