"Diary Cows," by Ron Koertge

What She Wanted

was my bones. As I gave them

to her one at a time, she put them

in a bag from Saks.

As long as I didn't hesitate

she collected scapula and

vertebrae with a smile.

If I grew reluctant, she pouted.

Then I would come across

with rib cage or pelvis.

Eventually I lay in a puddle

at her feet, only the boneless

penis waving like an anemone.

"Look at yourself," she said.

“You're disgusting."

Diary Cows

Got up early, waited for the farmer.

He hooked us all to the machines as

usual. Typical trip to the pasture,

typical trip grazing and ruminating.

About 5:00 back to the machines. What

a relief! Listened to the radio

during dinner. Lights out at 7:00.

More tomorrow.

Ron Koertge is a well-known, much admired poet and the author of several brilliant, award-winning young adult novels. "Diary Cows" was originally published in a collection titled
Diary Cows, published by Little Caesar Press, and "What She Wanted" is from Ron Koertge's collection Making Love to Roget's Wife, published by the University of Arkansas Press. Photo credit, Sonia Sones. The poems are reprinted by permission.

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i hope u dumped that boney woman Ron (unless ur a masochist of course)....the anger that swelled in me reading that poem surprised even me and i don't surprise easily

wonderful impactful work poet...thx 4 gracing this page ;-D

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