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Thursday 19

Sean Carey is one edumacated drummer. He’s got a degree in drumming from U.W.-Eau Claire; i.e., he doesn’t do songs, he does compositions. Carey helped fill out Bon Iver’s stark sound as they toured ’07 essential For Emma, Forever Ago. Those shows backing Bon Iver made their mark on Carey, who last year released a similar-sounding songcycle, All We Grow, a folksy affair played out meticulously on guitar, piano, and drum with hushed Mark Hollis–style vox. Talk Talk fans take note, S. Carey splits a bill at Soda Bar with Okie indie kids Other Lives, who are touring this year’s Tamer Animals.... That flamenco big band Gipsy Kings will light up Belly Up tonight. They played that frenetic “Hotel California” cover in The Big Lebowski — the creepy slo-mo scene where Turturro tongues his bowling ball and rumbas down the lane. The Kings are a melting pot of European boho blood who play it fast and hot, so shine up them pointy skids, kids, for tonigh’, ¡Bailamos!... “Freedom-rock” trio Bangladesh turns up at Eleven. The guys call it “psychedelic grunge blues” and guarantee melty faces. Zonies JJCnV and Seattle’s Royal Bear round that one out.

Friday 20

Ruby Room fills a kill bill of art-punk locals, featuring Ghetto Blaster, Batwings, and Innerds. From Chad’s rap on our new Jam Session blog (sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/jam-session/ — look at me shilling for The Man!), Batwings have got some new dudes and a record in the works, and the gig’ll be “the premiere of guitar/vox Bryan Oczkowski’s Pure Data Machine, a homemade noise generator that runs off a visual programming language created by UCSD professor Miller Puckett.” I know, wicked smaht.... San Diego’s favorite jazz trumpeteer Gilbert Castellanos will roll his Hammond B-3 Trio into Dizzy’s downtown. Joe Bagg is on the bigg orggan and Kevin Kanner’s on kanns. Wonder if they get back to the chicken shack? We rock some Jimmy Smith in the Monk house, now.

Saturday 21

Here’s yer capital G gig to get to this week: from Chicagoland, young indie-rock rustlers the Smith Westerns ride into Belly Up behind this year’s Fat Possum keeper Dye It Blonde, a collection that “chews up carefree rhythms on barbed-wire bubblegum.” Yuh, it’s some pop-sweet, lo-fi glam and easily one of the records of the year. Take an audio-visual taste of lead single “Weekend”: myspace.com/smithwesterns. Freaking teenagers. Yeasayer headlines, and Dave Good got the goods on them if you want to flip or click to this week’s “Of Notes” fo’ mo’. So, this one’s sorta sold out, but if you missed the tix and really want to go, I suggest you try your luck on Cedros. I’m not condoning, I’m just saying... Udderwise, this same doozie of a double bill is rocking the Glass House in Pomona Sunday night and then it’s two nights at the Music Box in L.A. That’s the old Henry Fonda, and it’s a wicked good place to see a show.... The rest of you: those iron junkies at the Shakedown are hosting an “old-skool car show and BBQ” with that greezy Angelino garage-punk quartet Lords of Altamont revving after Chino punk vets the Lonesome Ones (Los Infernos) and like-minded lokals the Fink Bombs. Vroom vroom!... Speaking of punk vets, check out O.C. skankmeisters the Voodoo Glow Skulls — still glowing after 25 years. They’ll light up the Casbah stage after North County’s pretty pop-punks the Bombpops! get off. What?... There’s a big ticket at the Cricket this week, as Eugene Hütz and his Gypsy rock troupe from NYC, Gogol Bordello, roll in to rock the Chula Vista hills behind last year’s crit hit Trans-Continental Hustle. The nonet lit’rally eats the stage. System of a Down plays too.... If you’re the biking type, you might be inclined to follow the flock for Saturday’s Bike the Bah-ah-ahlevard. Suggest ewe end your night at Eleven, when local folk-rock faves River City, Candle, and Heavy Guilt roll into the room.

Sunday 22

Want to be in hardcore? Of course you do! San Diego punk perennials Battalion of Saints are having a video shoot and show at Shakedown. Not a lot of info on this, except it starts at 2p and it’s the f!!!ing Saints, man.... Brooklyn dark-pop band Xray Eyeballs will be at Bar Pink behind spanking-new debut Not Nothing, which drops Tuesday. The five-piece features Gogogo Airheart beater Jay High on guitar and a couple of his cronies from psych-pop supergroup Golden Triangle.... Else: Runaway Lita Ford’ll be at House of Blues behind her latest she-metal collection Wicked Wonderland...“Afropean” R&B duo Les Nubians land at Anthology with their Nü Revolution...and it looks as if Casbah’s on a ska kick this weekend as Bad Manners and Buck-O-Nine rock the Middletown mainstay on Sunday. Oh, wait, according to musicbanter.com, “It’s ska week!” So, there ya go.

Monday 23

Sconnie quartet Jaill locks up Soda Bar behind their Sub Pop debut That’s How We Burn, a psych-pop set that “rocks enough to let the guys feel tough and still make the girls shake their asses till there’s sweat on their ankles.” Lick it: myspace.com/jaill. With Mrs. Magician and the Speculators setting the stage, let’s call this one this week’s sleeper hit.... Houstown’s hip-hop crit-hit Devin the Dude’s doing the Anti-Monday honors at Casbah this week. He’s got a new do called Gotta Be Me. “Guests” go first.... And Tin Can Ale House stacks up another eclectic night of entertainin’ with San Diego’s newest supergroup Good Camping, about which no one’s saying nothing, so you got to go to be in the know. David Liebe Hart’s playing. He’s that fringe cat from Tim and Eric Awesome Show. And artiste John Kilduff will, I dunno, “perform” Let’s Paint TV. Site says he paints while walking on a treadmill.

Tuesday 24

Casbah tries on White Denim, and damn if it don’t look good. The loopy Austin act is out to tout hot-off-the-press D. The Downtown disc dropped today.... And English pop-folkies Noah and the Whale drift into the San Diego Women’s Club behind Last Night on Earth (“L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.”), which just went gold.

Wednesday 25

I think Kasey Anderson and his Honkies hit mostly on acoustical blues, and it’s fine fare, but they got one song just dripping with swank ooze. Check out “The Wrong Light” from this year’s Heart of a Dog. I can’t not mention that that’s Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Andrew McKeag slinging that nasty ax. They’re at Bar Pink... The rest of your hump-night highlights have psych-rock’s Acid Mother’s Pikacyu and Makato shredding the Tin Can...country skrunk Wayne Hancock at Shakedown with the Cactus Jacks...and from Bogotá, Colombia, dub-hop hits Bomba Estéreo turn up at the Loft at UCSD.

Barnaby Monk

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