Who Cares If La Mesa Post Office Closes?

The postal service may close retail operations at this La Mesa annex.
  • The postal service may close retail operations at this La Mesa annex.

During the first week of May, the U.S. Postal Service delivered notices informing La Mesa residents that the retail portion of the La Mesa Carrier Annex at 6055 Lake Murray Boulevard was “being considered for consolidation,” meaning retail operations may close down there. The change would not affect mail delivery.

The postal service gave two options for responding to the news: residents could comment on questionnaires found at the annex or meet with a postal representative who would be at the Spring Valley Post Office on May 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Spring Valley facility at 10174 Austin Drive is nearly nine miles from the annex. By 1:30 p.m. on May 10, only five residents had met with district manager Ken Boyd. Some residents asked about retrieving mail held while they vacationed. Another was concerned about the longer drive to get packages that the carrier couldn’t deliver. Boyd assured residents that they could still pick up mail at the annex if San Diego administrators approve the consolidation; however, residents would need to go elsewhere for other postal services.

In La Mesa, there is a Grossmont Center Post Office and a Copy-It store on nearby Jackson Drive. Furthermore, Boyd said stamps are sold at ATMs, by phone, and locations such as Wells Fargo and club stores. The consolidation could take effect by the end of August.

“I apologize,” said Boyd. “It’s not something we’re looking forward to. The post office lost $21 billion in the last four years” and experienced a 40 percent reduction in first-class mail.

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The people who are disabled, elderly, or those impaired by not having a drivers license, that's who. That nine mile thing just to provide personal imput, obviously, did not take into consideration the needs of the disabled, elderly, or those impaired by not having a drivers license.

The Postal Service has always lost money. I'm over fifty and I cannot remember a time when the U.S. Government Postal Service ever made money.

Why can't the U.S. Postal Service at least break even? I would be happy with that.

If it broke even, I would know there was hope for a better Postal Service. One that took into consideration the needs of its most vulnerable customers.

I believe it is called "customer service."

Same thing happened with the South Park-Golden Hill post office recently. Residents got the closing date postponed but, ultimately, that location closed its doors. Major PIA to have to get on the 94 and drive all the way to Valencia Park to pick up a missed delivery.

I don't understand why the postmaster gives a special bulk rate to all those grocery store mailers that clog up my mailbox, and then my recycling bin. Some days that's ALL that's in my mailbox. I hate to think the postman (er, postperson) had to stop at my box to give me pointless mail I don't want and didn't ask for.

Raise the rate on bulk mail!!!

What an excellent idea. Yes, our Postal Employees have become the arm of Advertising, and by extension the Big Business Welfare system.

On the newspaper note. Print on hemp paper with soy ink and then the whole thing will be environmentally friendly. What do you think. Would that work? Of course the laws against hemp must be changed first.

I care... I must admit I don't use any Post Office often, but it just happened that I needed to send something certified that needed to be received by September 17, 2001... So I went to the La Mesa CA Post Office on September 12th 2001. Needless to say, I was happy to see that the United States Postal Office was open, with the American Flag flying proud. I remember telling the postal worker that I was glad he was there, and that the Post Office was open for business...

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