High Tech High Students Expose Flaws in Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate, Rescind Invitation for President to Speak at Commencement

    TAKING A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER, POINT LOMA — It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. When San Diego’s High Tech High International was named as one of six candidates nationwide to receive a commencement address from president Barack Obama this year, it was supposed to be a validation of how far the fledgling school had come in its first decade of existence. Chief administrative officer Ben Daley boasted that the selection proved the value of his school’s emphasis on “producing meaningful work for a real audience — making things that have lasting value and presenting them to professionals in the field.”

    Now, he may be wishing that his students had kept their latest class project to themselves. In a good-natured effort to sweeten the pot for the president prior to his final decision, High Tech High seniors Ramesh Bhangoo and Christina Rivera decided to subject Obama’s recently-released “long-form” birth certificate to the sort of typographic scrutiny given to the so-called “Killian documents” that ultimately led to the resignation/retirement of CBS reporter Dan Rather.

    “Remember how the right-wing wackos went nuts in 2004 over those documents that showed how Bush was basically AWOL from the Texas National Guard in the ’70s?” asks Bhangoo. “That guy at Little Green Footballs posted that gif file showing how a memo supposedly typed 30 years ago matched up to a Microsoft Word doc with proportionally spaced font. Of course, they didn’t actually prove that the documents were forgeries, but the fallout was enough to take down Rather, and the whole mess probably helped Bush win in ’04.”

    “All this ‘birther’ bullshit sounded like more of the same to us,” adds Rivera. “We knew that the people who believed that Obama was born in Kenya — and that his Hawaiian birth certificate was a fake, and that he therefore had no constitutional right to be president — wouldn’t be convinced by this long-form release. When you’re crazy, you’re crazy, and you can always find a way to justify your craziness. But we figured it couldn’t hurt to at least head them off on this whole typography question. Here at High Tech High, we knew we had the equipment, the training, and the critical thinking skills required to do just that.”

    “Yeah, we did,” concluded Bhangoo. “Damn it.”

    The long-form birth certificate released by the government

    The long-form birth certificate released by the government

    The title of the students’ report on their work says it all: “Say It Ain’t So: An Inquiry into the Validity of ‘President’ Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate.” “We tried to think like the nutjobs,” recalls Rivera. “We started by asking why they inserted the green-pattern background underneath the original text. Then we started looking for other obvious oddities. Long story short — yeah, this is kind of a fake.”

    “You don’t really have to look further than the child’s name,” says Bhangoo. “The way the ‘r’ in ‘Barack’ differs in all sorts of ways from the rest of the letters, the way the green background fades away around certain parts of ‘Hussein’ and ‘Obama.’ It’s a Photoshop job, and not even a particularly careful one. We did a little followup work and found a death certificate for a Herbert Harrison O’Brien from the same hospital, dated August 5, 1961. The date of birth on that death certificate is given as August 4, same as little Barack Hussein Obama. But the funny thing is, there’s no corresponding birth certificate for baby Herbert. Where did it go? And why doesn’t Obama’s mother sign his birth certificate until August 7, three days after her son is born? By then, we were too depressed to dig any deeper.”

    “Our commitment to ethics really sets us apart at High Tech High,” says fellow senior and commencement ceremony chair Rishika Daryanani. “This case is no exception. Thanks to these two jerkfaces, now we have to disinvite America’s first black president and maybe get him kicked out of office, too. Thanks a lot, guys. Maybe we can get Donald Trump to fill in.”

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    Depressed, eh? Just keep that honesty intact and you'll wanna commit suicide in a few years if you really believed in Obama. The "right wing wackos" are right, fellows. Obama is a fraud.

    Now that the bubble of your naivete has burst, be skeptical of everything this president and his administration say or put out. That, in fact, is good advice for ANY administration or president.

    Always nicer to be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly taken aback.

    Mothers, particularly in that time period, did not sign birth certificates until they left the hospital. I would be surprised if you found that birth certificates were signed on the same days as birth very often.

    What a bunch or pretentious liberal jerks. We looked into sending my kid there, but I was so offended by the activist liberal agenda on display by the faculty during the parent information meeting I almost got up and walked out. Instead we sent our son to The Rock Academy, a private Christian school next door to High Tech High and he is getting a real education where all points of view are heard and respected Oh by the way The Rock beat High Tech tonight in baseball 30-2. Ha ha.

    Mr. Mencken, you're REALLY going to have to dumb this stuff down, and that is unfortunate because I think it's quite clever. The problem is, it stops being funny when you have to explain it to people (I started to do just that by commenting here, but I know it won't do any good). I'll bet you a beer that the Reader will receive more mail on this one than about anything else you've done so far. Apparently, the polarization of America is of such epic proportions, that it has depleted the ability of the average citizen to be able to discern satire from journalism.

    @refriedgringo - the problem is that this satire assumes that the facts at hand are false. In 15 years, this might be an attempted satire, that in reality, was completely true in terms of it's technical claims. I know of what I speak.

    Does NOT appear to be satire . . . These links walk through exposing the certificate posted on the White House website as a fake.



    Not only that, but I received this in an email from a good friend who is very reliable; he details basically the same thing:

    I've received this email floating around about the Birth Certificate... got a chance to watch the video, which got me to go find and download it: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

    NOTE, that's the official White House URL; so it's the one they link to from: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/04/27/president-obamas-long-form-birth-certificate

    Being a professional designer/photographer and one that has taught digital imaging 16 yrs. and have appeared in court, as an expert witness for digital tampering, I downloaded the PDF from their link, and opened it in Adobe Illustrator, there are 10 groups of layers, and each group has multiple enhancements, changes and text alterations within it. This is nuts because any good designer or person using Illustrator would know better to release to a client (as we do in our shop) without flattening the layers (making it a single document) but this is a hack job and the person that made this 'official document' just 'saved as.... PDF' from within Adobe Illustrator, which by default saves all layers.

    I'm not buying this document at all that they are pushing out as a 'real long-form'

    Whoever wrote this article should do a little American History research. Barry what ever his name is, is not the first Black President of these united States. That distinction belongs to John Hanson, who was the first President under the Articles Of Confederation our first Constitution.

    The gentle reader might also do some further research, and find that there have been no less than 5 other Bi-Racial Presidents of these same united States, before this Buffoon that was installed in 2008.

    Sorry, but the bit about John Hansen being black seems to be an historical myth, probably linked to the fact that there was a Liberian senator of the same name. Most of what has been written about "Black" US Presidents seems to trace back to a pamphlet by J. A. Rogers entitled "The five Negro Presidents: According to what white people said they were". The key here is in the title. This pamphlet doesn't offer any authoritative support for its assertions other than accusations. While it may be born out at some point in time in the future that there were prior presidents with black ancestry, the fact remains that none of these presidents acknowledged black ancestry and there doesn't appear to currently be any authoritative evidence to support those assertions either.

    What's hilarious is that Obama could have been born in Kenya, China, or on the moon and he would still be an American citizen.

    If your mother or your father was an American citizen, you will be an American citizen, no matter where you were born.

    and Obama's father was er ah "an American citizen" sweet ,wow when did THAT happen?

    @sweetdaddy - Sorry, but you are very wrong here. In order to be President of the US one MUST be born in US. Being a citizen is NOT sufficient to qualify for the Presidency. In fact, many Constitutional scholars believe you need to be BOTH born in the US AND have TWO citizen parents. The US Supreme Court needs to clarify this. The case of Minor v. Happersett sets a binding legal precedent that a 'natural born citizen' must be born in the US to TWO citizen parents.

    Sweetdaddy, LenningSmasher is correct. I believe you need to familiarize yourself with the laws regarding becoming a US President. The candidate has to have been physically born in the USA or on a US Military Base of parents that are US Citizens. Please check the laws to make sure I/we are correct.

    Hey sweetdaddy You need to read the Constitution. BOTH parents MUST be U.S. citizens! His father was a Kenyan and a British subject.

    Most of the made-up stuff in this column isn't very funny, but this one is!

    Roberto - it's only funny because the writer actually thinks he's committing parody when in reality he's closer to the truth than he knows...lol. Funny indeed!

    at least one other story in this section is REAL(I did the research to verify)

    this story also appears to be real

    Obama was considering speaking at the High Tech High(which is a real school)

    also Rishika Daryanani is a REAL person who works at High Tech High so I don't think she could be quoted like that about the BC if it wasn't real

    this reporter needs a kick in the balls for mixing fake and real news together though

    especially with something this important...

    What Stupaod! You mean smart High Tech High school kids, using equipment, tools and critical thinking skills examined the birth certificate document and concluded it was a photo shopped fake?

    Why sir for you to even suggest such a thing leads me to conclude you are either(a) a right wing nut job (b) a racist (c) a Tea Party member. Hell maybe you're all three! Such blasphemy!

    Lol...this story is obviously parody, but not so far from the truth. I wouldn't start calling people names and throwing insults unless you are VERY sure what you are saying.

    I hope certainly hope that whoever is grading this "student report" is more competent than these students... because as far as a technical analysis goes, it's failing work.

    For example, one only needs to go into the PDF meta data (object IDs 36 0, 33 0, and 1 0) to see that it was created using Apple Preview on a Mac OS X 10.6.7 system. The PDF encoder was "Mac OS X 10.6.7 Quartz PDFContext" (that's the back-end system library on a Mac).

    Certainly the whiz-kids at "High Tech High" bothered to check that out. You think?

    For the non whiz-kids, what does all that mean? It means not only was this NOT Photoshopped, no Adobe front-end application to include Illustrator ever TOUCHED the file. It is just an ordinary scan into a PDF... "layers" and all.

    If they had bothered to analyze the first birth certificate that Trump "released" they'd have seen the exact same things.

    It's not a forgery. It's the real deal.

    @HistorianDude - you start with facts then begin making assumptions which make your final conclusion patently false. The final PDF was indeed created using Quartz PDFContext executed within Mac Preview via the 'Print to PDF' option. However, to say that rules out any previous editing in an Adobe product is false and based on an assumption that you haven't bothered checking. I can state for 100% fact that this document could still have been edited by any number of applications in any number of ways before it was finally converted to PDF in the manner mentioned above. In fact, I have created a layered Adobe Illustrator file to test this very idea. I saved it as a native .AI file and then simply opened it in Preview and converted to PDF via Quartz PDFContext. All references to the application that built it, Adobe Illustrator, are removed and the code format is identical to that of the PDF released by the WH. The final code does not prove either way whether this document was forged. In fact, it proves that it still could have been.

    The "patriots" alleging that the PDF file must contain a fake ignore the fact that the actual paper document has a well-documented chain of custody that goes from the White House to the Hawaii Department of Health and back again. The Dept. of Health director, Loretta Fuddy, has stated, in writing, that she personally saw the original document and witnessed it being copied. There are letters between the White House and the Department of Health laying out how an exception was made that allowed President Obama to receive copies of his original birth record. Isn't it, on the face of it, just stupid to say that the PDF copy of the document is fake, when there's such a well proven provenance for the actual hard copy document?

    Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/05/10/2864205/commentary-media-needs-to-ignore.html#ixzz1MFbwGGfq

    Sorry katahdin, but you could not be more wrong if your trying to sell bacon sandwiches in Tehran.

    No human forger would create those layers. From the perspective of a forgery, they are idiotic. What HUMAN forger would (for example) extract a PIECE of a single cursive letter from a signature and put it in a different layer? What HUMAN forger would create two out of the 8 monochrome bitmasks and fill them with meaningless blobs and squiggles? What HUMAN forger would put Barack Obama's entire name in one layer... except for a single "R" in a different one?

    No... these are non-intelligent compression algorithms making those otherwise irremediable stupid choices. The document is absolutely authentic.

    Extra sorry katahdin.. that reply was not meant for you. It was meant for stupaod one post down.

    That all sounds nice katahdin...even reasonable and logical. The problem is that the HDOH has never verified that the BC which Obama released is the same one they sent him....and they have been asked that question specifically...no response. Furthermore, the belief among many of the 'birthers' is that the forgery has been inserted into the HDOH logbooks. If that is the case, any validation that what we see is the 'real' document is meaningless. We need to forensically examine the orginal to put this issue to bed.

    sorry HistorianDude

    that sounds all nice and technical

    but those layers are only created like that when HUMAN editing is involved

    even when layers are made due to OCR scanning you get MANY, MANY layers which are very hard to differentiate from one another visually

    it doesn't matter though because OCR was NOT enabled for this document...its recognized as a single object(there would be no reason to include OCR or any other kind of text recognition for this type of document, meaning no layers)

    I've seen enough walk throughs and expert analysis to know you are attempting to use big words and technical sounding jargin to appear legit

    Sorry stupaod, but you could not be more wrong if you werr trying to sell bacon sandwiches in Tehran.

    No human forger would create those layers. From the perspective of a forgery, they are idiotic. What HUMAN forger would (for example) extract a PIECE of a single cursive letter from a signature and put it in a different layer? What HUMAN forger would create two out of the 8 monochrome bitmasks and fill them with meaningless blobs and squiggles? What HUMAN forger would put Barack Obama's entire name in one layer... except for a single "R" in a different one?

    No... these are non-intelligent compression algorithms making those otherwise irremediable stupid choices. The document is absolutely authentic.

    Historian dude. aha that's using "real" critical thinking skills ! You are a genious sir! Those kids at High Tech High are just bunch of idiots. Obama should not even speak at their school, their school should be closed down,they're obvoiusly turning out a bunch of Do do birds! You sir have proved them, without question I might ad, to be just a bunch of dummies. Thank you, thank you YOU are without a doubt the very smartest guy in the room! Bravo!

    HistorianDude - I actually think that the layers might be caused by PDF optimization, however stupaod is completely correct in asserting that OCR was never run on this document. Personally, I think the layers are intentionally created to distract from other, more subtle, evidence of forgery...namely kerning and letters that are identical down to the pixel...both highly unlikely. And for you to assert that the document is ABSOLUTELY authentic based on your perceived potential debunking of ONE of the complaints against it is highly illogical. The only way ANY of us with ever know ABSOLUTELY is for the original to be submitted to forensic examination...but I'm not holding my breath.

    Natural Born Citizen is different than citizen. It means TWO U.S. citizen parents. No matter where you were born. Obummer was born a dual citizen, which is exactly what the framers wanted to avoid(hence the "Natural Born Citizen"). So, who cares about the birth certificate? Well, it is important in that it is an official document that can be used as evidence to show that Obummer's father was NOT a U.S. citizen at the time of Obummer's birth. By the way, I learned that the requirements for U.S. presidential eligibility required TWO U.S. parents in my fifth grade civics class. On top of all that, Obummer is a constitutional scholar, which means that he knows he is ineligible. Mix that with all his other stories and actions and you will find that Obummer is a first class fraud. Do your own research on these topics and you will realize that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    Just my opinion...

    An opinion shared by myself and many, many esteemed historians and Constitutional scholars.

    Obama needs Amnesty as Bad as all the Illegal Immigrants do and so does McCain !! The 2008 Election was all a Cover-up both Parties bride each other over this to stay shut up about McCain and Obama's Eligibility or Ineligibility and they are still doing it today, from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign .
    This link is the 2008 claim of McCain's ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law,

    This is why Obama is going to take up the Immigration Reform debate NOW and drive this all the way to 2012 because He needs Amnesty as Bad as the Illegals that will VOTE for him do !! We all need to get it straight as to what we are demanding Proof of , and that is the US Supreme Court NEEDS to clear up the Natural Born definition and REAL SOON , because what I see going on is a Democratic party Defining this Natural Born Claim and they are doing under the guise of a 1608 ENGLAND COMMON Law instead of Constitutional law , through the CALVIN RULE , which basically says that you only need ONE parent a Citizen at the time of BIRTH to be Natural Born in this 1868 14th Amendment ruling.


    This guy just recently came out this Wikipedia link at the same time he wrote the CNN article about his further findings on Obama and McCain I think because of the Birther Issue thats been ramping up . We the People Need to Hold the Democrats and Republicans in Contempt as well for Not making McCain step down out of the race rather than allowing the campaigns to continue to run as Fraudulent as this is and when their own law professor was the One who exposed the ineligibility of McCain in the first place AFTER the SENATE ratified McCain 2 1/2 months earlier with Senate resolution Bill 511 , ! I am telling you this is a MESS of a cover-up by BOTH political parties and the Media is silent too , and needs to be speaking up and asking this Law Professor if he's wrong or if he right because its McCain's and the republicans fraud and conspiracy if he's right ,and its Obama's Fraud of ineligibility if he wrong , but either way they all conspired to cover this all UP and it needs to come out !!

    THEY are NOT representing the RIGHTS of we the people and both parties are in contempt with this lack of upholding their Oaths of Office under the US constitution and until the US Supreme court passes a Judgment of the Claim of natural Born either to Uphold the Article 2 section 1 clause 5 . We are Witnessing the Biggest Fraudulent operating Congress and Whitehouse in USA HISTORY !!


    @ katahdin

    the PDF has been altered by human hands

    so someone claiming they saw something isn't going to convince anybody

    don't you get it?

    the government no longer has any credibility with the majority of thinking people

    we trust the photoshop/computer experts over your eye witness testimony any day

    The actual hard copy document has been absolutely confirmed as genuine. Exactly why whould anyone materially alter the PDf? Just trying to mess with birthers?

    26."The actual hard copy document has been absolutely confirmed as genuine"

    Well that is great news! Who by the way "absolutely confirmed as qenuine" . Any one we know? Rachel Maddow maybe? Chris Mathews? The Easter Bunny? Clue us in ...please!

    You can't make this stuff up. Oh wait, maybe you can!! Buzzy

    Obama is incapable of making a decision. Anyone who tries to argue against that fact is simply avoiding the truth. We’ve had two years to prove that, right? The man cannot decide on anything himself. He waits to be told what to think. That is how he functions, if you can call it that. He’s a barely functioning 'president', and that is a big reason why Our Country is in so much trouble and he's so dangerous. His primary source of direction is Valerie Jarrett, who has no real experience with this kind of leadership. She manipulates. She schemes. She’s a product of the most radicalized section of Chicago. And the 'First Lady' is cut from the exact same cloth. And so they take this weak man, who has been told what to say and think all of his life, and they continue to do just that – tell him what to think and say. But that’s where things are falling apart – Valerie Jarrett doesn’t really understand national politics, or international leadership – most people don’t. So the messaging that comes from the 'president' is uncertain because it’s Jarrett’s uncertainty we are seeing. Jarrett understands some of what is going on in the country, but Obama understands none of it, and so between the two of them, we get this idiot 'president' who is almost completely detached from the responsibilities of being President of the United States. Take away the canned political speech, take away the like minded crowds of supporters, and Obama is completely lost. He has been running away from the job of president since day one. Does anyone really believe that isn’t true anymore?

    Read more: http://newsflavor.com/politics/us-politics/white-house-insider-obama-understands-none-of-it/#ixzz1M0iq58aw

    What a pile of nonsense. President Obama had no problem making the difficult and risky decision to take out OBL.

    Man, THAT didn't take long to destroy.....first sentence, no less! "Obama is incapable of making a decision." Tell that to Osama. Your timing needs work.


    You can find an actual judge's opinion about why President Obama is, in fact, a natural born citizen in the decision of the Indiana court of appeals in Ankeny v. Daniels here:


    I trust Judge Brown more than I do you.

    Also, given the numerous lies and factually incorrect statements that birthers have been responsible for to date (including the egregiously naive analysis discussed in this article), I think that the credibility of the State of Hawai'i (which links to the pdf as an image of President Obama's birth certificate on their website) far exceeds that of a bunch of couch-potato pseudo-experts that don't even know the first thing about the suite of techniques used to compress images into pdfs who are decrying artifacts that are clearly the result of a computer algorithm as some sort of evidence of (presumably malevolent) human tampering. A good discussion of the 'layers' can be found here:


    Further debunking of most (if not all) birther lies can be found here:


    By the way, it seems that the president wasn't disinvited - he simply chose another of the finalist high schools (a decision justified by this article).


    3 Professionals agree that the document has been altered:


    and a spelling error in the stamp amongst other things:

    The stamp, affixed April 25, 2011, says "TXE RECORD."

    Yet, on a copy of a Hawaii long-form birth certificate issued only one month earlier, the stamp says "THE RECORD."


    the article you provided as evidence has been written by a nobody apparently(since he does not give his real name or profession)


    so lets recount:

    3 identifiable professionals with specific credentials and you have someone blowing hot air on some random blog


    3 professionals with irrelevant credentials who have done an egregiously bad job of analysis vs. an anonymous article which points out the flaws in that analysis. Everyone should look at both and decide for themselves which arguments have more merit, not just succumb to your fallacious appeal to authority. As for WorldNetDaily - their long history of lying is well documented. All Corsi and Farah care about at this point is trying to prop up the collapsing sales of Corsi's book...

    ok well then lets look at this:

    this video CLEARLY shows that optimization DOES NOT create anywhere near the same type of layers found in the document so unless you can reproduce the effects found in the BC done by a PC(or Mac) in a video then all you have is hot air as far as I'm concerned

    your article attempts to explain how the layers are made that way by the PC and yet we can see here with our own eyes that the PC DOES NOT make the same type of layers

    so now you need to find a video of someone with a MAC recreating the effect in the BC or you have nothing...period...

    a long winded explanation is not enough, you must show a recreation

    this is basic when it comes to the production of evidence


    Nice try. You fool no one. A judge's refusal to hear a case or his opinion, does not matter. Every case challenging Obummer's eligibility has been dismissed based on MERIT. This means nothing. Also, there have been no less than 4 Supreme court cases reaffirming what a Natural Born Citizen is. A Natural Born Citizen of the United States is born from TWO U.S. citizen. A dual citizen can never hold the office of president of the U.S. In any case statutory law has nothing to do with Natural Law. The 14th amendment is sometimes used to say what a NBC is, but that is statutory as well. Until a DIRECT amendment is added to our constitution to change the NBC clause, it will remain so.

    Yes, every single eligibility case that has been brought has been found to have no merit. Furthermore, several of them have been so frivolous that the attorneys filing the cases have been reprimanded or sanctioned. Again, I'm going with the Judge Brown who (like every other judge in the country including those on the SCOTUS) knows that President Obama is a natural born citizen. The SCOTUS upheld the lower court ruling that said Wong Kim Ark was a citizen from birth - the opposition said that a SCOTUS ruling in Mr. Wong's favor would allow him to run for president. The SCOTUS agreed - and ruled in Mr. Wong's favor. Wong Kim Ark was as much a citizen as the natural born child of citizen parents - and so is President Obama.

    A Natural Born Citizen of the United States is born from TWO U.S. citizen

    LOL......you're a nut.

    Anyone born within the borders of the united states or it's territories is a US citizen. Matters not who the citizen is "born from".

    That is so well established law that anyone who says otherwise is koo-koo for coco puffs.

    we are talking about the students using their equipment, tools and critical thinking skills to examine the birth certificate in hopes of discrediting those "right wing nut jobs" that think it may possibley be a fake and concluding ,lo and behold, that it is a fake . So it's really quite simple. What was their conclusion? They concluded it was a fake, ergo they must be (A) right wing nut jobs (b) racist birthers (c) or Tea Party activists PRETENDING to be students,AHA! . Because it could not be a fake, never in a million years could it ba a photo shopped fake ,never ,never, never ,because...............(fill in your own reason) Here's some possible reasons it can't be a fake (a) Obama says so (b) Obama says so or my favorite (c) Obama says so.

    Pick the one "your" critical thinking skills leads you to .

    To the kids of High Tech High: sorry the birthers are such egregious asses.You really can't joke with them. It's like using irony on a dog. They just don't get it. Hope President Obama comes to speak at your commencement. It sounds like you guys rock.

    Obama has already declined(or they Rescinded the Invitation)

    maybe you should do some actual research before commenting?

    and maybe you should provide the evidence that this is fake?

    since the details match up and other stories in this column are real

    Under Barack Obama life is becoming a blinding fog.

    Americans see their legendary liberty, prosperity and sovereignty evaporating into the mist of an advancing new global order where we are being intentionally diminished in every conceivable way.

    Realizing they're being deceived and misled, they're doing two things simultaneously: Preparing themselves and their families for hard times, and organizing and working as diligently as possible to save their troubled country.

    America as it has long been known and loved – is disintegrating. It is becoming a more lawless place, one where the old rules, the old standards, values, understandings and laws no longer hold sway. And it starts at the top.

    Obama contemptuously tramples the supreme law of the land, which he has publicly condemned as "fundamentally flawed":

    Obama's Justice Department, under Attorney General Eric Holder, refused to prosecute the most brazen case of voter intimidation in modern history, starring club-wielding New Black Panther thugs.

    Not only is Team Obama unconcerned with stopping the tidal wave of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. from Mexico, but when one state, Arizona, passed a law to enforce federal immigration laws, Obama's Justice Department sued Arizona to halt the enforcement.

    An overwhelming majority of Oklahomans, 70 percent, voted in November to exclude Shariah law – the barbaric 7th century legal system that amputates limbs of shoplifters, stones women to death for adultery and burns homosexuals alive – But then one judge overturned the law, leaving the door open to become a guiding principle in an American courtroom.

    With such contempt for the rule of law at the top, no wonder leftists around the country are becoming increasingly and openly lawless.
    Respect for law is breaking down in America.

    Those on the hard left, encouraged by our radical-in-chief, are increasingly rising up and revealing themselves as the lawless revolutionary ground troops they truly are. ACORN is back and the unions are just getting warmed up.

    Now that we're heading into the 2012 presidential election cycle, be warned: Obama and his people will do whatever they possibly can – legal or illegal, moral or immoral – to win the 2012 election. Remember that community organizing guru Saul Alinsky, whose teachings Obama said were 'seared into my brain' and provided 'the best education I ever had,' taught that it's perfectly fine to violate your own 'individual conscience' – in other words, to lie, steal and cheat – in order to accomplish what is 'good for mankind.'"

    We're now in the midst of a civil war between two Americas – between traditional middle-class, hard-working, Judeo-Christian America and the angry, deluded, redistributionist, utopian left. Only one side can prevail.

    So, be prepared fight the good fight to restore our culture, economy and constitutional government. The lawlessness on the left is only going to increase."

    The divisiveness, invective, senseless provocation, and outright lies that you and your "ilk" spread incessantly concern me much more than any outside terrorists, because you (and your "ilk") are attempting to destroy us from within. Admit it, it's ALL about suffering a non-white in the Oval Office. I'll wager that your PC is full of forwarded racist "jokes". Take your "good fight" and shove off.

    Actually, there was a very good investigation into this birth certificate. If you look at Box 4 (twin or triplet question), you will see three check boxes. The first and second check boxes have the EXACT SAME pixel placement. As if one was copied onto the other. In Box 3 the Twin check box and in Box 7g the Yes check box are also duplicates of each other.

    On the top of the form, the number 151 shows that both 1s are exact pixel duplicates as well. As are the As in Hawaii, and the last E in Department and the E in Health. Other letters are also pixel duplicates.

    The only way you get that duplication is if a human copied and pasted those items. No scanner would do that.

    So, tell me again how this is NOT a forgery? And remember, it's not like the Dan Rather lie -- "the document is forged but it contains truthful information." A forged document always contains false information. (I don't include forgeries of say the Declaration of Independence or similar items since that would be artwork.) If even one item on any document is proven to be fake, the entire document is brought into question. Courts have ruled continuously that "fraud vitiates everything."

    Get with the program liberals! Obama is a fraud. Deal with it.

    The birth certificate does not matter. It never did. That issue is a red herring. Barack Hussein Obama is not, nor can he ever be a Natural Born Citizen.

    Maybe if you twirl rapidly under a full moon while chanting that, it will become true.

    The US Constitution, US law, and the courts say different. The idea that any child born in the US can grow up to be the president is a fundamental American value - or didn't you ever learn what it means to be an American?

    we knew we had the equipment, the training, and the critical thinking skills required to do just that.” So let's examine those "Critical thinking skills" . "right wing nut jobs" suspect the document is a fake, you examine the document using your equipment, training and critical thinking skills and conculde "it is a fake" or acutually "sort of fake" (must be like sort of pregnant) . And now you disappointed because the truth is not what you hoped for. And all those "right wing nut jobs" you make fun of and marginalize with ridicule are actually (oh my)right. And you, armed with your blind unquestioning faith , (and famed critical thinking skills) have been lied to by your leader. Are you angry? no! your only disappointment appears directed at the group that spoke the truth. So in conclusion "the truth" is your greatest disappointment and cause for angst. So logically for things to work out the way you would like you should just go through life IGNORING the truth, you'll be much happier. May I suggest a career in the news media.

    Our commitment to ethics really sets us apart at High Tech High,” says fellow senior and commencement ceremony chair Rishika Daryanani. “This case is no exception. Thanks to these two jerkfaces, now we have to disinvite America’s first black president and maybe get him kicked out of office, too. Thanks a lot, guys. Maybe we can get Donald Trump to fill in.”

    This about sums up the sutdents "critical thinking skills" The "ethics" are such that anyone "speaking or seeking the truth" are now labeled "jerk faces"(what happened to right wing nut jobes?). The nerve of those two sutdents; How dare they inject grown up reality into our make-belive fantasy world. Darn,darn darn. "In a nation of lies, the TRUTH is often treason" Apparently none more so then at High Tech High ,a very ethical place.

    It seems quite simple to me. All you debunkers have to do is produce a video of a recreation

    So that means you will have to locate the software or the hardware or both that is capable of recreating the type of layers seen in the BC and make a quick simple video easily debunking us by showing us the same type of layers with the same differences produced by an optimization(or whatever it may be called in that particular software)

    simple, easy...

    if you cannot reproduce the effects seen in the BC then there is no explanation and no excuse that will mean or prove anything...

    show us with our own eyes that a computer created those layers

    If you cannot do this then I will consider your explanation refuted(and so will many others)

    so the onus of proof is now on you..GET BUSY!

    Class today's lesson is .....

    " Don't peek behind the curtian if you don't want to view the truth"

    Dorothy and Todo :Kansas

    Here's the story in a nut shell . High Tech High is in the running for President Obama to speak at their school. High Tech High students are "smart kids" and they decide to use their high teck skills to debunk the notion that the White House's recently released Obama's Hawiian bith certificate is a fake.

    High Tech High's smart kids examine it and conclude that, lo and behold, it is fact a fake.

    High Tech High kids are disappointed in their findings.

    National press ingores the story, move along, nothing to see here, go about your business.

    Nation concludes Donald Trump is still a jerk.

    Business as usual.

    Now you're up to speed.

    "The story in a nutshell"? You serious? You may be blinded by fear and anger. This story cant be true. You would have heard it more places. And it says "almost factual." I think that is a hint. Not saying I believe the document is fake or real - face it that we will never know. A suggestion - go do something productive to society after you shoot me down. You and everyone else is spinning their wheels on this story. No side will ever bring a point that will convince the other side that they are wrong. You want to talk conspiracy - have you ever thought that both the Dems and Repubs in power want us spinning wheels on go nowhere issues? Could be that is how they maintain their power - we will never know. All your energy could be going toward making a third party to fix our mess - OUR mess. Hate and fear drives away those who could help us. With respect...

    A real person who works at High Tech High is quoted in the article so if its not true(no evidence of that thus far) then she might be able to sue.

    There is at least one other article in this section that IS real(did the research to confirm)

    So are simply making assumptions about the articles validity and we won't know until we get a statement from High Tech High, or this story is retracted

    "This story can't be true. You would have heard it more places" Really that's your argument? Where do you expect those "more places would be"? Would we have heard about it on NBC, ABC, CBS maybe NPR? Just curious; Which "news" outlet would report this story? In your opinion. Because my opinion is none of them will.

    It's quite simple really, either these kids,using their "equipment, skills and critical thinking training " examined the document or they did not. And if they did what were their conclusions?

    Your contention is what?

    1.They did not examine the document? 2.They examined it and found it to be genuine?
    3 There is no school called High Tech High.

    Which number is it? In your opinion. Just curious.

    What a wake up call for those liberal indoctrinated students! Sad! Also, at that time the Birth Certificate WAS NOT signed and dated the day of the birth. It was signed by the doctors and hospital administrator and sent to Department of Registrars (sp) and sent to the parents address within 2 to 3 weeks of the birth and remember "Stanley Ann was in WA within 10 days of the birth. BC's ALWAYS came in the mail. Those at the WH who phonied up this BC are really, really, stupid and rely on the media to lie and coverup for them.

    Is this a joke article? I searched Social Security's Master Death Index and found no such death recorded with them in 1961:


    Some "good buddy" you turn out to be, Split.....my regular nom de plume is johnny bigrig - owner/operator KW 4 & 1/4 kitty cat 15 speed, "brother". Try to remember, we're all in this thing together.

    I don't know what is more disturbing: the fact that Obama pays over $1M to keep his b/c hidden, and then releases a poorly-forged fake, or, that some wise-ass kids at a local high school deem the majority of Americans who want to know who the hell their President is, as, "crazies."

    I'm sure that in their brief, omniscient and liberal lives, these eggheads think they know everything; but, as they discovered by applying just a little intellectual curiosity and investigation, they don't.

    I will give the kids this, though: At least they made the effort to investigate Obama. Which is far more than the Liberal Propaganda Machine in the media has ever done.

    Now, perhaps, these high schoolers may realize that the true crazies are those who blindly follow Charismatic Leaders who hide their past.

    Correction: they did not make an affort to investigate Obama, they made an effort to discredit those that suspect the proported Hawiian birth certificate (often referred to by them as "right wing nut jobs")is a fake. After all anyone who suggests that the new bith certificate that hasn't been released in over two years, that could not be found by the Governor of Hawaii, that we were told couldn't be released even by Obama himself, any one who would even dare question it's authenticity , must of course be (a) a right wing nut job (b) a racist (c)or a crazy person.

    So the students using their equipment, skills and powers of critical thinking examined the document. Low and behold a peek behind the curtian revealed that the wizard of oz was "sort of a fake" to use their own words.

    Oh darn no happy ending for the fairy tale, just the harsh grown up truth: the birth certificate is a photo shopped fake. wow imagine that?

    I stand corrected. They investigated the fraudulent document only because they believed they are intellectually-superior and "sane."

    I don't consider myself a "birther" but a truth seeker and I jump from topic to topic where I see fit

    that outta the way

    any birthers trying to make the point that this is fake need to stop stating that the fact that it has layers is proof its fake cause its not

    and IMO it would be better to leave the graphical anomalies alone for the most part and leave that to the experts

    if I were you, I would focus on the NUMBER of layers and what visual information is contained in each of those layers

    from what I have seen thus far, the layers a computer creates from an optimization are COMPLETELY different from the type of layers in the BC. For one thing, there are MANY more layers created from an optimization and those layers contain very different data from the layers in the BC

    so whenever you find yourself in debate try to get the "debunker" to produce REAL evidence(not just fancy technical jargon) that a computer is capable of producing an identical AMOUNT of layers with very similar visual information in each of those layers

    that is the key IMO at this point in time

    so called debunkers have ignored the fact that the layers are completely different, instead trying to use the fact that the computer can create layers at all in an optimization as proof and its not...this indicates a deceptive tendency within the debunkers methods, who apparently cares more about appearing right than actually being right

    A "truth seeker" oh that's funny let me quote Jack Nicholson "You can't handle the truth" and neither it seems could the students at High Tech High. Go back to your make-belive world and know that yes , those students just don't know what they're talking about and yes that document is real because after all President Obama told you so and really Stupaod, at the end of the day what more do you need than that?

    are you stupid dude?

    I have been making the case that its fake and actually providing the evidence for that through the course of these comments

    what evidence have you provided? none

    learn how to comprehend so as to not embarrass yourself in the future

    here is another good video to explain it and walk you through the process visually

    just keep in mind that an optimization creates layers as well as OCR(and there is no OCR in the BC)

    those are the 2 videos I would personally use in any debates with debunkers

    focus on the differences in the layers and demand counter evidence

    lets see if they can produce :)


    This is the real News of the Revelation. Beware: anyone else saying they're bringing it, are false christ and false prophets.

    I alone am bringing the real Message. All others lie.

    Which is that:

    The day of Obama's victory news issue, the Lottery draw was 666 on Page 2, back-to-back with his victory headline news.

    Spread this news massively, everywhere, to reach all in the world, through all media, means and methods.

    Geir Smith.

    Here are the pictures:

    Obama's victory in the front page headline news


    Page 2, with the Lottery in the lower left side


    Blow-up of the Lottery section and 666, the Mark of the Beast making Obama the Antichrist.


    This is the news of the Apocalypse.

    Thank you for reporting this. We are covering it at:


    The analysis of our own expert, "Techdude," also confirms the brave high school students' findings.

    Chuck Rogers

    Actually, Obama was born in Antarctica. I have proof, but there's no sense in linking it because the world is going to end in seven days - the rapture is upon us according to normally reliable sources. I'll be taking the next six days off to prepare for the apocalypse, drink as much tequila as I can, and hope that the art of satire is better understood in my next life. Anyone know where I can find a used, inexpensive, but reliable army-issued flame-thrower? I have a feeling I'll be needing one in about a week.

    This satire is more tongue in cheek and not very funny. I would challenge these young people to prove that the document is real - on their own. I realize "experts" have already touted its authenticity, as well as many have called it a fraud. I would think that it would make a rather good technical project. I would also think that actual entries could be verified on the certificate, in particular, the registrar. Maybe that person could be verified as have actually been employed in 1961.

    The pure courage you people have to post this bullshit shows the amount of pure hatred is in you hearts. All of this is pure satire.

    All this is a senseless argument. Presidents don't get there by themselves. Do you think the people behind Obama didn't anticipate this issue. It was trivial to them. Just a distraction for the small visioned people to haggle about while they quietly go about their agenda. Obama is being used by a group with bigger things in mind. The "Obama clan" turned the Clintons into their lap dogs. If you know the Clinton's history, they were not people to mess with. Obama has no experience at anything that qualified him to be our President. These records are public. He was groomed and pushed through by people that are using him for their purpose. Obama's birth certificate is the least of what you should worry about. If Obama gets re-elected be ready for some real eye opening events.

    This site sounds more like campaign jargon then an honest discussion among rational people. Read the guidelines under "Post a comment" Many of you spend more time mud slinging then actual mature debate.

    I was surprised Obama is running for a 2nd term. If you read between the lines in his books, which I have read, I really believe his goal is President of the United Nations. I have not researched exactly when this will open up, but I believe we will see something happen in the next couple of years toward this move.

    Or I could be totally wrong.

    The accusations posted are untrue. All of this is a lie and it is ALL Political Satire. High Tech High is known as a fairly liberal school,and I highly doubt any student would create something so untrue. I my self am obviously fairly liberal and I know that birth certificate is absolutely real. The fact that Ignorant douche bags like Mr. Trump decide to turn something so small in to some huge series of events shows the utter discrepancy in rightwing extremists.If we can just drop this bullshit,then maybe we might be recognized as a REAL America and not a fake America with lies thrown out every chance someone gets.


    Trump stated he believes the BC is fake and that his own computer expert said the same when it was released


    more information about Obama's illegitimacy as well as his links to communism and the various levels of fraud hes involved with

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