Scott Stapp’s New Creed

These days, Creed’s frontman Scott Stapp is a repentant man. “I’m on a quest right now, seeking things of a spiritual nature and really being honest with myself, in an attempt to be a better human being and husband and father.” This said perhaps in reference to a sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll tabloid past he’d prefer not to discuss. Stapp’s reunion tour last year with Creed was a success, but this time around he’s going it unplugged. It’s just him and an acoustic guitar performing Creed arena classics and new material. Stapp says by phone from his home in Florida that working without the big amplifiers allows him to “give a dynamic vocal performance that can go from a whisper to the full range.”

Stapp says playing acoustic is not only making a better singer out of him. “It’s causing me to write songs live, from the energy and the vibe and spirit of a particular audience on some nights.” Stapp was never one to spare any emotion on the big stage, but solo is a different animal, and I ask if the new openness is difficult.

“It’s a journey, actually, of self discovery, of coming to grips with the ego, the id, of your being, the good and the bad, the heaven and the hell.” He calls rock and roll an ego machine and says the whole experience has been an emotional rollercoaster. “It’s been painful at times. I’ve slipped into some dark places. And I’m really gonna talk about this in my book. It’ll be out next year. The working title of it is Exposed and Released: The Confessions of Scott Stapp. I’m gonna bare my soul in that book.”

SCOTT STAPP: Sycuan Casino, Sunday, April 3, 7 pm. 619-445-6002. $45, $55.

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