Carpenters Union Members Picket at Scripps La Jolla

On Monday afternoon, March 28, visitors and patients arriving at Scripps La Jolla Hospital were greeted at the parking entrance by two gentlemen from Carpenters Local Union 1506. The flyers they were distributing spelled out alleged misdeeds by the hospital with a final note about substandard construction wages.

Another union individual with a video camera stood about 50 yards away, focusing on his colleagues. Mr. Mirazi, the parking supervisor, said the unwanted guests had arrived 15 minutes earlier.

Parking staff began to issue parking stubs ahead of the union members, who were standing next to the automated ticket machine; parking staff instructed drivers to pass through without stopping. Some drivers chose to stop for a flyer. Soon, several security guards arrived.

When contacted, a public affairs officer said she was unaware of the situation. She asked if I could fax her a copy of the flyer. She subsequently forwarded the following statement: “The current carpenters’ labor dispute is with a subcontractor who has been hired by a construction company contracted by Scripps Health. This has nothing to do with the level of patient care we provide at Scripps.

“Scripps Health has always used and will continue to use union and non-union labor on our facilities projects. It is important to note that some labor unions, such as the Carpenters Union 1506, hold inflammatory banners and distribute this type of literature as a tactic to generate attention to their cause.

“Scripps is taking appropriate measures to minimize any disruption to our patients, visitors, and staff, and to ensure that our patients and visitors have safe, unimpeded access to our facilities.”

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Another example of a union trying to railroad a business and mislead the public.

Another example of corporate greed taking precedence over health and safety of the workers; integrity and quality of the work.

Another example of how the corporations have conned members of the public into cheering for what will ultimately lead to their own decline.

Another example of how people fail to understand the only entity in this country that represents their interests in the workplace are the unions.

Another example of how corporations attempt to use sub-contractors, who do not hire local workers; who do not require the high construction standards that union crews do; who do not care that the only jobs left for local workers are in the lower paying service sector; and who take their profits back to where they live instead of putting it back into the local economy.

Another example of how ignorance of history and economics leads to the decline of a community.

Another example of those who would be the cheerleaders in the race to the bottom.

Happy foreclosures! Maybe soon you will understand why.

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