House Burglaries in Cardiff

At about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 3, a helicopter circled above Freda Lane in Cardiff. The cars of three sheriff's deputies blocked the north side of Freda Lane; half a dozen more official vehicles were lined up on both sides of Birmingham Drive. A number of residents milled around on adjacent sidewalks — about half of them were in their pajamas.

Some of the onlookers said there has been a series of daytime burglaries in the neighborhood. It’s been theorized that in each case the thieves have waited for people to leave their homes before entering to ransack. One onlooker recalled leaving his house one day to go to Trader Joe's and returning 15 minutes later to find his valuables gone.

At the burglarized residence on March 3, the alarm had gone off, which prompted the arrival of police, who suspected someone was still in the house. The helicopter blared, "We have the house surrounded. Come out with your hands up.”

No arrests were made. The suspect vehicle was described as "a big black SUV with desert lights on top.”

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I must quibble about the use of the term "robberies" in this story. A simple dictionary definition of the term "robbery" makes two points: it is 1) the taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, and 2) against his or her will, by violence or intimidation. These were burglaries, not robberies. They may have been brazen and during daylight hours, and very upsetting to the victims, but the victims were not robbed.

Then there is the use of the term "police" and the reference to "police cars" when in fact in Encinitas the sheriff provides law enforcement. Yes, the sheriff's department is a police force, but most local residents differentiate between local, city police forces and the sheriff's department.

The writer and the headline writing editor should both brush up on their terminology.

The catch all term for cops is "peace officer", which designates they are sworn and can carry weapons.

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