San Diego Democrats Versus Drug Lords

San Diego Democrats “Set Sail for Victory” in 2012 — a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera.
  • San Diego Democrats “Set Sail for Victory” in 2012 — a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera.

Alan Bersin, President Obama’s customs and border chief, often touts the administration’s efforts to counter the danger to American tourists from Mexico’s cartel-spawned violence, and it appears that San Diego Democrats are taking him at his word. “I’m pleased to announce that our first ‘Set Sail for Victory’ cruise will depart San Diego this December 3 for a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera,” says a recent email from party chairman Jess Durfee. “Organized by the San Diego County Democratic Party, the cruise will include entertainment, excursions, informal trainings, food, a special cocktail reception, and more.… Every day will bring a wealth of activities, from informal political workshops to excursions and entertainment. For all Set Sail for Victory participants, an exclusive presentation will show how Democrats will lead the way to success in 2012!”

Stops by Holland America’s Oosterdam are to include Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas, with tickets starting at $669 a person, double occupancy. But it’s not without risks. According to the U.S. State Department’s most recent travel warning for Mexico, issued in September, “Mazatlan has experienced a recent increase in violent crime, with more murders in the first quarter of 2010 than in all of 2009.”

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The news media are not doing the job that most readers expect in regard to tourism in Mexico and its dangers. Thankfully, huge numbers of Americans are getting the message, and they are refraining from touring in that country. What that means for San Diego tourism isn't good at all. That fancy new cruise ship terminal facility may go back to being unused dock space. Why should a cruise line start cruises from San Diego unless they are cruises along the Mexican coast? Ahh, but Carnival Cruises is cutting back or eliminating its so-called Mexican Riviera cruises, and Holland America will not be far behind.

The local Democrat party is falling for its own hype. Bersin is just about the worst person to try to strengthen border security and protect US tourists in Mexico. He's a local joke and laughing stock. Tourism in Mexico was always a rather dicey proposition. Between bad roads, poor sanitation in food preparation, and crooked local cops whose main purpose was to shake down tourists passing through, any tourist was at risk. But now it is worse, with local police forces hiding under their beds, and allowing all the would-be bandits to have free reign.

Oh, those cruises managed to avoid real problems by sending the passengers on short shore excursions that were carefully designed, prepackaged, and generally lame. But now, the shore visitors are being robbed right on the waterfront. The word is out, and the gringos are deciding to stay away. It isn't as if there is nowhere else to cruise. There's a whole big world out there, and the cruise lines can take those ships to many ports of call that have never before seen such a visiting ship.

Would it not be ironic if this local Dem cruise ends up being victimized? Beware guys.

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