"The" Nervous Wreckords

“Once you stop chasing the carrot,” says Brian Karscig, “it’s too easy to sit around, get lazy, 
and take your time eating it.”
  • “Once you stop chasing the carrot,” says Brian Karscig, “it’s too easy to sit around, get lazy, and take your time eating it.”

The Nervous Wreckords started out as a production company that I had when I worked with other artists as a producer,” says singer/guitarist Brian Karscig. “As my own music started to take precedence over producing, and a band was starting to form, I figured let’s just put a ‘the’ in front of a company name that encompasses everything creative and all of the nervous wrecks — myself included — who are involved in the music.”

It was 2009, and Karscig’s previous band, Louis XIV, had just announced an extended hiatus. “You can’t let yourself put limits on creativity, nor the hunt to find something new expressively. As a songwriter, I always chase that high I had when I was 13 and wrote my first completed song. As a band, I think it’s important to constantly chase that carrot, no matter how far or fortunate any of us have been in our careers thus far. Once you stop chasing the carrot, it’s too easy to sit around, get lazy, and take your time eating it.”

The group is currently a trio, with Karscig alongside guitarist Lindsay Matheson (Roses on Her Grave) and bassist Cindy Cate (Fono). “The other two members, keys and drums, have changed hands five times so far since we’ve been a band, so we usually fill in the gaps with different talented friends to complete the live shows.”

The Nervous Wreckords appear Saturday, July 2 at Bar Pink.



1) The Strokes, Angles

2) Morrissey, Bona Drag

3) Freddie King, Are You Ready

4) David Bowie, Hunky Dory


1) U2, Joshua Tree. “One of my go-to classics.”

2) Bonnie Raitt, Takin’ My Time. “She’s amazing, and this is my favorite album of hers.”

3) Various artists, A Tribute to Leadbelly. “His songs are haunting.”

4) The Bangles, Different Light. “Who doesn’t love an all-girl band that rocks?”


1) XX, self-titled. “Because it never gets old.”

2) Discovery, self-titled. “It’s a refreshing take on pop music that pushes limits creatively.”

3) The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead. “My first love.”


Karscig: “I jumped offstage with my old band in Memphis, Tennessee, during a guitar solo, and I herniated a disc in my lower back when I landed.”


Karscig: “Monday. Easy to get a seat in a bar.”

Matheson: “Sunday. It’s the only day I don’t feel guilty about doing nothing all day.”

Cate: “Wednesday is hump day.”


Karscig: “Probably 1975) There were so many bands that I look up to that I wish I could’ve seen.”

Cate: “1980, when Apple went public, so I could invest and come back to 2011 and retire with a handful of my besties.”


Karscig: “Kool and the Gang backed by the San Diego Symphony was pretty epic.”

Matheson: “When I was a little girl, my biggest idol was Billy Duffy, the guitarist in the Cult. He was one of the biggest reasons I picked up a guitar. I saw them play at HOB a while ago, and it was kinda euphoric for me. I also managed to steal a kiss from Billy after the show!”

Cate: “Radiohead at the Embarcadero a few years back. Cool ocean breeze, drink in hand, and amazing music.”


Karscig: “I’m 27.”

Cate: “It’s the perfect size, because I’m little.”


Karscig: “At Henry’s [grocery store], but I just had to try more than one of the sesame-seed-covered cashews in the bulk bin.”

Cate: “By some construction guys on the street. I can’t imagine why.”


Karscig: “Everclear and fruit-punch Gatorade at my girlfriend’s 16th birthday party. My friend’s older sister brought it back from Texas, where I guess it was legal.”

Matheson: “I stole some gin from my parents’ liquor cabinet and, being the smooth teenager I was, filled it back up with water. I then proceeded to drink it with orange juice. I threw up the entire night afterwards.”■

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Outtakes: WHO IN YOUR FAMILY DO YOU TAKE AFTER? Karscig: “My dad, because I’m pretty laid back.”

Matheson: “My dad. I’m pretty reserved and quiet for the most part, but put a drink in me and I’m everyone’s best friend.”

Cate: “My mother has a wonderful sense of humor, so I would like to believe it’s her.”

EVER BEEN FIRED? Karscig: “I worked at a really nice French restaurant when I was seventeen, and I asked for my eighteenth birthday off, two weeks in advance. I remember coming in to look at the schedule two days before my birthday, and I was scheduled. I confronted my French a-hole of a boss about it…he said ‘if you don’t show up to work, don’t ever come back.’ That was the last day I saw him.”

Matheson: “I worked at this jewelry store for a month. One day, a couple of necklaces got stolen, and the manager accused me of stealing them. I got pissed and told her off, so she fired me.”

IN YOUR WILL, WHO GETS YOUR COOLEST STUFF? Karscig: “I can’t list, because I don’t want people who read this to rob me.”

Matheson: “Probably my niece and nephew, Gabrielle and Bourne. I don’t really have much stuff, but I guess they’d get all my music gear and my record collection.”

Cate: “My twin sis always has first dibs on anything, however I don’t think she really wants my prized Depth Charge bass pedal.”

WHAT REMAINS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Karscig: “Visit Thailand.”

Matheson: “I’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam.”

Cate: “Pretty much everything that The Most Interesting Man in the World has already done.”

FEARS OR PHOBIAS? Karscig: “Movies with Kevin Costner.”

Matheson: “I have a huge claustrophobia issue.”

Cate: “Missing the last few minutes of my favorite shows because the DVR cut off early.”

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU? Karscig: “I have the same birthday as Beethoven.”

Matheson: “I played Division 1 college soccer.”

Cate: “I like to eat my Skittles in order from my least favorite to most. I’m a ‘Save the best for last’ kind of gal.”

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