Neon Trees Light Up San Diego County Fair

If there were a roof over the Heineken grandstand stage at the San Diego County Fair, Neon Trees would have blown it off.

Starting the show with fan favorite "Sins Of My Youth," singer Tyler Glenn got everyone chanting the lyric "I've got these habits that I cannot break." The set list escalated from "Love and Affection" to the band's first hit single, "Animal."

Among other catchy tunes, such as "1983" and a dark song called "Attraction" from their EP, they got everyone snapping during the upbeat and seductive "In The Next Room." The Trees pleased the crowd by playing two bonus tracks called "Helpless" and "Farther Down" from their most recent album, Habits.

The energy Glenn put into his live performance was insane; he was all over the stage, showcasing some unique dance moves that made him rip a hole in the knee of his pants by the time the set was over. Glenn never seemed to run out of energy, and the band's sound was album quality.

After the set, the crowd cheered them back onstage for a two-song encore, finishing with their most recent single, "Your Surrender."

  • Concert: Neon Trees
  • Date: June 22
  • Venue: San Diego County Fair
  • Seats: General admission floor

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The band has a great sound! Too bad they're not coming anywhere near Michigan!

Great concert review. Amber is definitely a talented writer with a lot to share with her readers. I look forward to reading a lot of her work in your papers. Amber definitely makes me want to attend the concerts she reviews. Great work! Amy d.

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