Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Re “I Want Love Now” by Heather Augello (Cover Story, June 9). No matter what you do, you can never make everyone happy! All you can hope to do is do your job to the best of your ability and hope that some jerk doesn’t get you fired for not finding love. I used to work at an Arco, and customers can be horrible. I’ve had money thrown at me and then they’d walk away. One customer blamed me for giving her gas away when it was her fault for giving me the wrong pump number. People would give me attitude. If I was nice to them — attitude. If I was too slow — hell; even if I was too fast. With people, you just can’t win!

Kimberly Koch
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The article “I Want Love Now” (Cover Story, June 9) by Heather Augello typifies much of today’s attitudes in society. The “I want it yesterday” notion that everything should be readily available to me whenever I want it seems to encompass material goods, education, and relationships. Ever notice how many good-paying, rewarding careers can be obtained in just a few short months or weeks and even online, without even leaving your home? Only then can you get all the things you’ve ever wanted, including love! But, wait…if you call now, we’ll include…

Allen Stanko
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Bare Barbies

This is a concerned reader of the Reader. I’m looking at the cover here (June 9), and I really think it’s inappropriate, especially for a child’s view. It looks like we have three Barbies that have no tops on them, like they’re sunbathing or something. My child did bring it to my attention. Somebody’s a real brainiac on this one.

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Patience, Grace, Mercy

I just read the column on Evelyn Irving-Jackson, a woman I never met (“There Is No Black San Diego,” Feature Story, June 9). However, I thank God for the work that she is doing. You really need to have the love of God to do the work she is doing. It takes patience, grace, and mercy. You have to walk in the love of God because we are human, and it can only take us so far. We need to have someone higher than us. She is a blessing, and my prayer for her and her husband is that God will give them both the desires of their heart. Evelyn, if you should see this little note, I want you to know that you are always in my heart. Keep doing the work that God has given you.

Dorris Johnson
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Middle Chef

I’d like to respond to Ms. Wise’s review of Frank Terzoli’s restaurant (June 9). Her comment “Local-born chef Frankie ‘The Bull’ Terzoli won a TV chef contest (Bravo’s Top Chef)” is very misleading. It implies he won top chef. He didn’t. He may have won one elimination challenge, but he was sent home halfway through the season. Also, the tagline under the picture says “Top Chef–winning.” Again, misleading at best and dead wrong at worst. I hope a correction will be printed.

Mike Hamm

Just A Little Higher

Joe Deegan’s “It Was Scary Up There” (“City Lights,” June 2) was a very good article. I lost my son off the bridge in 1994. I tried to get them to put some kind of a fence or little barrier up. When Deegan quoted the Caltrans fact sheet — that the wall on the bridge is only three feet high — that was very good of him to do that. It’s the only bridge in California that doesn’t have some kind of a little fence or something. There is a bridge in Pasadena. It was called Suicide Bridge, but after multiple suicides, the city put up a barrier. Suicides are rare there now. Even a two-foot railing on the Coronado bridge would give a person time to rethink jumping and get help.

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