Slightly Stoopid and Ocean Beach

Slightly Stoopid says the band is a master of the “stealth groove.” That’s when you sneak a melodic hook or two into a long-winded jam. Otherwise, the laid-back Jack Johnson imprint abides. More skatepunk in their early days, Slightly Stoopid has grown a dub bottom over the years and matured into a weedy mix of reggae, hip-hop, and funk. Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald started what would eventually become Slightly Stoopid a little before 1995 (Doughty isn’t sure of the exact date) while attending Point Loma High School. Sublime’s Bradley Nowell signed them to his label and released their first two CDs, but their success was really mom-powered.

“Me and Kyle’s dad and my mom and a few other people had seen Sublime play at Dream Street. This might have been ’93? I was 16. And, somehow, my mom got Brad and Miguel [Michael Happoldt, of Sublime] to come back to our house the next day. We started jamming. From there, they kind of took us under their wing and brought us into, like, the Skunk Records family, which was pretty rad.”

While we talk, Doughty’s driving to Toys R Us with his two-year-old daughter. He and his wife still live in the O.B. area. “I have a song called ‘Nico’s’ — that’s my favorite breakfast spot and Mexican-food place. It’s on Newport Avenue. I pretty much grew up in that spot.” He laughs. “We’re lucky to still be in this dope little community, O.B. and Point Loma. Once you grow up here, you don’t want to be anywhere else.” Stoopidheads have gone without a new CD since 2008, the same year the band began headlining their own arena tours. Good news: Doughty says they’ll finish recording new material after the summer tour.

Rebelution and Shwayze also perform.

SLIGHTLY STOOPID: Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Saturday, July 30, 7:30 p.m. 619-671-3600.

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