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Kudos to Susan Luzzaro on her article (City Lights: “How Did We Get in This Mess?” July 21). It is probably worth peeling the onion one or two more layers when it comes to the decisions made by board members who hire family members to very lucrative positions which support their own.

Landscape and plant eco friendly on the lot and leave the space open.

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Re: “Ed’s Best Patio: And the Winner is...”.

No irony, Lou & Mickeys is not from Chicago, but is owned by two SoCal cousins, Jeff and Sam King. Lou was Jeff’s dad, and Mickey is Sam’s dad. They also own King’s Fish House, Water Grill in Los Angeles, 555 in Long Beach, and others.

I would have commented on the blog [online], but I don’t want to establish an account, thank you.

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The July 15th cover story (“Where Do They Go When the Races Are Over?”) incorrectly stated that two thoroughbred facilities, E.A. Ranches and Golden Eagle Farm, had “folded.” Both ranches remain fully operational.

The story incorrectly stated that Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue has 80 horses in its care, a dozen of which are thoroughbreds. Karen Groebli, director of the rescue, wrote in an email to the editor, “We currently care for close to 40 horses, almost 3/4 of those are off-track thoroughbreds.”

The errors have been corrected in the online version at sandiegoreader.com.

Beach Blanket Money

Re: Under the Radar: “Gifts from Political Gods,” July 21

These days Darrell Issa is flexing his muscles like Congressman Weiner on Facebook. He’s calling for major cuts to the post office. Where were these big deficit concerns when George W. Bush was slashing his taxes? Why did he only complain about the deficit when Bush left office? Where was this cost-cutting when he gave his banking buddies a $700 billion bailout?

I earn $22 an hour. Darrell Issa earns $22 a minute in interest income on his $200 million fortune. While I’m walking up and down hills with 20 pounds of mail in my shoulder bag, he’s sitting at the ocean counting his money. Do you believe Darrell Issa represents working men and women? Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

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Pink Fun, Catchy Tunes

Thanks for the great article on the band Pink Army (“San Diego’s Pink Army,” July 20). My kids have been following them for a year now, and have all their songs. In fact, the Pink Army CD is in our player now. I think even I know the lyrics at this point! Fun and catchy tunes, the girls have beautiful voices and their harmonies are wicked. Thanks again for writing the article.

The father of two Pink Army fans,

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