Crime Problem in Tijuana's Zona Centro Addressed

An increase in the number of robberies in Zona Centro — the downtown sector of Tijuana — has aroused the ire of local businessmen who believe the uptick in crime is bad for business, especially tourism.

Andrés Méndez, head of a city board that is addressing the Zona Centro problem, confirmed the increase in incidents of robbery directed at shops, vehicles, and citizens in the downtown area. He pointed out that the Zona Centro should receive the same crime-prevention attention that the outlying neighborhoods, known as colonias, receive.

“They [law enforcement] ought to channel more efforts into the Zona Centro, since it is an area that requires attention and because citizens are most affected,” said Méndez.

Cesar Escandón, president of a restaurant association named Canirac, complained that police still commit acts of extortion, despite efforts to curtail the practice.

It is hoped that the recent installation of a new office of tourism on Avenida Revolución (between Second and Third streets) will make it easier for tourists to report crime and receive tourism information.

The new tourism office is easy to find: look for the Domino’s Pizza sign on a pole 80 feet above Avenida Revolución...the office is right under it.

Source: Frontera

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One pepperoni with extra cheese and your wallet please? I don't think so.

"aroused the ire of local businessmen who believe the uptick in crime is bad for business, especially tourism."

What business? What tourism? What are they smoking down there?

Mexico is, unfortunately, down the toilet, where those on this side of the border who have caused the Mexican people such misery, did the flushing, with about as much concern (for themselves) as they do when they flush down the drugs that support the sociopath drug merchants (on both sides of the border) when narcs are near.

Everybody who "does" drugs, every comedian who makes money joking about it, every cooperator of any, has blood on their hands. Perhaps the best reason for stopping the drug war through legalization of possession of personal amounts is to deprive the dealers and manufacturers of a market. Legalization of the growing of personal amounts of marijuana and at larger scales by true non-profits might be a big step toward returning the Mexican people to a state of self-sustaining security.

Pressure on the tourist industry will translate into pressure on the drug industry, but it may not be able to do it alone. The maintenance of a state of terror in Mexico is increasingly sloshing over into the USA, and "we" are on a slippery slope to the same state of mind and culture that victimizes the Mexicans.

Unfortunately, he/she who has the most guns and ammunition prevails, but such people do not grow much past their thirties. Is it time to invoke machine-gun justice before we have to rise up with machetes?

Gee, why do they need an easy-to-find place to report crime? We are constantly told by such eminent figures as the deputy mayor of Chula Vista that TJ is completely safe. Ha, ha! It never has been very safe, and tourists have always been easy marks for street thugs and the crooked cops.

Thirty or more years ago some mayor of TJ went on a clean-up crusade and made the place safe for tourists. Then the state government appointed a special prosecutor for the protection of tourists. It doesn't sound as if those efforts had a lasting effect, does it? I find the claims of the state of Baja California to protect tourists most amusing. Years ago I was shaken down by a traffic cop almost in the shadow of the capitol complex in Mexicali. So much for real law enforcement.

Just note one thing. This nonsense has been a persistent feature of tourist travel and visits to Mexico about forever, predating these drug cartels by centuries. They are just taking a bad situation and making it far worse.

Fulano got it right, there's nothing going on in Tijuana anymore. I invite anyone that lives in the United States of America to NEVER come to Tijuana. Makes getting around town that much easier for me. And by all means, continue to spew forth completely uninformed comments about this city, the tourists tick me off greatly. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Please keep going with the drug abuse and never legalize it, makes me damned proud of my American heritage. Those Goddamned Mexicans. It's all THEIR fault.

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