Fishermen Cited at Agua Hedionda Lagoon

Three fishermen at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon were nabbed by the Department of Fish and Game for fishing violations on July 12.

Acting on a tip, wardens confronted the suspects on the banks of a swift moving channel that flows into the Carlsbad Aqua Farms portion of the lagoon.

The construction worker (who wished to remain anonymous) informed the wardens as they entered the construction site that the men had “a bunch of illegal bass.”

An attempt to contact a local game warden led to voicemail, so it is not certain what the men were charged with, but a lifeguard on duty in the lagoon observed the wardens inspecting fish and checking licenses. The lifeguard reported that the men were then escorted back to a Fish and Game vehicle, where tickets were issued, leading him to believe the men were cited for poaching. He also said the wardens inspected fish and licenses of people casting in another part of the lagoon, but they did not issue tickets.

The Department of Fish and Game offers “rewards up to $1000” for information leading to a poaching arrest. The Agua Hedionda Lagoon is a popular fishing spot for sportsmen in all types of watercraft and from the shores, but some areas are closed to public access and boating is restricted in other areas.

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Correction - The individual who tipped off the Game Wardens is a former employee of the construction company currently working on the railroad tracks. Also, the official accompanying the Wardens was not a Carlsbad police officer.

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