Dog Still Missing from 4th of July?

This black lab is one lucky dog. She was one of 20 dogs taken to the Humane Society’s facility in Oceanside in the two days after the Fourth of July weekend. Her relieved owners came to get her the same day she came in, on July 5, because the shelter’s staff was able to quickly contact them, thanks to the license on the dog’s collar.

Michelle Quigley, director of the North County campus for the Humane Society, said another dog, a pit bull, was rescued and returned to its owner the same day. Although the pit bull had no collar when he was found, he was micro-chipped and the owners were found that way.

A young honey-colored male dog (left), now nicknamed “Castle,” was brought to the shelter on July 5, but has no collar or microchip, and must wait for someone to come looking for him.

Big Barney, an older German shepherd (left), does have a microchip, but the chip doesn’t have current information registered, so Barney waits for his human to find him.

According to Alex Walters (pictured with both dogs), the Humane Society staff checks the “community lost & found” section of craigslist for people missing their animals.

Before the Fourth of July weekend, the Humane Society put out a press release just that warned: “Fireworks can be scary and stressful for your pet! Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing so the jolts, and loud noises can cause many animals to flee, looking for shelter.”

Photos by Bob Weatherston

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Collar with ID TAG is the #1 rule for dog ownership, #2 is a micro-chip.

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