Last week’s “Best Buys” column on mobile pet groomers stated incorrectly that Chad Davidson of Pawlished Paw Mobile Grooming works in the Oceanside area. Davidson is based in Coronado, and he works in communities along I-5 that are south of Oceanside.

Blog Mocks

I am writing in response to the false information that is provided to readers about the event known as SlutWalk San Diego (“Slut Walk Devolves into Rape Run,”).

In actuality, SlutWalk San Diego was an event that united survivors of sexual assault in an effort to raise awareness about ongoing violence against women. The article/blog that was published on your site is clearly satirical to San Diegans who attended the event, but for the readers that did not attend, it can be taken as a serious description of what took place at the event. Rape and sexual assault affect all of us, and the blog mocks an event where people hope to end violence against women. Is your paper trying to say that rape and sexual assault are issues that you find funny?

The article provides false quotes, and the picture the author provided seems to display a popular event known as the Undie Run, not SlutWalk. Is there any way you could post on your blog or in your paper that the article/blog is supposed to be satirical?

I don’t know if you have gotten other comments, but people are tying your paper to the false information and mockery of rape and sexual assault. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to make a statement on the matter.

Jennifer Meneray
via email

"SD on the QT" is our "Almost Factual News" column. — Editor

Better Than Barb?

To the owner of the Reader. The Reader has its good side and bad side. There is so much of just plain goofy crap. But who cares. These ads give you a pile of money. It had to be that you were just lying in bed just thinking one night about how to make money. That’s when your brain discovered the Reader.

Some of the stuff is out there in left field, plus, some articles are for the birds. I assumed that when Anne Albright left, Barbarella took her place. Based on what is written weekly, I can say, Anne Albright is a better person, bottom line.

Name Withheld

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Two letters and a correction? Slow news week? Wow.

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