Driver Threatens Driver with Putter

At 5:19 p.m. on Thursday, January 27, after coming down the southbound 163 freeway into downtown San Diego, several cars were stopped at a red light on Tenth Avenue at A Street. Suddenly, a driver got out of his white Toyota sedan clutching a golf putter and walked up to the vehicle in front of his. Once at the other driver’s door, he shook the golf club in a threatening manner. Before the light changed to green, he walked back to his car

Overtaking him in the next block so I could get another video of him in his vehicle, I found myself behind the four-door BMW sedan with Tennessee plates that had angered the club-wielding driver. Then, the Toyota abruptly turned off at the next corner and was gone.

Pulling to the side of the BMW at the next red light, with our windows rolled down, I said I’d caught some of the incident on video. Dressed in a nice shirt and tie, Jonathan, the visiting driver, explained in a soft Southern accent that he had no idea what he’d done to offend the other guy.

After offering to e-mail him the two videos I’d taken, I apologized on behalf of Southern California drivers. “We’re not all like that, threatening people with golf clubs on the road. Maybe he’s from Northern California, down here for the PGA golf tournament which is in La Jolla this week.”

Click here for video of the incident.

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Weak sauce.

Don't bring a putter to a driver fight!

What's the use of engaging in good old-fashioned road rage anymore, if some idiot is going to film you and put you all over the news?

What's the use of engaging in good old-fashioned road rage anymore, if some idiot is going to film you and put you all over the news?

============= LOL....with cell phone video capabilities no one is safe today-the police get filmed the most, and if it makes the news it is usually them having a metldown.

It reminds me, about 15 years ago actor Jack Nicholson got into a road beef and pulled out a golf club- itwas an iron or driver, no one pulls out a friggen putter- and smashed the drivers front window to smitherings.

Jack got charged with misdemeanor vadalism, but beat the rap when he paid the victim a settlement-which is technically illegal, but I guess when you're a movie star you get special treatment.

If only the attacker had used his other club...the headline could be "Driver Threatens Driver with Driver." Sigh.

Wait.....here's the scenario: Vehicle #1 is a convertible with the top down, operator of vehicle #2 grabs a driver from the bag in the back seat of vehicle #1 and threatens operator #1 with it. Just then, the traffic ahead of #1 clears and #1 takes off. Headline reads: "Driver threatens driver with own driver, then driver putts out, losing both drivers." Next?

You guys have it all wrong!

See, I have to explain that I am the man in the video.

I was just doing my job. I'm the City of San Diego Golfing Resources Education And Services Executive, appointed by Mayor Sanders and paid by CCDC redevelopment money.

My work is to drive around town in my unmarked vehicle, on the lookout for likely golfers. How do I do this? Here are some clues:

  • Luxury cars
  • Middle aged men
  • Pleasant demeanor

When I spot one of these lucky men, it's my job to jump out and tell them all about San Diego's "Golfing Really Activates Families Together" program, also known as GRAFT.

I urge them to make a donation, offering them the chance to win a new golf club. It's a win-win situation, and I'm proud to do this for the citizens of San Diego.

I regret any misunderstanding that may have occurred, and if you have been offended in any way by the GRAFT program in San Diego, you should contact the office of the Mayor of San Diego and file a formal complaint.


Hugh G. Rection City of San Diego Golfing Resources Education And Services Executive CCDC-Mayor's Office joint GRAFT Program

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