Bust at the Cove

Undercover DEA agents slipped into the Mariner's Cove apartments on West Point Loma Boulevard on Tuesday, January 25, and arrested an alleged drug dealer.

An unmarked silver van with seven DEA agents wearing bulletproof vests pulled up to the back of the property next to I-8 at noon. Agents entered a first-floor apartment and emerged with a young Hispanic man in handcuffs. His mother, who is under an eviction notice to rid her rental unit of clutter, appeared agitated and crying as her son was led away by agents.

According to a neighbor who wished to remain unidentified, "The mother brought the son over [the border] —even though he was banned from the Mariner's Cove property for illegal activity — in an effort to help her move her accumulated junk."

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They're not, SP. They are doing drugs. This classy joint houses an assortment of our humanity's underbelly. I drive by it occasionally and the people watching is fascinating.

The story was sort of unclear on why they raided the home.....I cannot recall this place off the top of my head-must check it out next time I drive by....

Apparently this guy had been there before causing trouble (dealing), and the neighbors saw him back there after he had been banned from the property and called the cops. If your name is not on the lease, landlords can prohibit tenants from hosting guests indefinitely. The tenant was most likely threatened with eviction the first go-round, when the son was dealing out of her apartment. When he came to back to so-call "help" her, the neighbors alerted someone who could intervene. Good work, neighbors!

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