The groom wore orange

Killer wedding: Convicted murderer Justin Lopez kisses his bride, Mariah Mierya Cavazos, in a jailhouse lobby.
  • Killer wedding: Convicted murderer Justin Lopez kisses his bride, Mariah Mierya Cavazos, in a jailhouse lobby.

Ball and Chain. On a Wednesday in early December, convicted murderer Justin Lopez wore an orange jumpsuit to his wedding. Lopez married his girlfriend, Mariah Mierya Cavazos, in a jail lobby in Alice. Though he is currently serving a life sentence in Huntsville, the groom was in Alice for a court hearing. The wedding took place in the early evening and lasted ten minutes. Lopez’s parents and sheriff’s officials witnessed the ceremony. After rings, a kiss, and a family picture, the groom was transported back to his cell.

Scrappy Sort. Anthony Ray Chapa has been charged with theft of human corpse/graves. Chapa allegedly hit 55 gravesites and stole 72 brass and copper vases from the Roselawn Cemetery between September and November. The 23-year-old was spotted by a witness who turned in the license plate of his Ford Taurus to authorities. Officials say Chapa received $75 to $200 per vase when he sold them for scrap metal.

Super Thrifty, Early 50s. Shoplifting duo Reymond Molina and Ramiro Rios have been linked to thefts at several Walmart stores, including those in Alice and Corpus Christi. The men, both in their early 50s, are also accused of stealing belts, boots, and other merchandise from Tractor Supply Company. “I didn’t, he did,” Rios told the Alice Echo News as he was being released on a $1500 bond on December 8. “I was in the car, and he went into the store.” Officials say the duo may be responsible for thefts in JCPenney stores as well.

Oh, Teacher. Preschool teacher Amy Sanchez was arrested for burglary of habitation in mid-November after allegedly breaking the wooden door frame of her ex-husband’s apartment and assaulting him with her fists. The ex-husband’s current girlfriend called 911, and the responding officer found 34-year-old Sanchez walking away from the apartment. Sanchez was then detained in the backseat of the officer’s car. According to the police report, Andres Sanchez told the officer he was in pain from the assault and wanted to file charges. The following day, he signed a waiver of prosecution. Amy Sanchez was placed on administrative leave from the St. Joseph Catholic School.

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