Encinitas Traffic Commissioner Peter Kohl Criticized for Rudeness

Mark McNaughton, an Encinitas homeowner who lives on San Elijo Avenue, spoke during the Wednesday, January 20, city council meeting to discuss a confrontation he said he had with the City’s traffic commissioner, Peter Kohl.

While attending a traffic commission meeting on January 10, McNaughton told the council that he addressed the commission to thank them for the recent installation of raised dots on the median of the heavily traveled S-shaped section of San Elijo Avenue between Newport and Manchester. He also inquired if other improvements to pedestrian and cyclist safety in the area are still being considered. McNaughton claims that commissioner Kohl then started a dialogue that was personal and unprofessional.

According to McNaughton, Kohl said he was “increasingly fatigued” with McNaughton’s “constant criticism of the head of the traffic department.” McNaughton said that Kohl yelled at him in front of a room full of people about emails that Kohl had received. McNaughton told the council he had requested copies of the emails that Kohl criticized him for and that the council plans to “get back to him shortly.”

“I believe that he could have handled the situation with more civility and professionalism,” McNaughton said. McNaughton maintained that Kohl’s behavior in front of neighbors, friends, and strangers was inappropriate and an “outrageous abuse of his position as traffic commissioner.”

McNaughton suggested that personal resentment and differences need to be put aside to protect cyclists and pedestrians on San Elijo Avenue.

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These are gov hacks, it is part of the gov culture-unaccountability-did you expect more?

another politician who thinks hes above the law

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