In a website blog story called “San Diegans Dominate Delinquent Tax List,” which appeared on April 11, 2010, our writer Don Bauder included Dr. Ronald Petrillo in a list of delinquent taxpayers that was prepared and sent to the media by the California Franchise Tax Board on April 9, 2010. According to a letter to Petrillo from the tax board, Petrillo’s tax assessment “was abated on November 2, 2010” and the board “removed [his] name from [the] Top 250 Delinquent Taxpayers List on November 1, 2010.”


In the October 21, 2010 issue of the Reader, in the story “F Is for Funding,” the following statement appears: “Vasic inherited the firm from her husband, who started as a bouncer at a downtown adult bookstore; he died of AIDS.”

The death certificate of Gojko (Greg) Vasic in 1993 stated that his death was due to “coronary artery occlusion” after years of suffering from “arteriosclerotic heart disease.”

We regret the error.


In last week’s cover story, “You Have 6 Minutes and 40 Seconds to Explain Yourself,” the photo credits were omitted. The cover photo was by Cause+Affect (www.causeandaffect.com), and inside photos were by Barbarella. We regret the omissions.

Suspicious of Anthony

Has somebody used Matt Potter’s column (“Under the Radar,” January 13) for a private prank by gratuitously mentioning a prominent political figure and perverting his name? In the latest installment, devoted entirely to the topic of California state assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, mention was erroneously made of “L.A. Democratic mayor Anthony Villaraigosa” (in both the text and a photo caption). Antonio Villaraigosa is, of course, the nationally famous two-term mayor of that much larger metropolis only 120 miles away from us (incidentally, he has gone by “Antonio” for his entire career in public elective office). Matt Potter is the Reader’s staff investigative reporter. How long has he been swimming in names and dates, facts and figures: 20 years, 30?

As for the act of mentioning the mayor, it is suspicious because all that was said about him was that he is a boardmember of a charity that hired Assemblyman Fletcher as a political consultant. (Incidentally, the website of that charity gives Villaraigosa’s first name correctly.)

Dale Chock
via email

Mind Changers

I never used to read the Reader. I am so impressed with the article about the Mexican cartels (“You Want Silver or Lead?” Cover Story, September 23). I read every word, and this new article about the racetrack (“The Big Rich,” January 6; “Hotel del Charro, Part Two,” January 13). I have changed my opinion. Thank you for your increased, excellent coverage.

Virginia Henry

Scratched-Cat Fever

I wish to express my outrage over two matters, both related to each other; one of which directly involves the Reader, specifically the movie-reviewing staff.

The first crime that I wish to decry is that of the Coen Brothers, who chose to completely ignore a very important character in their movie remake True Grit. I am speaking of none other than General Sterling Price. Their recent film, which has come to be known as the Jeff Bridges version, glaringly omits this player, who Rooster Cogburn refers to as his nephew in the John Wayne version. The fact that the latter movie is not strictly a remake of the former but rather is based upon the Charles Portis novel of the same name is no excuse. General Price features beautifully in the book.

The second crime I wish to report is that the motion-picture-reviewing staff of the Reader has failed to even acknowledge this inexcusable exclusion of General Sterling Price from the Coen Brothers’ movie. Are they not appointed to reflect the will of the people? We are outraged!

I am livid over both these atrocities, and because I dearly love the Reader, I hope that this can be addressed in a future issue. Right now I am so tempted to transfer my alternative newsweekly affection to another paper, possibly even that godless one they distribute in Pacific Beach.

Nicholas Nicholas
Mira Mesa

Wrong Wrong

With regard to Critical Mass (“Pedaling Diego,” Cover Story, December 30), I understand their issue is the very few auto drivers who do not respect those on bikes. Odd that their response to this is to do all they can to deliberately and repeatedly disrupt all auto drivers, even the ones who go out of their way to be cool to those of us who are on bikes. Two wrongs don’t make a right, though three lefts do.

Greg Harris
via email

We’re Not Pigs

To David Lesser in answer to his letter (January 6) regarding “Pedaling Diego” (Cover Story, December 30).

So good you’re one of the original San Diego bikers! So bad you insult many of us “lazy motorists” and “fat, lazy pigs”! Since when was the bike (or anything else) invented/created for everyone? Your black-and-white, narrow, and obtuse thinking shows lack of understanding, class, and compassion — not to mention consideration and caring.

So what if we load up our bikes on our “gross polluting” cars, which I did for 10 to 15 years and enjoyed it tremendously? Some of us may be afraid of the way some drivers drive and are extremely interested in staying alive and away from accidents. Others may enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of a lovely park and dislike the noise and smell of traffic. Plus, I rode my bike for pleasure and relaxation, to feel the cool breeze on my face, and to get some exercise.

I especially enjoyed biking in beautiful Mission Bay, happily looking around, savoring its wonderful parklike setting. What a great blessing it was for me, all those years I was able to enjoy riding my bike in Mission Bay Park. I am so grateful! My trips there, yes, with my bike in or on my car, became less and less frequent. Now I hardly ever go there — 15-plus years of arthritis keeps me away, but thank God, I have some wonderful memories! I still go to Mission Bay a few times a year (and yes, my bike is not in or on my car anymore!). So I imagine, Mr. Lesser, you should be very happy, uh?

And about your writings — “this country full of fat, lazy pigs” — I’m appalled, disgusted, and in shock, and I’m sure most of the readers are too! This is a marvelous place, and your judgmental, cruel, and obnoxious insults are way out of line!

To each person who enjoys biking, keep on riding as long as you can, and please do not let a moron discourage you, okay?

Miriani Teply
Mission Valley

His Racist Friend

I was reading one of your cover articles, “A Little Old-School Glamour,” in the December 23 issue. I don’t have any understanding of why your author needed to run down the Jewish people of this county by quoting some lady named Grindle. He put a big, big paragraph about Jewish people and said, “Oh, that’s another story.” And it didn’t have anything to do with the story about the god-dang Mercedes. It ain’t right!

It’s a nice article. Then all of a sudden it goes from she “fled to her East County mountain aerie from La Jolla Heights after they started allowing Jews to buy houses there. ‘They’ll never venture east of the 125, dear, of that I’m certain,’ the grand old bird has said to me on more than one occasion.”

“On more than one occasion” — so, this guy’s friends with her? So, he’s friends with a racist! That’s great. Then it goes on, “‘Forty years of wandering in the desert has taught them to stay close to the water.’ But that’s another story.” Well, where the hell’s the other story at, Reader?

Tell that guy he needs to amend it, make a new article, tell the story about that Grindle, because she’s obviously a racist, and he didn’t really explain it too well. Come on, Reader, you guys are always calling for fairness and no racism whatsoever. This guy shouldn’t have put that in there. He should be admonished.

If I don’t see a retraction on that Jewish article, I’m going to speak to some of the Jewish centers around here and show it to them and have it pinned up on all their boards.

via voice mail

Walter Mencken responds: Precisely what would you like me to retract? That Jews were prevented from buying real estate in certain parts of La Jolla until the middle of last century? Can’t do it. That I rent a guesthouse from a woman who has made some rather outré statements about the Jews? Can’t do it. That a Google Maps search for the “Jewish Centers” you mention turns up nothing east of the 125? Can’t do it. As for the “other story” about 40 years spent wandering in the desert, I didn’t tell it because it’s already been told — in the Pentateuch. Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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