Centre City Development Corporation Plans Public Outreach

The Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) is laying the foundations for a campaign to reach out to San Diego's residents and educate them on the importance of downtown redevelopment. The campaign comes three months after State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, Mayor Jerry Sanders, and CCDC president Fred Maas delivered news to residents that the tax cap on public subsidies for downtown redevelopment was raised.

Following the October press conference and public outrage over "backroom deals," city councilmembers and the mayor directed CCDC staff to travel the city and hold public meetings on the cap and the significance of downtown redevelopment.

On Thursday, January 6, the communications subcommittee for the Centre City Advisory Committee (CCAC) met at CCDC headquarters to discuss the public meetings and offer strategies for more effective public outreach.

"There is a very strong misunderstanding about what redevelopment is all about, what works, and how the dollars can be used," CCDC spokesperson Derek Danziger told subcommittee members. "We are trying to show that downtown does provide a value to the entire region. It is truly an economic engine for the region."

Jeff Graham, CCDC's vice president of redevelopment, advised committee members to be prepared to answer questions when presenting to city councilmembers and local planning groups. "A lot of councilmembers get flak from their constituents about why so much redevelopment dollars are kept downtown and not spent in their community. They don't understand redevelopment, and they don't understand why downtown needs new parks and infrastructure when they are not getting theirs built."

Subcommittee members then discussed other ways to inform and educate the public.

Downtown business owner Bill Keller suggested attending Community Planning Committee meetings. "It's a really opinionated, if not an outright snarky group, but these people are involved. That's the place where we can stand up and show some strength."

Another suggestion to improve public outreach was to post meeting agendas a month in advance. "We have a process that's faulty," said downtown resident and subcommittee member David Priver. "We need to get more people involved, and we need to fill this room."

On February 17, after consultant Keyser Marston Associates releases their report on the financial impacts of redevelopment on the city's general fund, representatives from CCDC will hold their first public meeting at Golden Hall.

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Centre City Development Corporation Plans Public Outreach

It needs a public death.

The new Governor, Jerry Brown, has publicly stated he is considering getting rid of ALL of the redevelopment districts that get to keep the tax money for themselves, not just San Diego. No wonder the CCDC needs some outreach. With that much money involved, other people want it, not just the local schools and libraries and rec centers. So we will see what turns out to be more important - balancing the state budget, or finding more blighted areas.

How much is Derek Danziger paid to peddle CCDC's lies?

Keyser Marston is drafting yet another bogus report? We can safely assume they have already written the conclusion and now are searching only for favorable "facts" that they'll cherry pick.

We're paying how much for this fraud?

I find Danziger's pathetic meeting of scared CCDC toadies a very positive sign. The biggest shame is these creeps are going to use OUR money to lie to us about how great a job they do, when everyone in San Diego already knows they're utterly corrupt.

CCDC must be abolished. It has no public purpose any longer. It has been subverted and converted into a tool of powerful business interests to divert tax money into their pockets in exchange for campaign contributions. Schools, roads, and public safety are cut to feed the CCDC money machine and pay Danziger's considerable salary.

Governor Jerry Brown will do a lot of good in getting rid of this scam in California.

Then Derek Danziger can go look for a real job, maybe selling used cars...

CCDC's rep came to the North Park Planning Meeting to get support for spending $500,000 to do a new Blight Study, which is required by Law before they can raise their "Tax Cap". When asked if this was for the ONE HALF BILLION Dollar Downtown "Guacamole Bowl" [as in filled with our Green] they said, no decisions have been made yet about what projects would be considered! This is a perfect example of telling the Public what they need to hear instead of the truth...

Redevelopment Law requires Brown Act compliance insuring that the Public is informed about all meetings and what the Agenda will be BUT nobody got informed until after the fact about the Guacamole Bowl deal until afterward, this of course has resulted in I believe two lawsuits and tends to give the voters the impression that much is being done behind closed doors and "We The People" are powerless to do anything about it!

For more on the Brown Act: http://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/pdf/cow/brownactppt.pdf

As far as learning about Redevelopment Law, I would not trust CCDC to be the one doing the educating...

If you want a good introduction to Redevelopment check this link out: http://www.sandiego.gov/redevelopment-agency/pdf/faqredevelopment.pdf

2 Prior Blogs with much good Redevelopment info:

CCDC might go bye bye pretty soon.

Jerry Brown is going to get rid of all the so called redevelopment areas in the state. I would think if that happens CCDC would not be around much longer.

The SDUPD makes CCDC look like a parlor game. Why aren't all fiefdoms unconstitutional? The SDUPD (pronounce as one word, with the accent on the first three) answers to NO one, not even the state legislature.

RE: "answers to NO one, not even the state legislature."

THE STATE LEGISLATURE IS ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM, because the Leaders have to first get elected and to do that, they have to be supported by the same folks that they will have to later "control"...

Check out this great example: Ducheny Closes Senate Officeholder Account http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/20...

"Downtown business owner Bill Keller suggested attending Community Planning Committee meetings. "It's a really opinionated, if not an outright snarky group,..."

Snarky? Come on down, Bill. What business did you say you own?

For many years, CCDC has been "reaching out" to people in Planning Committee meetings in areas ringing downtown. They sent Downtown GlobalRod (developer Jason Elrod) over to Golden Hill to pitch the tax increment cap increase, before the backroom deal was finalized. GlobalRod showed up dressed for the hood - rumpled jeans and shirt was how he thought he'd blend in. He never mentioned that he depends on public money to get downtown development contracts for his livelihood. He was just an "ordinary citizen" (looking to drum up a small army of supporters from the equally desperate developer/architect pool in the hood). GlobalRod said the cap lift had NOTHING to do with a Spanos stadium. C'mon back, GlobalRod, unless you think we're too snarky, or you don't need us anymore.

Isn't it great when folks try to fit in, yet step all over themselves trying to look casual!

Posey $PINNER$ with both their hand out...

Cleaning house, CCDC? Nancy's old humidor? Or Fred's?

The following notice was posted on Jan 3 and 4, 2011, in the SDDT:

CENTRE CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION REQUEST FOR BIDS FOR SALE OF USED OFFICE FURNITURE AND A USED CIGAR HUMIDOR Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), an equal opportunity contractor, is soliciting bids from companies or individuals who wish to purchase used office furniture and/or a used cigar humidor. ....

You can submit bids until Jan 12, 2 pm.

Great Post!

I bet the cost of the Bidding process is much more than they will receive!

This is a classic "make work" gesture, unless someone has insider info and wants that cigar humidor!

BTW: Did they have pictures?

Ceegars, anyone? No pix, but there was a viewing. Maybe still possible...Seriously, I guess the humidor was among the items purchased for use by CCDC folks and bigwig hotshot visitors, ...using Redev $? And... is smoking allowed in the CCDC offices?

Also, were't there some stories about Graham purchasing a lot of very expensive furniture to redecorate her offices? This could be that stuff. And maybe there is a secret drawer in her old desk, with all sorts of interesting papers?... Highest bidder...

Your ideas would be a great plot for a Book, where the new owners of a "special" desk are murdered, one after another, because of what it may contain...

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